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Animal Health Camps (Pashu Arogya Mela) : During the year 2012-13 (Upto 6-5-2012), 4504 Animal Health Camps (Pashu Arogya Mela) held in 14700 villages, in which34.12 lakh animals were vaccinated and 19.30lakh animals were treated. while during the year 2011-12, 3399 Animal Health Camps were held, where 11.19 lakh animals were treated.

Gujarat has a long coastal-line of 1600 kms., which is broken by several bays, inlets, estuaries and marshy lands. The area available for fishing activities extends from Lakhpat in Kachchh district in north to Umargaon in Valsad district in south. Important commercial varieties of fish namely Pomfret, Jew fish, Bombay duck, Shrimp, Lobster, Squid, Cuttle fish, Silver bar, Hilsa, Shark, Catfish, Mullets, etc. are caught in large quantities in these areas. In addition, the Gulf of Kachchh has congenial conditions for growth and sustenance of different type of Oysters, Shell fish and Sea-Weeds.3.71According to the Eighteenth Live Stock Census2007, there are 1058 fishing villages scattered in the remote places of the state, classified into Marine (260), Inland (716) and Estuarine (82).Villages inhabited by 5.59 lakh fishermen, out of which 2.18 lakh were active fishermen who were engaged in fishing, marketing of fish and repairing of boats/nets, etc.
During the year 2011-12, total fish production in the Gujarat State has been estimated at7.84 lakh tonnes worth Rs.4604.79 crore. The marine fish production constitutes about 88.27percent of total fish production of the State(Chart-3). There were 36090 fishing boats registered in the State, out of which 23927were mechanised boats and 12163 were non-mechanised boats. During the year 2011-12,through foreign export of 196850 tonnes offish and fish products, the State has btained an exchequer of Rs.2533.99crore.

CHART -3 :- Year Wise Fish Production (in 000 Tonnes)

During the year 2012-13 (April-September-2012 (P)), the total fish production has been estimated at 2.35 lakh tonnes (Marine fish production is 1.96 lakh tonnes and there maining inland) worth of Rs.1396.09 crore. During the year 2012-13 (April-September-2012) Foreign Export of fish and fish products is estimated at 63500 tonnes, worth ofRs.750.00 crore. At the end of September-2012, there were 36155 fishing boats registered in the State, out of which 23987were mechanised boats and 12168 were non-mechanised boats. During the year 2012- 13,6815 lakh fish seeds (spawn) have been produced to meet the ever growing demand of the State in Inland sector.3.74For the development of reservoir fisheries, particularly for tribal area, all the reservoirs in tribal area have been reserved for the tribal federation, tribal fisheries co- operatives societies and tribal individual beneficiaries are allotted on offset price. The upset price of reservoir has been fixed by the department.

The economy of Gujarat State has expanded by about 17 times during the foregoing 52 years i.e between 1960-61 to 2011-12 after the inception of separate Gujarat state.There had been a concerted effort as could be seen through coordinated and integrated effort over Agriculture and its allied sectors by the people of Gujarat and its government. While concluding in summing up the details and type of action taken it would be pertinent to mention a few of them in the context.

Agriculture : The foremost thing in agriculture is land and it’s development for which the Gujarat state Land Development Corporation was established to look after its management in respect of soil treatment in deficiency in its proportional contents in respect of variety of crops in crop seasons such as Rabi, Kharif, Zaid, etc., introducing unique system of soil health card (SHC) for soil conservation.
Seeds: Establishment of an institution like, State Seed Corporation Ltd”, to arrange properly seeds of appropriate quality and quantity to concerned farmers before the sowing season for the respective crops.
Allied Agro resources: For this purpose Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Ltd was established. It has provided Gobar Gas plants know how to places where supply of CNG and LPG was not possible, besides, providing chemical fertilizers at required places.
Eco Development: Due regard is kept for eco-development in the state keeping in view the maxim of “Green Gujarat”. Fresh tree saplings are planted on spare land as per time bound program besides promoting to grow timber on farm boundaries.
Eco Tourism: There has been considerable promotion of Eco Tourism in the state which is attracting visitors even from abroad.
Animal Husbandary and Poultry Farming: In Gujarat it has brought White Revolution which covered not India alone but had wide ramifications in the globe which was possible through the efforts of Gujarat only. Similarly, in poultry farming it appears second to none.

Fisheries: In Gujarat state we have coastal line of approximately 1600 kms providing enough scope for fisheries and development of fish seeds (spawns) to grow them in small reservoirs as well.

Horticulture: There had been considerable growth in this sector. Thereby, fruits, and in mango season mango, vegetables and spices besides, flowers are produced if appreciative quality and in quantity.



Ph.D. Student,Department of Psychology,Saurashtra University,Rajkot.



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