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Scholarship Thank You Letters

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Scholarship Thank You Letters

It is customary to write a thank you letter to a scholarship donor for awards you are given.

You have 2 simple steps to complete the process:

  1. Write the thank you letter addressed “To Whom It May Concern”. For samples and guidelines, see below.

  2. Return your letter within 7 days to the scholarship board or to the guidance office to be forwarded on your behalf. Many scholarship applications had addresses listed, please consult your application to determine where to send it directly to the scholarship board.

Remember, you are representing yourself and Staunton High School. A donor will appreciate the time and effort it took to produce an attractive, well-written letter. Thank you for the time you are investing!

Thank You Letter Guidelines

Here are a few tips for writing a good thank you letter:

  • Use quality paper or stationary. No torn-out loose leaf or notebook paper.

  • Please type your letter. If you must handwrite your thank you letter, use your best penmanship.

  • Address the letter to: To Whom it May Concern

  • Be sincere. Briefly tell your scholarship sponsor why the aid you are receiving is important to you and/or your family.

  • Express gratitude. Use the words thank you.

  • Be accurate. Have someone you trust check your note for correct spelling and grammar.

Thank You Letter Samples

Sample #1


To Whom It May Concern,

Obtaining a degree in [NAME MAJOR] has been a life goal of mine and I am very fortunate to be able to attend [NAME COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY/TRADE SCHOOL] next year. I have very much enjoyed my time at Staunton High School in the classroom and in [list a few extracurricular activities you participate in]. I am thankful for those opportunities as well as the community of Staunton for all that has been done to help me prepare for my future.

I wish to thank those who so generously made the [NAME OF SCHOLARSHIP] available to myself. Through the support of the [NAME OF SCHOLARSHIP], I am well on my way to achieving my academic goals and hope that with my degree; I will be able to make a difference for others in a way as meaningful as the [NAME OF SCHOLARSHIP] has for me.

Thank you again - please pass my gratitude on to all those who so generously support Staunton High School students through the existence of this scholarship fund.


[Student name]

Sample #2


To Whom It May Concern,

I feel so fortunate to have been chosen as a recipient of the [NAME OF SCHOLARSHIP].  Thank you so much for your generosity in funding this scholarship.

I plan to attend [NAME COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY/TRADE SCHOOL] and major in [NAME MAJOR]. While I attend college, I will also have a part-time job to help pay for my tuition.  I know it will not always be easy to juggle work and school, and I am truly grateful for the assistance that I am receiving because of you. 

Thank you again for so generously supporting Staunton High School students.


[Student name]

Sample #3


To Whom It May Concern,

Thank you so much for contributing to my education through the [name of scholarship] that I received this year.  Your generosity means so much and I am truly grateful.

I plan to attend [NAME COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY/TRADE SCHOOL] and major in [NAME MAJOR]. Education is very important to me, and I’m so glad it’s important to you as well - without your generosity, I would not have been able to attend [NAME COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY/TRADE SCHOOL]. 

Thank you again for all you do!


[Student name]

Common Forms needed from SHS

Forms follow the explanations
Transcript Request- To request a transcript be sent on the student’s behalf to the college of his/her choice, please fill out this form and return to the guidance office.
Staunton's Most Inquired about Colleges and Universities- Please utilize this list to become familiar with some of Staunton High School’s recent popular colleges and university choices.
Student Questionnaire- To request a letter of recommendation from any teacher, counselor, etc please fill out this questionnaire. This allows us to explain in the best way possible who you are to colleges or scholarship committees.
College Visitation Day Request & Guidelines- Please fill out this form and return to the guidance office upon request of a college visitation. Seniors may take up to two college days. These days will be excused when guidelines are followed and proof of visit is confirmed in the high school office. See guidelines for further details.
College Credit opportunities at SHS- Please utilize this list when filling out college applications that request the LCCC name of dual credit classes taken and the number of credits earned.
SHS Profile- Consult this form while filling out college applications for miscellaneous information.
Lewis & Clark Transcript Request- Please fill out this form to request your LCCC transcript be sent to the college of your choice. This is how prospective colleges confirm your dual credit classes. We will mail high school transcripts on your behalf; however you must mail the LCCC transcript. Usually this is only needed after graduation.

Staunton High School

Transcript Request Form

801 N. Deneen St.

Staunton, IL 62088


  • No ACT scores can be sent until the release form is on file. This is the form that you should have filled out at registration.

  • I will try to get transcripts mailed the day the request is turned in. But, be reasonable about your request. Please give me a few days notice prior to when the transcript is due.

Date submitted: ________________________

Student Name: _________________________

Transcript request for: ________ College Application ________ Scholarship ________ Other

College/University/Name: ________________________________________________________

Application Deadline: ___________________________________________________________

I have applied: _________ On-Line ________ Paper Application

Student Signature: ______________________________________________________________

Do you need ACT scores attached to your transcript? __________ yes __________ no

Please include any special instructions in the space below:

List of Staunton's Most Inquired about Colleges and Universities

Illinois State Colleges

Other Colleges and Universities

Chicago State University

Bradley University

Eastern Illinois University

Elmhurst College

Governor's State University

Illinois Wesleyan University

Illinois State University

Knox College

Northeastern Illinois University

Maryville University

Northern Illinois University

Missouri Baptist University

Southern Illinois University - C

Northwestern University

Southern Illinois University - E

Purdue University Calumet

University of Illinois - Chicago

Rose-Hulman Institute of Tech

University of Illinois - Springfield

Savannah College of Art and Design

University of Illinois - Urbana

Truman State University

Western Illinois University

Washington University in St. Louis

Illinois College

Blackburn College

Lewis and Clark Comm. College

Carthage College

Lincoln Land Comm. College

Culver-Stockton College

Southwest IL College (SWIC) Bellville

Greenville College

Southwest IL College (SWIC) GC

McKendree College


Mass. Institute of Technology (MIT)


Millikin University

Monmouth College


Murray State University


Southeast Missouri State Univ.


Saint Louis University (SLU)


University of Southern Indiana

University of Missouri - Columbia


University of Missouri - Rolla


Central Missouri State University


Washington University

Staunton High School

Student Questionnaire
Completion of this questionnaire will assist me in writing your college counselor recommendation. Your input aids me in presenting a desirable holistic view of you to the admissions office. Do your best to answer each question in a thoughtful manner. Provide specific information. Please don’t sell yourself short. Use additional paper if needed. Keep a copy of this so you if needed again you will not have to fill it out a second time.
Name: ________________________________________________
1. List participation in service organizations and clubs:

2. List participation in sports:

3. Employment Experience:

4. Which of your activities (including hobbies, clubs, work experience, community service, family contributions, athletics, or any special interests) have meant the most to you? Why?

5. List awards you have received:
6. Describe a challenge you have faced in your life. How has this experience impacted you? (This could very well be a college essay question you will soon see!)
7. What three things would you like to do for a lifetime career?

8. Looking over the past several years at Staunton, what is your favorite subject? What classroom experiences have you valued most? Why? Be specific.

9. When looking back at my high school record, I am most proud of:

10. How will you set yourself apart from all other applicants? What talents, characteristics and/or traits do you have that will impress a college and make you unique?

11. Is there anything unique about your family that you would like to share?

12. What are the first words that come to mind to describe you?

13. What three things would you like the College Admissions Committee to know about you?

14. Why are you applying to these particular colleges? Be specific if something stands out that influenced your decision to apply.

College Name Reason

_________________________ ____________________________________________________________

_________________________ ____________________________________________________________
_________________________ ____________________________________________________________
_________________________ ____________________________________________________________
15. Tell me something about yourself that you have not shared in this questionnaire. You make ask your parents to provide some additional input on your behalf. Some of the best feedback comes from parents!

Your daughter/son, ,
has asked to visit
on at .

(date) (time)

(Only half-day visits will be approved for Blackburn College, Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and Lewis & Clark Community College. A teacher or counselor will not accompany the student. Your signature indicates that you approve of this college visit.)

Parent Signature Date _____

Counselor Signature ____ Date _____
Return this completed form to Mrs. Cress two days in advance. The absence will become an excused college day only after verification by a higher education official on their school letterhead has been received.

College Visitation Guidelines

What qualifies as a College Day?

The following qualify for College Day Visitations:

  • Physicals/orientation for military entrants

  • ASVAB testing for possible military entrance

  • Open campus visitation dates publicized by the colleges/schools

  • Individual appointments made in advance with schools

  • Appointments for scholarship applications/interviews

  • Appointments for placement testing and/or registration

  • Appointments for internship programs, etc.

Who may take College Days?

Juniors are encouraged to plan and visit colleges and/or technical schools during the summer before their senior year. Good planning dictates that you actually see and experience any campus you may plan on attending.

During the senior year, students may take two college days if needed. Most schools offer weekend visitations, etc. Occasionally, you may need a week-day appointment for post-secondary plans.
What about visits to local campuses, SIUE and LCCC?

Students will be granted a half-day to visit the local campuses (Lewis & Clark Community College and Southern Illinois University) for a school preview visit. Students who enroll at LCCC or SIUE may take a full college day in the spring to attend either the LCCC Spring Fling campus introduction or the required SIUE Springboard registration.

Both SIUE & LCCC require that students schedule appointments in advance. Walk-ins doing unscheduled college visits may not be served. You must plan ahead!
When can College Days be taken?

Anytime except December and May, the last month of the semester.

When should College Visitation Forms be turned in to the guidance office?

Students must plan in advance. The required form must be given to the guidance office a minimum of two days in advance of the visit. In certain urgent cases, (i.e., a college request for an interview or advisement date), if less than three days notice can be given, parents must call the counselor or principal and request special permission for a senior to be gone.

When the counselor receives and approves the college visit form, students must also inform their instructors of the date they will be gone and make arrangements for make-up work. Parents need to call the high school office on the day of the scheduled appointment to confirm that the senior is gone that day for a college visit.
What do students do when they return from the visit?
Students must give the counselor proof of attendance at the appointment/event. A signed statement from the college/school/recruiter must be turned in the day after the scheduled appointment. Otherwise, the college day is not given and the student will show an absence for the day.

College Credit Opportunities

Lewis and Clark Course Number & Title

Staunton High School Course Name

Credit Hours

Transfer or Career Credit

Required College Placement Score

BIO 132 – Human Biology

Biology II




DRFT 125 –Fundamentals of General of Drafting




No Test Required

Instructor Approval

DRFT 146 – AutoCAD




No Test Required

Instructor Approval

ENGL 131 – First Year English I

English 131



Reading = 75

Sent Skills = 90

ENGL 132 – First Year English II

English 132



Reading = 75

Sent Skills = 90

HIST 131 – Western Civilization I

Western Civilization 131



Reading = 75

HIST 132 – Western Civilization II

Western Civilization 132



Reading = 75

OTEC 026 – Basic Computer and Window Skills

Computer Concepts



Reading = 55

OTEC 027 – Internet Use & Design Techniques

Computer Concepts



Reading = 55

OTEC 115 – Microsoft Publisher 2007

Desktop Publishing



Reading = 55

OTEC 119 – Keyboarding




No Test Required

OTEC 120 – Keyboarding/Formatting

Word Processing/Formatting



Reading = 55

POLS 131 – American Government

Political Science



Reading = 75

CDEV 130 – Career Development

Career Development



No Test Required

WEB 135 – Webpage Design Essentials

Webpage Design Essentials



Reading = 55

WELD 191 – Basic Welding

WELD 191



Reading = 55

WELD 193 – All Position Arc Welding

WELD 193



Reading = 55

CIS 135 Computer Literacy

CIS 135

(No college credit offered if taken during 2010-11)



Reading = 75





Reading = 75

Math 134- PreCalculus




Reading = 75

ALG = 90

Math 171- Calculus & Analytic Geometry




Reading = 75

Math = 86

State and National Scholarships
Below is a listing and brief summary of scholarships with which Staunton High School is familiar. While there are a number of scholarships in this book, it is not intended to be a list of all scholarships out there. More of these are added each year, therefore keep checking with us. For a more complete listing of the regional, state, and national scholarships, we recommend the following FREE scholarship search on the internet:
Also, while we believe that all of the information contained herein is accurate at the time of publication, we will not take responsibility for incorrect information or missed deadlines. The scholarships are listed in order by deadline date, beginning with those which are due in the fall, and then continuing on through the winter, spring and summer. It is not unusual however, for these dates to change from one school year to the next. Random scholarship drawing
Christian College Scholarship- Random scholarship drawing for students entering a Christian college - Scholarship America provides links to several scholarship applications.
U of I Scholarships-There are many scholarships available for students planning on attending the University of Illinois. The university has its own database for searches. Visit the following website for more details- Deadline varies

American Liberty Scholarship Open to students pursuing a bachelors, masters, PHD or technical certification. Finalists are selected every month.

Wendy’s High School Heisman Award- Seniors student-athletes who work hard, are dedicated, and have become role models for underclassmen and have at least a “B” average.

After successfully completing a term of service, AmeriCorps members who are enrolled in the National Service Trust are eligible to receive an education award. The education award can be used to pay education costs at qualified institutions of higher education or training, or to repay qualified student loans. The award currently is $4,725 for a year of full-time service, with correspondingly lesser awards for part-time and reduced part-time service. A member has up to seven years after his or her term of service has ended to claim the award.

Coca-Cola Scholarship- $4,000 - $20,000 –

Class rank, SAT or ACT score are looked at when your application is judged. Deadline October.

Danforth Scholars Program at Washington University. High Achieving Students. Washington University only. Deadline October.
Horatio Alger Scholarship – $2,500 - financial assistance to students in the State of Illinois who have exhibited integrity and perseverance in overcoming personal adversity and who aspire to pursue higher education.
National Rifle Association Award- $2,000Write a 300-400 word citizenship essay on what you believe it means to be “Armed with Pride”. Essay contest for female high school seniors and college students. Deadline October.
Outstanding Students of America - $1,000 –

This award is based on community service, school activities, and academic achievements. Deadline October.

Prudential Spirit of Community Award – $1,000 - $5,000 – . Any student who is in grades 5-12 as of October 30, 1998 and has engaged in a volunteer activity.

Deadline October.

AES Engineers Scholarship- Seniors interested in this $500 scholarship must submit an essay on one of the two topics that appear on the website at Deadline October.

Tandy Technology Scholars- $1,000 Must excel in the area of academic excellence. One graduating senior who excels in at least one of the areas of science, mathematics, or computer science. Deadline October.
VFW – Voice of Democracy Essay Contest – up to $25,000 – Sponsored by Veterans of Foreign Wars. Students compete by writing and recording a 3-5 minute broadcast script on the theme designated annually. Deadline October
ACORN Equality Fund- Luke Scholarship & Acorn Scholarship- Scholarships based on academic performance, need and volunteerism and advocacy. Scholarships designed to provide academic financial support for gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender students, allies or the children of gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender parents. Deadline October.
West Point Academy. West Point Only. Deadline November
American Council of Engineering Companies of Illinois (ACEC-IL). Enrolled in an ABET program in Illinois. Deadline November.
Illinois Ready -Mixed Concrete Association. Applicants must write a 600-word essay. State College or University. Deadline November.
Chapel of Four Chaplains Annual Essay Contest – $300 - $1,000 –

A 450-word essay, which will be judged by the following criteria: thoughtful exploration of essay topic, shows creativity, proper grammar and spelling, clear and logical order, personal commitment. Deadline November

Illinois Department of Transportation Civil Engineer Scholarship Program- up to $7000, Seniors must be an Illinois resident not employed by IDOT, must be admitted to or enrolled full-time in select Illinois pre-engineering and civil engineering programs, and must have at least a 2.5 GPA . Deadline November.
DAR- Good Citizen Awards Program – seniors are eligible. Must be nominated. Deadline November.
National Teenager Scholarship - $500 U.S. Savings Bond -

5 local universities will award tuition scholarships in varying amounts, full one-year tuition scholarship to the Art Institutes, worth $14,000, and $1,000 full tuition scholarship to John Robert Powers School of Modeling. Deadline November.

Westinghouse Science Talent Search - $1,000 - $40,000 – Each student must submit a written report on an independent research project in the physical sciences, behavioral and social sciences, engineering, mathematics, or biological sciences. Deadline November.
IEA Education Scholarship Program. Information on the IEA Future Teacher Scholarship Program is now available online at  Students pursuing a career in teaching who the children of IEA members are eligible.  Deadline is November.
Air Force ROTC

A cost-free college education. Four years of rewarding challenges and personal growth. A head start on an exciting career. All this and more awaits those awarded a scholarship from Air Force ROTC. By filling out this application you're not obligated for military service in any way. Deadline December.

Army ROTC Four-Year Program -

Available to students who have graduated from high school or possess an equivalent certificate before September of the year they enter college. Students are awarded U.S. Army ROTC 4-year scholarships through a highly competitive national selection process. Scholarships pay up to $20,000 a year for college tuition and education fees, OR room and board, whichever is chosen by the student. An additional scholarship benefit is a designated book allowance. Army scholarship winners also receive a tax-free subsistence allowance which increases as they progress through Military Science, for up to 10 months for each year the scholarship is in effect. The Scholarship does not pay flight fees.

IL Dollars for Scholars Essay based scholarship. Essays must be written about a community leader in our Congressional district. If your essay is chosen, you will receive a $4,000 scholarship ($1,000 each year for four years), and Illinois Dollars for Scholars will contribute $500 in the community leaders name to the scholarship fund of the Illinois high school of their choice. In addition the top essay wins $12,000 (over 4 years) and the 2nd place essay will win an $8,000 scholarship (over 4 years). Deadline December
Golden Apple Scholars of Illinois- must be nominated by November. Contingent upon completing IL teacher certification program & teaching in an Illinois school of need for 5 years. $2500 for four years. Deadline December.
DAR – Christopher Columbus Essay Contest

All students in grades 9 - 12 are eligible. Essay must be typed, or prepared on a computer or word processor, using black type in a non-script font no smaller than 12 point or larger than 14 point. A limited vision student may use Braille, a tape recording, or very large type. A written transcript must be included, as well as a teacher's or physician's letter attesting to the student's special need. All of the essay must be the student's original work. Deadline December.

Chapel of Four Chaplains Annual Project – $750 - $1, 000 -

A team, consisting of a team leader, team advisor and 5 students, must complete the project. The team will conduct a new project (not an existing school project) to ameliorate an identified problem or need. Judges criteria: Originality and creativity, impact on community, community involvement, 2-3 page project paper, and a notarized affidavit from team advisor attesting to the success of the project. Deadline December

Chapel of Four Chaplains National Art Contest - $500 - $1,000 –

All high school seniors are eligible. Any form of flat art, except photography, is eligible. The artwork must reflect the theme and must be original artwork, conceived and created by the student. Deadline December

Congress – This unique program provides 250 full scholarships for American high school students to live with a host family and attend school in Germany for a year. As a Congress-Bundestag student, you'll gain real world views of current affairs and German social, political and economic life. Whether or not you've studied German before, your language skills will soar, giving you the lifelong asset of fluency in a second language. Deadline December
Fleet Reserve Association Scholarship - $50 - $5,000 -

All entrants shall be students in grades seven through twelve. Entrants must be sponsored by a branch of the Fleet Reserve Association or a unit of the Ladies Auxiliary. The essay shall be on the theme designated and shall not exceed 350 words. Deadline December

Imitation Computer Arts Scholarship – up to $3,500 – (do search for scholarships)

Be creative on computer and win money for college. Deadline December

Young Achievers Gateway East- Sophomores who are successful achievers in a variety of areas; leaders who are appointed and/or elected; positive role models; good citizens in their schools and communities; and competent scholars with good attendance records. Nomination only.
SAE Engineering Scholarship Program. Information on the SAE Engineering Scholarship Program is now available online.  Go to  Deadline is December
Toyota Scholarship - $10,000 - $20,000 – seeking a student who has an outstanding academic record, is an effective leader, and has a well-documented record of service within and outside the school setting. Academic performance is a prime factor in the selection process, but the distinguishing characteristic will be the overall impact of the student’s contribution in the area of community service. Nomination Only. Deadline December.
Vantage Credit Union Scholarship Program. Must be a member of Vantage Credit Union. Deadline December.
SICHE Scholarships- The Southern Illinois Healthcare Engineering Program is offering scholarships up to $1,000 for students entering the field of engineering, architecture, biomedical technology, building operations, and maintenance. See a counselor for more details. Deadline December.
Sally Beauty Scholarships This $1,000 scholarship is for a high school graduate under the age of 25 that is planning on earning a degree in the cosmetology profession. Deadline January.
AT&T Technology and Education Essay Contest – Multimedia computer. Write an original essay of 200 words or less. Entries will be judged on the following criteria, originality, creativity, use of language/vocabulary, and relevance to the theme. Grades 6-12. Deadline January.
Columbia College Chicago Young Authors Writing Contest- $50-$200 & one Best of Contest Scholarship will be awarded for one college-credit Fiction Writing I course in Columbia College Chicago’s High School Summer Institute. Winning entries will be published in Columbia’s High School Summer Institute Anthology –

Deadline January

Discover Tribute Award - $1,250 - $20,000 -

Student must have a 2.75 cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale and plan to continue his or her education/training beyond high school in any accredited training, licensing or certification program or institution of higher education. Deadline January.

Elks National Foundation - $1,000 - $5,000 –

Must have Elks Lodge endorsement to be accepted for judging. For high school seniors only, must be a citizen of the United States. Show awards and activities. Deadline January.

Gates Millennium This scholars program is aimed at increasing minority enrollment in undergraduate and graduate degree programs. This program is available to entering freshman with at least a 3.3 GPS attending any college or university. Deadline January
Washington University in St. Louis Click on Undergraduate Admissions to access information pertaining to all Washington University scholarships. Deadline January
MENSA- $100 $1,000 – Write an essay that contains no more than 550 words. Awards will be made on the basis of the essay that describes the applicant’s career, vocational, or academic goals. It is not necessary for the applicant to be a member of MENSA.

Deadline January

National Peace Essay Contest - $1,000 - $10,000 – Answer the essay contest question in a well-organized, well reasoned essay of no more than 1,500 words. Essays will be graded on the quality of the research, quality of the analysis, form, style, and mechanics. Fill out the Student Registration Form, and follow the checklist. Deadline January.
Washington Crossing Foundation - $5,000 - $10,000 – Competition open to all high school seniors who are U.S. citizens and are planning careers of service to the U.S. in local, state or federal government. Entrants receiving full four-year tuition scholarships shall be ineligible but may quality for other special awards. Deadline January.

Young Epidemiology Scholars – up to $50,000 –

For students who are interested in the scientific method used to investigate, analyze and prevent or control a health problem in a population. Deadline – January

Wal-Mart Scholarships- - The Sam Walton Community Scholarship- $3000. Seniors with at least a 2.5 GPA and a demonstrated financial need

The Wal-Mart Associate Scholarship- $3000. Available to Wal-Mart associates or dependents of associates who are graduating seniors with at least a 2.5 GPA and a demonstrated financial need.

The Wal-Mart Higher Reach Scholarship- $3000 scholarship to Wal-mart associates who have been out of school for at least one year.

Scholarship Program administered by the Wal-Mart Foundation- $13,000 scholarship paid over 4 years. Applicants must be dependents of Wal-Mart associates, have at least a 22 ACT or 1030 SAT and prove financial need.

All scholarship deadlines are January

Ronald W. Reagan Leadership Scholarship- Essay Contest Deadline January
PAPA John’s Scholarship. $1000 scholarship. Applicants with a 2.5 GPA or above, essay on “obstacles overcome”, life goals, and quality of character. Deadline January.
AXA Achievement Scholarship – $10,000 - $15,000 –

To qualify, students should be well-rounded, committed to making a difference and have demonstrated achievement – at a job, sport or extracurricular activity. Deadline February.

Eastern Illinois University Scholarships- EIU’s database of scholarships is constantly growing and being updated. This links provides you with an EIU scholarship search engine. Deadline February.
GFWC IL Federation of Women’s Clubs There are several scholarships available through the Women’s Club. Deadline February
IAA IL Farm Bureau Scholarships There are up to 9 scholarships offered for students entering college for an agricultural related major. Deadline February

Southwestern Electric Scholarship

$500 scholarships awarded to high school seniors planning on attending 2-4yr college or trade school. Parent or guardian must be an active member of Southwestern Electric Cooperative, Inc. prior to submitting application. Deadline February.
Monsanto Scholarships Students can apply for 3 different scholarships through Monsanto Agriculture. Students must be applying for agricultural-related programs.
ESA Foundation Scholarship Seniors with a 4.0 GPA, and a 22 on their ACT may apply for this scholarship. Scholarship awards vary on financial need. See a counselor for an application or visit Deadline February.
Bank of America $1,000.00 Scholarship. Any high school student. Deadline February.
Burger King Scholars - $1,000 –

Eligibility criteria; 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale, work an average of 15 hours per week for 40 weeks per year, participation in community service, and financial need. Deadline February.

All USA High School Academic Team - $2,500 –

The key element will be a student’s outstanding original academic or community service endeavor. High school transcript must accompany the nomination form. Factors considered by the judges include a nominee’s academic record, creativity, leadership and independent scholarly or artistic work. Deadline February.

The National Co-Op Scholarship Program. Deadline February.
Best Buy– $500 – click on Community Relations at the bottom of the page.

Applicants must live within 100 miles of a Best Buy store and plan to enroll full time at an accredited two or four year college, university, or technical school in an undergraduate program of study.

Deadline February
American Chemical Society Scholars Program. African-American, Hispanic, Latino, & American Indian students with strong academics. Deadline February.
Illinois Society of Professional Engineers Scholarship. Two Scholarships, One to SIUE and one to any school in Missouri or Illinois. Must be majoring in Engineering.
Commitment to Agriculture Scholarship - $1,500 – Open to high school seniors across the U.S, the scholarship program awards one-time gifts of $1500 to 100 students annually. To qualify, a high school senior from a farm family must have an above-average academic record and plan to enroll as a full-time student in an agriculture-related academic major at an accredited school. Deadline February
D.A.R. – American History Scholarship - $2,000 –

Graduating high school senior who will be majoring an American History. Scholarship is first judged at the state level. Only State Winners are eligible for judging on the Division level. Division level First and Second place winners are judged on the National level. Deadline February

D.A.R. – Caroline E. Holt Nursing Scholarship - $500 -

A one-time scholarship for students who are in financial need and desire to attend or are attending an accredited school of nursing. Deadline February

D.A.R. – Enid Hall Griswold Memorial Scholarship - $1,000 -

A one-time Scholarship awarded to deserving students accepted or enrolled in an accredited college or university in the United States who are majoring in Political Science, History, Government or Economics. Deadline February

D.A.R. – J.E. Caldwell Centennial Scholarship - $2,000 -

A one-time Scholarship awarded to outstanding students pursuing a course of graduate study in the field of historic preservation. Deadline February

Illinois Society of Professional Engineers Scholarship. Two Scholarships, One to SIUE and one to any school in Missouri or Illinois. Must be majoring in Engineering.
D.A.R. – Lillian and Arthur Dunn Scholarship - $2,000 -

Awarded for up to four years to well qualified, deserving sons and daughters of members of the NSDAR for four years of college. Outstanding recipients will be considered for an additional period of up to four years of study. Deadline February

D.A.R. – Madeline Picket Halbert Cogswell Nursing Scholarship - $500 -

A one-time scholarship for students who desire to attend or are attending an accredited school of nursing, who are members of the NSDAR, descendants of members of the NSDAR, or are eligible to be members of NSDAR. Deadline February

D.A.R. – Mildred Nutting Scholarship - $500 -

A one-time scholarship for students who have been accepted for are currently enrolled in an accredited school of nursing. Preference will be given to candidates from the greater Lowell, MA area. Deadline February

D.A.R. – Occupational Therapy Scholarship - $500 -

One-time scholarships for students who are in financial need and have been accepted or are attending an accredited school of Occupational Therapy including art, music or physical therapy. Deadline February

Educational Tours Global Citizen Applicants must be college-bound high school seniors who are permanent residents of the U.S. or Canada. Applicants must be nominated by their schools and each school may nominate only one student to apply. Deadline February
Illinois Society of Professional Engineers- $1500 Seniors planning to study engineering at an accredited Illinois or Missouri college or university that is ABET-accredited. Deadline February
KFC Colonel’s Scholars Program- $5000 per year. Seniors maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.75 and who are planning to enroll in a public, in-state college or university to pursue a bachelor’s degree are eligible for the KFC Colonel’s Scholarship. Deadline February
University of IL Department of Material Science and Engineering- Seniors interested in attending University of Illinois to study engineering. Deadline February
MSCPA Scholarship - $300 - Scholarships are offered without regard to financial need. You need to prepare a one-page essay on any aspect of accounting, and complete the other requirements shown on the inside of this brochure. Deadline February.
MU Alumni Association ~ Scholarship

For students interested in attending MU. 26 or higher ACT, Rank in top 20%. Deadline February

National Alliance for Scholastic Achievement – $2,000 - $15,000 – Applicant must; be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, have a GPA of 2.75 or higher, complete SAT or ACT, complete application and essay question, supply a letter of recommendation from teacher or administrator. Deadline February
Academy of Hair Design Cosmetology School Scholarship – 1,000 – 2,500 –

Applicants must complete an application, questionnaire and submit a photo along with the application and question.

Illinois Association of County Official. Open to all graduating seniors. Deadline March
Illinois Special Education Teacher Tuition Waiver. Offers tuition waivers at Illinois public 4 year universities to students studying to become teachers in a special education field. Deadline March
The American Assoc. of Physicians of Indian Origin Scholarship. Students with an ACT of 29, Top 10% of class and write an essay. Deadline March
National Defense Transportation Assoc. Scott/St. Louis Chapter Scholarship. Student majoring in business, transportation and physical distribution will have priority, but any can apply. Deadline March
US Bank $1000 Seniors planning to attend a 2-year or 4-year college full-time are eligible. Recipients are selected by a random drawing. Deadline March
AMVETS Scholarship Program. Several scholarships with different eligibility and academic requirements. Financial need is a major consideration. Deadline March
Scott Community Scholarship Program. Dependent of an active, reserve, retired, or deceased military member. Deadline March
Children of Veterans Scholarship. Must be son/daughter of W.W.II, Korean, Vietnam, or Persian Gulf Wars. University of Illinois only. Deadline March
Association of the U.S. Army St. Louis Gateway Chapter. Applicants must have parent who served/or currently serving in the U.S. Army, Guard, or Reserve. Deadline March
Alpha Kappa Lambda Scholarship. Young men only. Applicants must show scholastic excellence, leadership experience, and active participation in the community. University of IL Urbana-Champaign only. Deadline March
National Federation of Independent Business Scholarship. Deadline March.
Nevco Scholar-Athlete Scholarship Scholarships are awarded to senior athletes that show excellence in the classroom, success in athletics, leadership among peers, and community involvement. See a counselor for more details or visit the following website. Deadline March
Alpha Delta Kappa Illinois IOTA Chapter Scholarship. Women who are majoring in education may apply. Deadline March
General Assembly Public Affairs Scholarship. Students who has been active in public and civil affairs

College/University in Illinois only. Deadline March

American Legion Auxiliary Spirit of Youth Scholarship for Junior $1,000 Must be a senior in high school. Must be a junior member of the American Legion Auxiliary for the past three years and must hold a membership card for the current year. Applicant must continue their membership in the American Legion Auxiliary during the four-year scholarship period. Applicants must be of good character and have grades which meet entrance requirements at the institution of their choice. Applicant must have at least a 3.0 GPA using a 4.0 base. Deadline – March
American Legion - $1,000 - $15,000 Must be a citizen of the U.S. Grades nine through twelve. Only one essay may be submitted by a contestant. Criteria for judging will include will include clarity and strength of argumentation, quality and originality of essay/research, and understanding of the right of citizens to petition their government under the U.S. Constitution. Deadline March
Art Institute of

Two two-academic year and eight one-academic year scholarships are offered to high school graduates who demonstrate ability and commitment in one of The Art Institute’s programs of study. The value of the two-academic year scholarships is approximately $32,830 each. The value of the eight one-year scholarships is approximately $16,415 each Deadline March 1st

Conclave Broadcasting Scholarship – combined value of three scholarships is over $60,000 – Radio scholarships are for those who want careers in any area of radio/broadcasting – air personality, advertising/sales, programming, writing, news, sports, production, etc. Deadline March
Cynthia Edward’s Scholarship – Changes year to year

The recipient must have maintained at least a “B” grade point average. The recipient must be planning to major in journalism or communications in college either in a two-year or a four year program. Deadline March

Knights of Columbus - $1,500 Applicant must be a member in good standing of the Knights of Columbus, the son or daughter of such a member or deceased member, or a member in good standing of the Colombian Squires. Awarded on the basis of academic excellence. Deadline March
Kohl’s Kids Who Care - $1000 An annual opportunity for Kohl's to recognize and reward kids who volunteer in their communities. Deadline March.

National Art Honor Society – 2,500 – 25,000 –

For students who are interested in Computer animation, Culinary Arts, Culinary Management, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Multimedia, Interactive Multimedia Programming, Photography Video Production, and Web Site Administration. Deadline March

National Farmers Youth Scholarship-$500 - $1,000 - Must be a high school senior. Must major in an agricultural field at an accredited college or university. Deadline March.
National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Free Enterprise Scholars Award - $1,000 – High school senior or any student entering freshman year at an accredited, nonprofit two- or four-year university, college or vocational/technical institute; applicants should demonstrate entrepreneurial spirit and initiative. Deadline March
Teacher’s Selection: Anthology of Eleventh Grade

Any 11th grade student. Criteria for each poem is as follows: Originality, Rhythmic sounds, Rhymes, Audience appeal, Also considered are a writer's fresh approach to a simple subject and works that exhibit the author's involvement in the subject matter. Deadline March

Beta Sigma PSi Alpha Alumni Scholarship $1000, Lutheran Male Student attending University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign Only. Deadline March.
U of I Children of Veterans Scholarship- click forms then click children of veteran’s scholarship. Deadline March
Illinois Odd Fellows-Rebekahs Scholarship. Any high school senior. Deadline March
CWO3 Charles E. Nalley Scholarship. Relative, i.e. son, daughter or grandchild of current active, dues paying member of the Southwest Illinois Chapter of Military officers Assoc. Deadline March.
Pfizer Epilepsy Scholarship. Applicants must be under care of a physician for Epilepsy. Deadline March.
Notre Dame Club of St. Louis Scholarship. Seniors with financial need applying to Notre Dame University. Deadline March.
Illinois PTA Scholarships/ Lillian E. Glover Scholarship. $500-$1,000 scholarship for seniors that are in the top 25% of their class. Students must be entering a program to acquire a degree in education or education-related field. This would include librarians, instructional media specialists, school nurses, school psychologists, or social workers (all of which require certification from a State Board of Education). Deadline March.

Illinois Jaycee Charitable Foundation Roger D. Colbert Memorial Scholarship Award- Senior who is related to an Illinois Jaycee member or JCI Senator is eligible. Recipients are chosen based upon involvement, leadership roles, honors and awards, Jaycee organization participation, employment, personal statements, financial statement, scholastic achievement, and sponsor letter. Deadline March 1

Asthma Athlete Scholarship - $1,000 - $10,000 –

All high school students with asthma who have achieved both excellence in competitive sports and a superior high school academic record are eligible. Leadership qualities and notable extracurricular activities and accomplishments are considered. Deadline April.

Josten’s Foundation Scholarship - $1,000 -

Scholarships will be awarded to graduating high school seniors who have shown outstanding leadership qualities in school, community and academic activities. Deadline April.

Aynn Rand – $1,000 - $10,000 - Write a story on one of the topics given to you. All essays must be solely the work of the entrant. Deadline April.
Christian Science Monitor - $2,500 - To honor the inspired and selfless service of a college bound young woman, who is graduating from high school and has made a significant contribution to the well being of young people in her community. Must have letters of reference and an essay. Deadline April
The Scholarship Foundation of St. Louis. Must have a GPA of 2.0 and demonstrate financial need. Deadline April.

Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Scholarship. Major in a technical or scientific field. Deadline April.
George Mangiaracina Memorial Scholarship. Students interested in business administration emphasis in accounting. College/University in Illinois only. Deadline April.
Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation. Son/daughter of a former Marine, active, reserve, or U.S. Navy corpsman attached to the Marines. Deadline April.
Sigma Phi Epsilon Balanced Man Scholarship. Male students who have excelled in the areas of scholarship, leadership, athletics, and community service. University of IL Urbana-Champaign only.  Deadline April.
D.A.R. – Alice W. Rooke Scholarship - $5,000- Awarded for up to four years to students who have been accepted into a program and pursuing an approved course of study to become a medical doctor (pre-med does not qualify) at approved, accredited medical schools, colleges and universities. Deadline April
D.A.R. – Irene and Daisy MacGregor Scholarship - $5,000 - Awarded for up to four years to a student of high scholastic standing and character who have been accepted into or are pursuing an approved course of study to become a medical doctor (no pre med) at an approved, accredited medical school. It is also available to students who have been accepted into or who are pursuing an approved course of study in psychiatric nursing graduate level, at accredited medical schools, colleges or universities. Deadline April
Holocaust Remembrance Project - $1,000 - $5,000 – A national essay contest for high school students that is designed to encourage and promote the study of the Holocaust

Deadline April

Illinois Association of Mortgage Brokers- Ted Farrell memorial Scholarship- $1500 GPA 3.0 or better. Must have a parent, grandparent or sibling in the Mortgage Industry who must work for a company that is a member of the Illinois Association of Mortgage Brokers. Deadline April.
National Wild Turkey Federation’s Academic Scholarship Program

Conservation scholarship, applicant must have hunter’s registration.

Signet Classic Scholarship Essay Contest - $1,000 - Juniors and seniors write an essay on one of the three topics posed for this year’s competition. Must be submitted by a high school English teacher on behalf of the student. The essay will be judged on style, content, grammar, and originality.

Deadline April.

Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache - $7,500

If you excel in a high school sport at the varsity level, have a history of academic achievement and are considered a leader by peers, teachers and coaches, fill out the entry form and mail it along with the documents listed in the complete contest rules. Deadline April.

American Foundry St Louis Chapter of the American Foundry Society- St. Louis area resident (90 miles radius from downtown St. Louis) planning to study metallurgy, materials science, engineering, Industrial Technology, or other Foundry-related fields at an accredited Missouri or Illinois college or university. Deadline April
Society of Professional Journalists - $350 - $1,000 - Freshmen through seniors enrolled in public and private schools are eligible. Write an essay on the chosen topic. Deadline April.
USA Funds Access to Education Scholarship - $1,500/Full Time, $750/Part Time

This scholarship is open to high school seniors, incoming college students or currently enrolled college students who:

*Plan to enroll or are enrolled in full time undergraduate or graduate coursework or part time undergraduate coursework at an accredited two or four year college, university, vocational/technical school or graduate school. GED recipients also are eligible. Students must be enrolled for the entire academic year, beginning fall term and continuing through February 1 of the upcoming academic year, Have an annual adjusted gross family income of $35,000 or less, U.S. citizens or eligible non citizens, and not currently in default on any student loans. Deadline April
Education Communication Scholarship Foundation - $1,000 - All high school students who are U.S. citizens and who have taken the SAT or ACT examination may compete.

Deadline May.

Morrison Institute of Technology Counselor Scholarship- $500-$1000, Seniors planning to study Building & Highway Construction and Technology and Surveying, or Mechanical Design and Drafting and CAD, or System and Networking Administration at Morrison Institute of Technology. Recommendation only.
DeVry University-
Great Clips of Hair (Cosmetology Scholarship) - $500 - There is an opportunity to become a salon manager with all the advanced management training necessary to succeed. Deadline May.
George Washington Awards – Up to $20,000 - The purpose of the George Washington Award program is to encourage future generations to take leadership roles benefiting abused, exploited and abandoned children. Deadline June.
Tau Kappa Epsilon, Gamma Chapter. Two Scholarships awarded to male high school graduates who will attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Deadline June

Pfizer’s Epilepsy Scholarship- A 1-year, $2000 scholarship honoring outstanding students who have Overcome the challenges of epilepsy, Been successful in school, Done well in activities outside the classroom or in the community, and Shown a desire to make the most out of college or graduate school Deadline June

Abbott & Fenner Annual Scholarship Award Juniors and Seniors as well as all students currently registered in any accredited post secondary institution. The application is essay based. Applications must be submitted via email. Pick up a paper copy with the directions & essay topics in the guidance office. Deadline June
ROTC - $60,000

ROTC scholarships are based only on your achievements and academic record – not financial need. Students do not “join” ROTC or the military. They simply take an ROTC class like any other college class. It is considered an elective. For all branches of the military including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, and Coast Guard. Deadline July.

Psi U Scholarship Grant Program This scholarship is for senior males planning on attending University of Illinois. It is given to the applicant with the highest moral, intellectual, and social excellence. Deadline September.
Local and Regional Scholarships

Contact the Guidance Office for additional information and applications.

Please note that these scholarships are not always available based on continuation of program or fiscal year funding for each program.
National Wild Turkey Fed./Tri-Count Strutters- Must have a valid hunting license. Deadline January
Selma J. Hartke- Need based financial aid. Amount varies. Deadline February
Delta Kappa Gamma (Delta Epsilon) Scholarship. Female students pursing a degree in Education. Deadline March
Outstanding Diocesan Catholic Female High School Senior. Deadline March
Illinois Sheriff’s Association Scholarship. Information will be in the Guidance Office in March.
Charter Collegiate Scholarship. In Guidance Office. Deadline March.
National Defense Transportation Association Scholarship. Must Major in business, transportation logistics, or physical distribution. Deadline March.
Illinois AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship. Be a child of a deceased father or mother who was a Veteran. Deadline March.
Staunton VFW Post 1241 Scholarship- March deadline
Illinois Lumber and Material Dealers Scholarship. High school senior enrolling in an accredited trade school. Deadline April.
Blackburn College- Macoupin County Scholarship- Macoupin County Resident. Deadline April.
Staunton Athletic Booster Club- Deadline April.
Louis & Temple Marsch Scholarship- Macoupin County resident. Priority is given to students planning to study engineering or a related field. Deadline April
Macoupin and Montgomery Counties Crime Stoppers- Deadline April.
Senator Vince Demuzio Education Fund- 2.0 GPA. Deadline April.
University of Illinois Extension Agriculture Scholarship- $800, Macoupin County high school senior, planning to attend a college, university, junior college, or vocational school to study an agricultural area.
Walter V. Spotti Vocational Scholarship- $2500 for students who plan to attend a vocational school. Deadline April.
Zonta Club Scholarship- $500 Deadline April
Friends of NRA, Mark Mansholt Memorial Scholarship- Deadline April
Lois McBride Scholarship- $1000 Deadline April
FFA Alumni Association Scholarships- $1000 for students who have served three years in FFA
Barbara Yakos Memorial Scholarship- $500 for excellence in English class
SHS Academic Merit Scholarship- $3500 Seniors planning to pursue a medical or engineering degree. Deadline May 1
Jamie Jo Broderick-Fernandez Scholarship- Seniors planning to pursue education degree. Deadline May 1
Walgreen's Scholarship. Seniors with high GPA and ACT scores. St. Louis College of Pharmacy only

Deadline May.

Excellence in Ag Scholarship. $2,500 Seniors planning to pursue college degree and career in agriculture or agricultural related field. Deadline May
American Legion George Oehler Jr. Memorial Scholarship- $500 Deadline May
Chamber of Commerce- $500 GPA 3.0 or above. Deadline May
Community Memorial Hospital Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship- $1000 Seniors planning to pursue a health related degree. Deadline May
Congressional Black Caucus School-

Open to all college bound students attending an Illinois college or university regardless of race. Deadline May

Knights of Columbus- $500 Deadline May
Patrick B Heise Memorial Healthcare –Community Memorial Hospital. Senior planning to pursue health care degree. Deadline May
Opportunity Fund- $1000- For students who have orders for military service by graduation.
Staunton Education Foundation Scholarship- $1000 Deadline May.
Staunton Fire Protection District- $500 Deadline May.
Staunton Lions Club- $250 Deadline May.
Staunton Youth Council Scholarship- Based on SYC service. Deadline May

HIS Service Station Scholarship- Deadline May
Touchdown Club Sponsors of Jaguar Junior Football Scholarship- $500 SHS Jaguar football player for all years eligible and SHS football player all 4 years. Deadline May.
Macoupin County Chapter Whitetails Unlimited Inc. Scholarship- Macoupin County school graduate, planning to pursue a career in wildlife management or conservation related field of study. Deadline May.
Morgan County Garden Club- $200 Resident of Morgan, Scott, Greene, Macoupin, Cass, Pike, Schuyler or Brown county. Applicants must have a 3.0 GPA and plan to major in horticulture. The fields of horticulture included are floriculture, landscape design, horticulture, botany, biology, plant pathology, forestry, agronomy, environmental concerns, city floriculture planning, land management and other allied subjects.

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