Study Guide: Midterm 2 Spring 2015

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Study Guide: Midterm 2

Spring 2015

Remember, the question sets below are not comprehensive. Please study from your notes and homework as well. I’m actually using this more to fill in gaps that I think may exist than as repeats.

Also Since much of school actually is about learning more than just facts, and part of doing well on exams is about study and life skills as well, I don’t want to just give you a bunch of questions nearly identical to the ones you have in your books, so here are also some study, exam, and life tips to go along with extra practice problems.

Things to do while studying:

Ordering for problem solving

1) Read through slides, make sure you can do everything listed on the “Learning Outcome” slides. Make sure you know everything on the “Review” slides. Mark things you can’t or aren’t sure of and make notes on it as you go through steps 2-3.

2) Do all the example problems that I do in class. Do all the “reading questions” and “example questions” in your book. These are mostly problem which have isolated topics. Know these first before moving on to more complex problems.

3) Redo the homework and practice problems. Practice, practice, practice!!! These are usually the more complex topics that bridge two or three ideas together.

4) Start back at one and repeat as time allows.

Other Study tips:

Whenever you are doing things or answering questions ask “why”? The mastering essay questions that are “for practice” are good examples of the sorts of things you should be able to explain.

Do all problems with as little in front of you as possible. I’ve included the material that I give you on the exam below. You should be able to take the exam with ONLY that material, yes you get a 3x5 notecard, but honestly, you shouldn’t need it, so practice without it (I’m not making the exam harder or including more things because of it, it’ll be the same as if I didn’t allow the notecard), then only add information that you regularly forget while practicing. Too much information will only cause you to not find what you need, waste time looking, and have a false sense of security.

Grade yourself. Do the problem and then check that 1) its correct, 2) you have units (if applicable) 3) you have proper sig figs if applicable (as before, any sig figs on logs or 10^x won’t be graded as long as sig figs are reasonable). If you make the same mistake regularly make a little note of it on a page, remember that those are common personal mistakes you make, and if you have spare time on the exam go looking for them, maybe even note those on your card. Being more cognizant of your personal areas of weakness can help you 1) not lose points for silly mistakes 2) feel more in control of the exam, which can help lessen anxiety.

Tips for immediately before the exam that have nothing to do with studying:

Take moment and breathe. Most people will get more from a 5 minute walk than that last five minutes of studying. It gets your blood moving, gets rid of some excess energy and lowers anxiety.

If you are prone to text anxiety don’t talk with fellow students in the class about the exam itself. This will generally amp you up, instead of calming you down since most other students will be stressed as well (or if they aren’t you can even be shaken by why they aren’t stressed, anxiety is an annoying and frustrating thing, I know). If you are someone who feeds of the anxiety and adrenaline than sure talk to people, but avoid making those around you nervous. If you are the anxiety prone and want to talk to someone to keep your mind of things immediately before, pick a completely unrelated topic and perhaps even someone not in the class and who does not have other midterms. Remember, anxiety is habit forming reaction. Break it in the same way that you break other habits (think smoking), break your routine, change your social habits to interact with people who don’t encourage the negative habits but rather encourage positive ones, create new habits, recognize that you are in control of it, it doesn’t control you. And if all else fails “fake it till you make it”. Act like you aren’t nervous about the exam, act as if you will own that exam, and eventually your body will start to believe what you are telling it.

Cool related things (also definitely not chemistry, but they are interesting and a better way to kill 15-20 minutes than most listicals! Also probably more useful to life than most listicles and maybe, ok probably, even some of the things in this class.) (this is super important, stress isn’t evil if used properly) (the “stress” aspects of this are the important part for this class since we don’t do oral examinations, but the rest of it is fascinating for high anxiety people as well.)

Eat something before the exam and sleep well the night before. Its cliché and we have all heard it a million times, but that’s because it’s true. Seriously please sleep!


RIGHT NOW- fill in your ID number, the bubbles and your version letter on the answer sheet, do this now so you don’t forget.
There are multiple versions of the exam. This makes copying a poor strategy for doing well.
If you think someone nearby may be copying, or something is simply disturbing you, please let me know and we can adjust people’s seats appropriately. Tell me as early as possible.

Only the answer sheet will be graded. You may (and should) keep the exam sheet. If you write any work on scrap paper, the question sheet or anywhere other than the space given, it will not be graded and you will not get any credit for it.
Exams will be sent through eee dropbox. They will be graded the same day as you take it but the scanning department (who have nothing to do with me or the TAs) may take a week to get them back to you. It will be returned to you via the dropbox (note: not the gradebook, the dropbox) the moment that I get the email allowing me to do so.

Finally, relax. At that point there is nothing that being stressed will do for you. So take a deep breath, pick up your writing utensil and show me how amazing you are at chemistry!

Note: You’ll also be given an Ka, Kb, Kc, Ksp, E0 , G0 ,H0 ect…. that you’ll need.

Download 238.7 Kb.

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