Subject: Lengua Inglesa II learner: Yanina Salgueiro. Tutor

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Subject: Lengua Inglesa II

Learner: Yanina Salgueiro.

Tutor: Cecilia Buttazzoni

Assingment 2 from Unit 2 (Correction)

Task: Final version from writing essay plan


Is internet a blessing or a curse?

Thanks to technological progresses such as the invention of computers, internet and wifi, it has been possible the arrival of the era of connectivity which allows us be connected with people from different parts of the world in a few seconds.

Internet is the most meaningful innovation of our times, playing a vital role in the growth of globalization. Not only in terms of economy and finances, but also at school, at home and everywhere.

From the emergence of internet, communications between people and companies have been faster, by the use of chat services, Skype and video conferences. But the speed in communications is not the only advantage of internet. Besides the sending of messages is cheaper and even free. You also can find and read books online and even download them to your pc. Moreover you can look for job or work freelance from the comfort of your home by internet, as well as buy, sell and receive mercancies or whatever you want at your doorstep with only a click. By the using of internet there are not only advantages. You also may have to deal with disadvantages such us; a theft of your personal information and your credit card number, when buying online, another disadvantage in this case for teachers is that learners do not make any effort to produce their own ideas because of they know that all information Is available on the network.

To sum up there will always be advantages and disadvantages with the appearance of innovations and technological progresses. Therefore internet being a blessing or a curse depends on each person. We must achieve a balance in order to these innovations and progresses be helpful and useful in our lives. In my personal case internet is a blessing and a very useful tool, because I use it in a good way, for studying, to download books and English songs and games , and as my family and friends live 300km far away from my city, I also use it to be in touch with them.

Resources taken from:

Unit 2 from Lengua II

Subject: Lengua Inglesa II

Learner: Yanina Salgueiro.

Assignment 1 from Unit 2

Task: First version from writing essay plan (the opinion question)


Theme: The theme of this essay is to express ideas and opinions about internet and to find out its advantages and disadvantages

Title: Is Internet a blessing or a curse?

Introduction: Technological Progresses and the world connectivity.


Paragraph 1: How internet affects globalization.

Paragraph 2: Advantages and disadvantages of internet.

Conclusion: Reinforcing the previous developed ideas and make a final closure.

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