Student Feedback Project 2007: Report of findings Kate Brooks Kieran Kelly School of Cultural Studies Student Feedback Project 2007: findings

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Student Feedback Project 2007:

Report of findings 
Kate Brooks

Kieran Kelly
School of Cultural Studies
Student Feedback Project 2007: findings 
The report is based on responses to questionnaires from 166 students in Humanities Languages and Social Sciences and Art Media and Design, a sample of which was then interviewed in further depth. The literature indicates students often find feedback difficult to understand and therefore difficult to use. It has been suggested in the literature that this may be a result of academics using feedback to achieve purposes associated with both formative and summative assessment. The report considers a range of student opinion and proposes that consideration be given to developing the ability of students to use feedback as part of the normal teaching activity.


1. Introduction 3

2. Literature Review and Discussion 4

3. Methodology 7

Methodology 7

4. Issues Raised by Responses to Initial Questionnaires  8

5. Students in Their Own Words. 9

1. Initial Expectations 10

2. The Assessment System 10

3.  The student-tutor relationship 12

4. Getting Feedback on Essays 15

6. Summary of Findings – Recommendations, Implications and Considerations 17

Practical recommendations: 17

Wider implications 18

Considerations- concluding discussion 18

Appendix One; Outcomes of previous project 20

Appendix Two; Dissemination of Project Findings 20

Appendix Three; student questionnaire 21

Appendix Four; Student interview/focus group question schedule 22

Bibliography 23

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