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Source: Press Information Bureau, Friday, April 11

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Source: Press Information Bureau, Friday, April 11

It is quite evident that all these bases are interlinked. Finally, consultants decided to base primary objective of tourism perspective plan in terms of growth in GDP contribution as it comprehensively covers all major all major objectives i.e. increase in tourist inflow, increasing average expenditure of tourists and increasing employment. Presently the contribution to tourism to the state GDP is in the range of around 2.5 - 3%. This appears merge compared to the vast potential of the state as a tourism destination.


It is clear that tourism has a great potentiality for generating income and employment opportunities in Gujarat section of the economy due to some problems. The main constraints that are coming into the way of its development are self explanatory which can be identified as:

Lack of infrastructure, communication bottleneck, growth of insurgent activities, lack of fund, lack of a proper tourism development policy of the government.

Here some immediate as well as long term measures as mentioned below are to be adopted:

  1. Government should make huge investment to break the geographical isolation and remove communication bottlenecks from Gujarat.

  2. Proper tourism development policy is the need of the ^^^^ and for this government should make a through survey in Gujarat.

  3. Planned efforts are to be made by the government to build up the required infrastructure facility i.e. by providing good transport and communication and provision for accommodation of the tourist at nearest place from tourist spots.

  4. Economically, the solicitation by the Gujarat has a strong potential invitation for the tourists and for the tourist and for the development of tourism as an industry by the competent authorities.

  5. For the economic growth it is require to continuous increase in per capital NSDP constant price at factor cost.


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Ms. Rishita Macwan, Research scholar, AISECT University, Bhopal. M.P.

Guide: Dr. Deepti Maheshwari, AISECT University, Bhopal. M.P.

Mrs. Sangeeta Jauhari, AISECT University, Bhopal. M.P.



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