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1833 Marla, Soma S.

In Paris summit rich west evaded responsibility for

global warming.

Mainstream, 54(1), 2015(26 Dec): p.45-46.


1834 Sharma, Manu

Ancient Ayurvedic medical rituals and healing traditions

in Vedic texts.

Man in India, 96(4), 2016(Oct-Dec): p.985-993.


1835 Dutta, Shrabani

Health-condition of adolescent-girls of Dubrajpur upper-

primary girls' school, Bankura, W.B.-a study in medical


Indian Journal of Regional Science, 48(1), 2016: p.85-91.

1836 Freedman, Seth

Capacity and utilization in health care: the effect of

empty beds on neonatal intensive care admission.

American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 8(2), 2016

(May): p.154-185.

1837 Gruber, Jonathan and McKnight, Robin

Controlling health care costs through limited network

insurance plans: evidence from Massachusetts state


American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 8(2), 2016

(May): p.219-250.

1838 Kaur, Navreet, Kaur, Ravneet and Sithlou, Lhoukhoka

An assessment of access to health services for children

and intersectoral coordination in National Rural Health

Mission in Punjab.

Indian Journal of Public Administration, 62(2), 2016(Apr-

Jun): p.282-293.

Children are most important asset of a nation which

requires attention and integrated approach through

government with enactment of various legislations,

policies and programmes for their welfare. The government

adopted synergistic approach by relating health to

determinants of good health in National Rural Health

Mission (NRHM)(2005-12). It seeks to provide healthcare

to rural population and strengthen village by providing a

female health plan and by preparing village health plan,

through local team. The mission is an articulation of the

commitment of the government to raise public spending

from 0.9 per cent of GDP to 2.3 per cent of GDP. An

attempt is made to examine the synergistic approach of

NRHM by relating health to segments of nutrition,

sanitation, hygiene and safe drinking water and to

examine the infrastructure availability and human

resources at sub-centres and primary health centres and

to evaluate the role of accredited social health

activists. - Reproduced.

1839 Kislov, Roman, Hodgson, Damian and Boaden, Ruth

Professionals as knowledge brokers: the limits of

authority in healthcare collaboration.

Public Administration, 94(2), 2016(Jun): p.472-489.

1840 Nair, Pradeep

Envisioning health mobility in India.

Mainstream, 54(31), 2016(23 Jul): p.21-23.

1841 Okeke, Edward N., Chari, Amalavoyal and Adepiti, Clement A.

Does price affect the demand for information about new

health technologies? evidence from a field experiment in


Economic Development and Cultural Change, 64(3), 2016(A

pr): p.437-471.

1842 Prinja, Shankar

Universal health coverage: a step towards sustainable


Yojana, 60, 2016(Jun): p.30-33.

1843 Ram, F.

NFHS-4L an introduction.

Demography India, 43(1-2), 2014(Jan-Dec): p.1-8.

1844 Sahay, Gaurang R., Devkota, Bhimsen and Teijlingen, Edwin

R. Van

Rebel health services in South Asia: comparing Maoist-led

conflicts in India and Nepal.

Sociological Bulletin, 65(1), 2016(Jan-Apr): p.19-39.

1845 Saikia, Nandita and Kulkarni, P.M.

Data for research into health inequality in India: do we

have enough?

Economic and Political Weekly, 51(26-27), 2016(25 Jun):


1846 Sanders, Scott R. et al

Healthcare Use in the Heartland: how health care

selection varies between rural, retirement-age migrants

and long term residents.

Rural Sociology, 81(1), 2016(Mar): p.66-98.

1847 Silverman, Ed

Caught between denial and dollars: the challenge of a

health care social worker.

Social Work, 61(1), 2016(Jan): p.87-89.

1848 Sundararaman, T., Mukhopadhyay, Indranil and Muraleedharan,


No respite for public health.

Economic and Political Weekly, 51(16), 2016(16 Apr):


1849 Whittaker, Andrea and Leng, Chee Heng

'Flexible bio-citizenship' and international medical

travel: transnational mobilities for care in Asia.

International Sociology, 31(3), 2016(May): p.286-304.

1850 Williams, Iestyn and Dickinson, Helen

Going it alone or playing to the crowd? a critique of

individual budgets and personalisation of health care in

the English national health service.

Australian Journal of Public Administration, 75(2), 2016

(Jun): p. 149-158.


1851 Corbett, Anne

Research in higher education: UK as international star

and closet European.

Political Quarterly, 87(2), 2016(Apr-Jun): p.166-173.

1852 Deshpande, Satish

Higher education: an uncertain policy process.

Economic and Political Weekly, 41(35), 2016(27 Aug):


1853 Harish Kumar

Governance in higher education institutions (HEIs)          with special reference to a university system.

University News, 52(6), 2014(10 Feb): p.6-9.

1854 Husain, Noushad

The path to transformation of India through higher

education: challenges and excellence.

University News, 54(21), 2016(23 May): p.13-22;

54(22), 2016(30 May): p.15-25.

1855 Kattimani, Sachinkumar M.

Globalization and higher education in India: an overview.

Third Concept, 30(353), 2016(Jul): p.41-46.

1856 Oak, S.N. and Gopal, R.

Professionalism in professional higher education and

academic institutes.

University News, 54(29), 2016(18 Jul): p.3-7,11.

1857 Parker, Ian

The function and field of speech and language in

neoliberal education.

Organization, 23(4), 2016(Jul): p.550-566.

1858 Prabhat Kumar

Dissemination, quality of transparency of higher

education e-governance.

University News, 54(28), 2016(11 Jul): p.25-28.

1859 Raghavan, Hema

Challenging changes for higher learning.

University News, 54(23), 2016(6 Jun): p.3-5.

1860 Sundarajan, N. and Gopal, V. B. Nanda

Higher education in India: glorious past, challenging

present and promising future.

University News, 54(23), 2016(6 Jun): p.6-23.


1861 Bhattacharjee, Malini

Tracing the emergence and consolidation of Hindutva in


Economic and Political Weekly, 51(16), 2016(16 Apr):


1862 Islam, Shamsul

Hindutva juggernaut on roll: beef-eaters to be out of

Indian nationhood.

Mainstream, 54(1), 2015(26 Dec): p.25-26.


1863 Maher, Stephen

Escaping structuralism's legacy: the renewal of theory

and history in historical materialism.

Science and Society, 80(3), 2016(Jul): p.291-318.


1864 Dar, Hilal Ahmad and Singh, Munendra

Muslim League, Hindu-Mahasabha and the partition of India

Man in India, 96(4), 2016(Oct-Dec): p.995-1009.

1865 Kaur, Kanwaljit

Mahatma Gandhi and 1940 Lahore resolution.

Third Concept, 30(353), 2016(Jul): p.14-16.

1866 Tiwari, Sudha

Bipan Chandra: defence of history.

Economic and Political Weekly, 51(21), 2016(21 May):



1867 Jha, Manish k. and Pushpendra Kumar

Homeless migrants in Mumbai: life and labour in urban


Economic and Political Weekly, 51(2627), 2016(25 Jun):



1868 Naznin, Humaira and Hussain, Md. Ashfaq

Strategic value contribution role of HR.

Vision, 20(2), 2016(Jun): p.135-138.


1869 Baxi, Upendra

The aesthetics of human rights: law, language and


Journal of the Indian Law Institute, 58(1), 2016(Jan-M

ar): p.1-14.

1870 Sales, Philip

Partnership and challenge: the courts' role in managing

the integration of rights and democracy .

Public Law, 3, 2016(July): p.456-470.

1871 Williams, Alexander and Williams, George

The British bill of rights debate: lessons from Australia

Public Law, 3, 2016(July): p.471-490.


1872 Mukherji, Nirmalangshu

Education for the species.

Economic and Political Weekly, 51(32), 2016(Aug):



1873 Ahmad, Aejaz

The trophy hunting debate: a case for ethics.

Economic and Political Weekly, 51(26-27), 2016(Racial

discrimination): p.29-31.


1874 Laine, Pikka-Maaria et al

Mastery, submission, and subversion: on the performative

construction of strategist identity.

Organization, 23(4), 2016(Jul): p.505-524.


1875 Fagerholm, Andreas

Ideology: a proposal for a conceptual typology.

Social Science Information , 55(2), 2016(Jun): p.137-160.


1876 Murshid, Navine

Assam and the foreigner within: illegal Bangladeshis or

Bengali Muslims?

Asian Survey, 56(3), 2016(May-Jun): p.581-604.


1877 Carvalho, Laura and Rezai, Armon

Personal income inequality and aggregate demand .

Cambridge Journal of Economics, 40(2), 2016(Mar):


1878 Cynamon, Barry Z. and Fazzari, Steven M.

Inequality, the great recession and slow recovery.

Cambridge Journal of Economics, 40(2), 2016(Mar):


1879 Perugini, Cristiano, Holscher, Jens and Collie, Simon

Inequality, credit and financial crises.

Cambridge Journal of Economics, 40(1), 2016(Jan):


1880 Phongpaichit, Pasuk

Inequality, wealth and Thailand's politics.

Journal of Contemporary Asia, 46(3), 2016(Aug):


1881 Sasaki, Hiroaki

Profit sharing and its effect on income distribution and

output: a Kaleckian approach.

Cambridge Journal of Economics, 40(2), 2016(Mar):


1882 Stirati, Antonella

Real wages in the business cycle and the theory of income

distribution: an unresolved conflict between theory and

facts in mainstream macroeconomics.

Cambridge Journal of Economics, 40(2), 2016(Mar):



1883 Basu, Rahul

Cooperative networks in the Indian ocean amongst the

SAARC and other littoral states.

Indian Journal of Training and Development, 46(1), 2016

(Jan-Mar): p.13-22.

1884 Stanhope, Jon, Wettenhall, Roger and Bhusal, Thaneshwar

Governance challenge: Australia's Indian ocean island


Asia Pacific Journal of Public Administration, 38(2),

2016(Jun): p.87-102.


1885 Prasad, Archana

Adivasis and the anatomy of a conflict zone: Bastar 2016.

Economic and Political Weekly, 51(26-27), 2016(25 Jun):



1886 Das, Dilip Kumar

Cluster analysis for exploring regional industrial

scenario in Odisha state, India.

Indian Journal of Regional Science, 48(1), 2016: p.1-11.

1887 Kannan, S.

Impact of industrialization on social mobility in


Man in India, 96(4), 2016(Oct-Dec): p.1127-1134.


1888 Boer, Yvon Van den et al

Exploring information-seeking processes by businesses:

analyzing source and channel choice in business-to-

government service interactions.

International Review of Administrative Sciences, 82(2),

2016(Jun): p.373-391.

With the rise of electronic channels it has become easier

for businesses to consult various types of information

sources in information-seeking processes. Governments are

urged to rethink their role as reliable information

source and the roles of their (electronic) service

channels to provide efficient service support. This

article addresses how governments cope with the

availability of numerous sources and channels and focuses

on similarities, differences and interdependencies

between source and channel selection processes.

Individual and group interviews were held with businesses

throughout the Netherlands. The results indicate that

some factors influence source and channel choices (e.g.

task characteristics), others influence only channel

choice (e.g. situational factors, channel

characteristics). Source and relationship characteristics

uncover interdependencies between both, since these

source-related concepts influence channel choices.

Further insight is needed to increase our understanding

and come to an integrated theory of source and channel

choices in information-seeking processes. – Reproduced.


1889 Singh, Vishwadeep

Role of ICT in rural India.

Kurukshetra, 64(9), 2016(Jul): p.12-15.


1890 Blom-Hansen, Jens , Baekgaard, Martin and Serritzlew,


Shaping political preferences: information effects in

political-administrative systems

Local Government Studies, 42(1), 2016(Feb): p.119-138.


1891 Nair, Rajan and Chandrashekhara, S.N.

Development of inland navigation in India.

Bhagirath, 58(2), 2011(Apr-Jun): p.9-17.


1892 Gupta, Manu, Singh, Mandeep and Vinod Kumar

Relevance of workplace spirituality in the Indian

insurance sector.

Indian Journal of Social Work, 76(2), 2015(Apr):



1893 Choudhary, Ravindra K.S.

Interdisciplinarity: classical and contemporary.

University News, 54(24), 2016(13 Jun): p.3-7.


1894 Gopakumar, K.M.

Why new IPR policy is inadequate: pressure from US is

unstated reason .

Economic and Political Weekly, 51(21), 2016(21 May):



1895 Chaubey, P.K.

Think tanks: nature, complexion and role.

Indian Journal of Public Administration, 62(2), 2016(Apr-

Jun): p.209-225.


1896 Rozbicka, Patrycja and Spohr, Florian

Interest group in multiple streams: specifying their

involvement in the framework.

Policy Sciences, 49(1), 2016(Mar): p.55-69.


1897 Marjit, Sugata

Not in people's interest.

Economic and Political Weekly, 51(28), 2016(9 Jul ):



1898 Chakraborty, Pinaki and Gupta, Manish

Evolving centre-state financial relations: role of the

new framework for grants.

Economic and Political Weekly, 51(16), 2016(16 Apr):



1899 Lee, Jong-woon and Gray, Kevin

Neo-colonialism in south-south relations? the case o

China and North Korea.

Development and Change, 47(2), 2016(Mar): p.293-316.


1900 Singh, Prabhakar

Vernacular nations: Westphalia and the many lives of

states in Asia.

Economic and Political Weekly, 51(25), 2016(18 Jun):



1901 Singh, Pritam

IMF's autocritique of neo-liberalism?

Economic and Political Weekly, 51(32), 2016(Aug):



1902 Mele, Valentina, Anderfuhren-Biget, Simon and Varone,


Conflicts of interest in international organizations:

evidence from two United Nations Humanitarian agencies.

Public Administration, 94(2), 2016(Jun): p.490-508.

The independence of international civil servants (ICSs)

from their country of origin is often presumed but rarely

accounted for empirically. In order to address this gap,

we investigate whether ICSs face conflicts between

national and international interests and which conditions

are more conducive to the manifestation of this conflict

in international organizations. We adopt a mixed-methods

design, including a survey with 1,400 respondents working

in two United Nations humanitarian organizations,

followed by semi-structured interviews with a purposive

sample of respondents. The findings show that such

conflicts matter for ICSs, hierarchical grade has

stronger explanatory power than the other factors, and

the higher the level in the international organization,

the less frequently ICSs face conflict. The qualitative

analysis explains these results by pointing to the

effects of socialization among ICSs but also by shedding

light on a related effect: dilution of national identity,

as well as on the implications of locally recruiting

lower-level staff. – Reproduced.


1903 Dasgupta, Chandrasekhar

A brief history of Panchsheel.

Economic and Political Weekly, 51(1), 2016(2 Jan):


1904 Dubey, Muchkund

Some thoughts on foreign policy of the new government.

Mainstream, 52(23), 2014(31 May): p.3-6,32

1905 Khan, Danish

Political economy of US-Pakistan relations: reformulating

the patron-client model.

Economic and Political Weekly, 51(30), 2016(23 Jul):


1906 Maxwell, Neville

Olaf Caroe's fabrication of the Macmohon line.

Economic and Political Weekly, 51(32), 2016(Aug):


1907 Misra, Manoj Kumar

Soft and hard power in India's foreign policy.

World Affairs, 20(2), 2016(Apr-Jun): p.34-45.


1908 Pinto, Ambrose

Can we think of South Asia without borders?

Mainstream, 54(28), 2016(2 Jul): p.17-18.

1909 Raghavan, Srinath

Skidding down the strategic slope: Indo-US relations.

Economic and Political Weekly, 51(26-27), 2016(25 Jun):


1910 Sibal, Kanwal

The South China sea: security and economic implications

of India's policies.

World Affairs, 20(2), 2016(Apr-Jun): p.46-52.


1911 Biswas, Urmi Nanda et al

Cognitive interviews as a method for effective cross-

cultural research: a study of organisational leaders in

Sweden and India.

Indian Journal of Social Work, 76(4), 2015(Oct):



1912 Alam, Md. Mushfique

Intolerance-tolerance Imbroglio.

Third Concept, 30(353), 2016(Jul): p.7-10.


1913 Ambastha, Naresh Kumar

Political thought of Muhhamad Iqbal.

Dialogue, 17(4), 2016(Apr-Jun): p.100-107.


1914 Talule, Dnyandev C. and Naik, Guruprasad

State of the iron ore mining and its impacts on

agriculture and human health in Goa.

Ashwattha, 9(1), 2015(Jan-Mar): p.24-34.


1915 Investment clearance of irrigation projects by Planning


Bhagirath, 58(2), 2011(Apr-Jun): p.31-36.

1916 Wanvoeke, Jonas et al

Smallholder drip irrigation in Burkina faso: the role of

development brokers.

Journal of Development Studies, 52(7), 2016(Jul):



1917 Khan, Arshi

Islamic notion of tolerance and pluralism.

University Research Journal: Social Sciences, Humanities

and Commerce, 1(1), 2016(Jan-Jun): p.39-55.

1918 Mishali-Ram, Meirav

Islam as a political ideology: used for the foundation,

consolidation and fragmentation of Pakistan.

World Affairs, 20(2), 2016(Apr-Jun): p.54-71.

1919 Muller, Dominik M.

Paradoxical normativities in Brunei Darussalam and

Malaysia: Islamic law and the ASEAN human Rights


Asian Survey, 56(3), 2016(May-Jun): p.415-441.


1920 Bin Bae, Kwang and Kim, Dohyeong

The impact of decoupling of telework on job satisfaction

in US federal agencies: does gender matter?

American Review of Public Administration, 46(3), 2016(M

ay): p.356-371.

This study analyzes the effects of decoupling of telework

on job satisfaction using the 2013 Federal Employee

Viewpoint Survey. The research divides telework programs

for public employees by two criteria: (a) whether or not

federal agencies have officially adopted the program, and

(b) whether or not public employees actually participate

in the program. We find that both organizational adoption

and employee participation in telework have a positive

relationship with job satisfaction, and these results

support the social exchange theory. We also observe that

the effects of decoupling of telework on job satisfaction

are more significant for female public employees than for

male public employees. The results imply that female

employees have the lowest levels of job satisfaction when

agencies officially adopt telework but employees cannot

utilize the program. However, male employees have the

lowest levels of job satisfaction when they are unable to

utilize a nonexistent telework program. - Reproduced.

1921 Nayar, Kuldip

Quality of journalism.

Mainstream, 54(29), 2016(9 Jul): p.5-6.


1922 Arvind, T.T. and Stirton, Lindsay

Legal ideology, legal doctrine and the UK's top judges.

Public Law, 3, 2016(July): p.418-436.

1923 Chinese common law? guiding cases and judicial reform.

Harvard Law Review, 129(8), 2016(Jun): p.2213-2234.

1924 Gluck, Abbe R.

Imperfect statutes, imperfect courts: understanding

Congress's in the era of unorthodox law making.

Harvard Law Review, 129(1), 2016(Nov): p.62-111.

1925 Merieau, Eugenie

Thailand's deep state, royal power and the constitutional

court (1997-2015).

Journal of Contemporary Asia, 46(3), 2016(Aug):


1926 Perez-Linan, Anibal and Castagnola, Andrea

Judicial instability and endogenous constitutional

change: lessons from Latin America.

British Journal of Political Science, 46(2), 2016(Apr):



1927 Ved Kumari

The juvenile justice act 2015 - critical understanding.

Journal of the Indian Law Institute, 58(1), 2016(Jan-M

ar): p.83-103.


1928 Considine, John and Duffy, David

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