Struggles in life

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Laxmi Dulal

ESL 004

Personal narrative essay

Struggles in life

What is struggle? It can be any kind of difficulty that people go through to achieve their goals. In fact, sometimes we cannot achieve our goals without struggle. As Fredrick, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress” For example, I have struggled with many obstacles related to migration and through that struggle I have achieved a lot.

Many of those who have experienced migration, immigration, and exile have gone through difficulties to achieve their goals. However, people who have not experienced migration are often unaware of the kinds of struggles that migrants, immigrants, and exiles go through. For example, difficulties related to political conditions, economic situations, religious freedom, and natural disasters are the most familiar difficulties that migrants go through.

In fact, those conditions have caused many of the major migrations throughout history. If we look at the history of migration we see that there was great migration during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries from Europe and some parts of Asia to the USA. People from England, Ireland, Russia, and China migrated to America because of economic, political, and religious reasons. For example, during the Communist Revolutionary War and the Cold War between Russia and USA many Russians were impacted and forced to leave their country. Russians moved to different parts of Europe. Many of them moved to America, adding lots of problems to their lives like culture shock, learning a new language, and missing their families.

In my life, I have experienced struggles like those of Russians and refugees. Shortly, after I was born in Bhutan, my parents moved to Nepal because of a bad political situation in Bhutan. The Bhutan government engaged in giving torture to Nepalese origin Bhutanese like raping Bhutanese women.

I lived in a refugee camp in Nepal for 18 years. It was so difficult to live as a refugee such reasons as we lacked adequate health care and food for nutrition. My mother told me that when I was three years old in the refugee camp, my brother and I were close to death because of lack of food. My small brother died when he was one year old. We were struggling with our lives just to survive. Several years after we were in a refugee camp and the United Nation High Commissar for Refugee (UNHCR) helped us with food, clothing, and shelter. Our hut was made of bamboo and plastic. We worked for local people to earn little money so that we could satisfy our daily needs. Caritas Nepal is the organization in Nepal which helps refugees and poor Nepali people with their education. Caritas Nepal started to provide education to Bhutanese refugees in the camps

We were struggling to fortify our economic condition from our previous downfall in 2008 we heard of the group International organization. This agency helped many people migrate to new countries as their third country resettlement. After a rigorous process we moved to the United States of America in 2010. After we arrived at the USA we started our new life. As we are new in USA we had many problems like finding a house, job, and learning a new language and adjusting with the environment. The Lutheran Children and Refugee Service helped us to find a house for rent for which we had to pay 900 dollars every month. We didn’t have even a single dollar to pay for it, so we started to look for a job after the week we had arrived here. My brother and I applied for a job in the Meat Company. So I started working after one month. I was supporting my family financially and my brothers and sister also got jobs in a hotel and the Meat Company. At this stage we were able to stand on our own feet. In USA my brothers told me to continue my education so they can support the family. My parents were frustrated here as they didn’t know even a word in English and my siblings and I were learning English. I joined high school from 11th grade in September 2010.

During my high school time I worked hard to learn language and other class activities. I found the way of teaching in America is different. At the first week I felt doom as I did not know the education system in USA. The school building was big so sometimes I got lost in hallways but I asked other students and security guards to help me out. I learned so many things within a month. I started volunteering in Migrant Education Program in Philadelphia. There I used to help other migrant students to do their homework and other problems. I was proud to be giving back my knowledge to other migrant people. Not only did I help students but I helped old Bhutanese parents to learn English and took them to the hospital and answer the phone. I am proud to help them.

I applied for a congressional award program, an award from the US Congress. Fortunately, I was selected as a candidate for an award. On July 2011 I was awarded with silver and bronze medals from US congress. My goal is to volunteer more hours and to achieve gold medal from Washington DC. I am self-motivated that I passed through different obstacles and I got success. Finally, I graduated from Northeast High school in 2012 with good GPA and grades.

I have gone through struggles and gained experiences. I know how my struggle helps me today to stand on my feet. I did struggle and learned from it also never give up. I am always happy to give back to people. Most of the migrants and exiles have also experienced many difficult problems. Though they struggled in the beginning, and learn to overcome obstacles. Life is a struggle. We have to struggle even though there would be many obstacles on the way we get success. Try and there will be a way to your dreams and goals so that you could be a difference and serve the community at large.

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