Strategic plan key objectives

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  • Susan Hodgett


  • A Research
  • B. Teaching 
  • C. Rejuvenation
  • D. Outreach


  • AMEC travelling stand to: Model United Nations, Mexican Association for International Studies Summit: The Mexican Independence and the Globalization Conference, Quebec Day in Guadalajara, Imagine Canada Fair.
  • ASAEC Seminar on the Canadian Income Tax System, with New Brunswick University.
  • ACHECA -Colouring Canada, a primary school program to promote Canada amongst school children.
  • Colloque international de l’AFEC en Avignon, organisé par le Professeur Patrice Brasseur : Minorités culturelles au Canada : expressions, territoires.
  • SACS- Séminaire au Parlement de la Catalogne (Barcelone), La sécurité par la privacité : 2001-2010, perspectives transatlantiques avec les Universités de Montréal, PRIVCOM Canada et Justice Canada.
  • KACS- International Conference: Multicultural and Gifted Education in Canada: Insights for Strategies and Policies of Korean Education, October, 2010, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea.
  • IsACS- Religion, Culture and the State: Reflections on the Bouchard-Taylor Report, Edited by Profs. Howard Adelman and Pierre Anctil with the Halbert Centre.


  • RACS
    • Kurilla I., Ed., (2010,) The Concept of Human Security in Canada and Russia., Volgograd.
    • Journal (Vol. 40:2 and 3) on Canada’s Commitment to Afghanistan and Culture and the Canada-US Border.
  • ACSC
    • Inner Mongolia University- 14 academic essays on Canadian Studies in academic journals in 2010.
    • Book launch of Canadian-German-Hungarian Cultural Reader at the annual meeting of the GKS in Grainau.


  • ASAEC - Student Mobility: Exchanging Experiences and Knowledge on Social Economics and Local Economic Development in Context with Concordia University.
  • IsACS- Public Lecture Series 2010, in partnership with the Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies, including Ambassador Allan Gotlieb, longest serving Canadian Ambassador to the United States and former Under Secretary of State for External Affairs and Ambassador Jon Allen, Canadian Ambassador to Israel, "Canadian Foreign Policy Issues" (April 8th, 2010).
  • SACS and BACS Workshop The Traditions of Liberty in the Atlantic World à l’Institute for the Study of the Americas, University of London (UK), avec les professeurs R. Beiner, R. Kingston (University of Toronto) et M. Ducharme,(UBC),organisé par le Dr. Francisco Colom, en collaboration avec Dr. Susan Hodgett, de la BACS.


  • ACSI- National University of Ireland Galway:
    • Undergraduate seminar: Studies in Twentieth-Century Fiction – Canadian Literature
    • Graduate course: Literature and Colonialism
    • Paula Donovan, UCC, Cork: was the winner of International Council for Canadian Studies Graduate Student Thesis Award, 2010 and winner of Irish Research Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences (IRCHSS) Postgraduate Scholarship, 2010.
  • GKS-Virtual Canadian Studies (VCS)-Courses, 2010
    • English Literature "Introduction to English-Canadian Literature", University of Trier
    • English Literature "Multicultural Ideology in Canadian Children's Literature", University of Jena.
    • Linguistique "Les variétés du français canadien", University of Regensburg
    • Summer Schools:The Americas: When one is not enough, International Summer School, Graz, July 18 – August 1, 2010.
  • CEACS - Michelle Gadpaille, “Inventing Wilderness: The Cultural and Literary Construction of North America" at International Summer School, Climate Change – The View from Japan to Canada, June 26th – July 30th, 2010, Maribor.


  • InACS-A new website and a new Google group.
  • AMEC-Social Networks interaction Facebook: 897 fans (50% up on last year) Twitter: 52 followers.
  • GKS-Young Scholars’ Canadian Studies Network of the GKS Homepage: offers a forum for exchanges of ideas and information to young scholars from all disciplines who work on Canada-related research projects.
  • CENA-Échange annuel de jeunes doctorants avec le Groupe d’histoire de Montréal (dirigé par B. Young – McGill) pour une série de conférences à Bruxelles et Montréal.
  • CPEP- Dr. Amanda Huculak seminar entitled "Community and Local Economic Development Initiatives: An Organic Approach to Creating Sustainable Communities.”


  • ACSUS- Planning for the ACSUS biennial conference in Ottawa in November, including outreach to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council; the National Capital Commission (Ottawa); Privy Council Office; Policy Research Initiative; US Embassy Ottawa; the Confederation of Humanities and Social Sciences; Ontario Centre for Research and Innovation; and more than 100 Learned Societies in the US and Canada.
  • BACS- Legal Studies Group conference, In Search of the Sources: Canadian Legal History in British Sources, 24 June 2010, Canada House, London. Participating organizations included:- the Bentham Project, the British Library, the National Archives, the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies Library, the Institute of Commonwealth Studies Library.
  • AMEC –More than 900 Facebook fans per week. Branding Country: Study of Canada´s perception (Latin America) (RELEC).
  • KACS- 2010 Canada-Korea Workshop on Corporate Social Responsibility, December 7, 2011, Kyunghee University, Seoul, Korea.


  • ACSN- Dr. Conny Steenman-Marcusse, was master of ceremony in the Dutch language services to commemorate 65 years of liberation held on May 6, 2010, at the Canadian War Cemetery.
  • Cuba- Club of Friends of the Québec Song, Pedagogical University of Havana.
  • AMEC- Seminar of Midterm Elections in the United States – Canadian Effects, Guadalajara.
  • ACSUS Advisory Councillor, David Staines, receives Order of Canada.
  • BACS -member and Past President Coral Ann Howells, elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada.


  • ACSANZ- Newsletter and Facebook page.
  • AMEC- Model United Nations at Puebla University.
  • ACSUS- Canadian Leadership Orientation Seminar in Ottawa and Montréal for US MBA Students- twenty students from top MBA programs from across the United States and Mexico participate. The program involves high level briefings by Canadian political and business leaders and company visits in both Ottawa and Montreal.
  • JACS-Conference on Vancouver Asahi Baseball Team at Canadian Embassy in Tokyo.


  • AFEC - « Au-delà des frontières : jusqu’où va le Canada? » “Stretching borders: How far can Canada Go?” (L’AFEC célèbrera ses 35 ans), Montpellier, France (June 15-18)
  • NACS 10th NACS Triennial conference, The Northern Atlantic Connection: Canada and the Nordic Countries - An interdisciplinary conference of the humanities and social sciences, Aarhus, Denmark (August 10-13)
  • JACS – 36th Annual Conference, Osaka (September 17-18)
  • RACS "Canada and Russia: facing Northern and Arctic Challenges", Saint Petersburg, Russia (September 23-25)
  • PANCS – Seminar and Board Meeting, Seoul, Korea (October 6-7)
  • KACS – “Multicultural and Gifted Education in Canada: Insights for Strategies and Policies of Korean Education,” October, 2010, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea (October 6-7)
  • ABECAN – IX International Conference of the Brazilian Association of Canadian Studies - 20 years of interfaces Brazil/Canada: multiplicities, singularities, Federal University of Bahia – Salvador (October 24 -26)
  • ACQS - Sarasota, Florida (November 8-11)
  • ASAEC - The Argentine Association for Canadian Studies VIII International ASAEC Congress 2011:“Indigenous Peoples, Conflicts and Power in Education and Culture”. Córdoba, Argentina. (November 9-11)
  • ACSUS 21st Biennial Conference: “Ottawa: A Capital City”, (celebrating 40 years in Canadian Studies) Ottawa Canada (November 16-20)

MEMBER ASSOCIATIONS * new full member

  • Association for Canadian Studies in the United States
  • British Association for Canadian Studies
  • French Association for Canadian Studies
  • Italian Association for Canadian Studies
  • Japanese Association for Canadian Studies
  • Association for Canadian Studies in German-Speaking Countries
  • Association for Canadian Studies in Australia and New Zealand
  • Association for Canadian Studies in Ireland
  • Nordic Association for Canadian Studies
  • Association for Canadian Studies in China
  • Association for Canada Studies in the Netherlands
  • Association for Canadian Studies in China
  • Association for Canada Studies in the Netherlands
  • Indian Association for Canadian Studies
  • Israel Association for Canadian Studies
  • Spanish Association for Canadian Studies
  • Brazilian Association for Canadian Studies
  • Venezuelan Association for Canadian Studies
  • Russian Association for Canadian Studies
  • The Korean Association for Canadian Studies
  • Mexican Association for Canadian Studies
  • Association for Canadian Studies in Argentina
  • Central European Association for Canadian Studies
  • Polish Association for Canadian Studies


  • American Council for Quebec Studies
  • Centre d‘Études Nord-américaines (CENA)
  • Cátedra de Estudios sobre Canadá (CES), Universidad de La Habana
  • Chilean Association for Canadian Studies
  • Canadian Studies Centre in Paraguay

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