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Making Stained Glass Figures

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Making Stained Glass Figures

First you take a piece of cardboard and one piece of chalk.

Then you draw something on the cardboard.

Next you cut it out where you want light to go trough.

Then use a text to trace around the thing you drew.

Stick different coloured cellophane paper over the areas that have a hole.

When you have finished this, stick it on the window.

12. What is the purpose of the text above?

  1. describe how something is got

  2. describe how something is accomplished

  3. describe how something is bought

  4. describe how something is broken

13. What is the text structure?

A. Orientation – events – re-orientation

            1. B. Orientation –events - twists
            2. C. Goal – events

D. Goal –steps
14. What part of speech is mostly used in the text above?

  1. noun

  2. verb

  3. adverb

  4. phrase

15. Next you cut it out where you want light to go trough. The underlined word refers to …

  1. cardboard

  2. chalk

  3. light

  4. coloured paper

16. What tenses is mostly used in the text?

  1. present tense

  2. past tense

  3. future tense

  4. perfect tense

Text 4

How to use a Cassette Player

First, to turn on the player, plug the wire in to the socked

Second, press the eject button

Third, put in the cassette

Fourth, press the play button to start it.

Fifth, to make the tape go forward quickly, press the “FF” or Fast Forward button. Or, press the “RWD” or Rewind button to make it go back.

Then, to record something, press the play and record button at the same time.

Finally, to turn off the tape, press the stop button.

17. What is the purpose of the text?

A. to give information

B. to describe a thing in general

C. to describe particular thing

D. to operate something step by step
18. What do you need to play the player?

A. button and the player

B. Wire and cassette

C. Socket and button

D. The player and the socket
19. How can you record something?

A. By plugging the wire into the socket

B. By leaving the play and record buttons at the same time

C. By pressing the play button and “FF” at the same time.

D. By pressing the play and record buttons together.

0. Look at the picture!

What step is it?

A. first

B. second

C. third

D. fourth

Text 5

Complete the following text.

Kangaroos eat grass and plants. They have short front legs, (21) … very long, and very strong back legs and a tail. These (22) … use for sitting up on and for jumping. Kangaroos have been known to make (23) … jumps of over eight metres, and (24) … across fences more than three metres high. They can also run at speeds of over 45 (25) … per hour.

21. A. and

B. but

C. because

D. since
22. A. Their

B. they

C. it

D. its
23. A. Forward

B. Beside

C. backward

D. behind

24. A. leap

B. creep

C. sleep

D. clap
25. A. Kilometres

B. metres

C. decimetres

D. centimetres

26. Kenia : Nobody in this village consumes dog meat

Narnia : ……? But I saw one consuming it this morning

A. Are you with me

B. I don’t know

C. I’d like to know

D. Are you sure

27. Melly : Could I go tonight with Linda, Mom?

Mom : …… But be careful and come home before nine o’clock.

A. Of course not

B. Certainly

C. I am not sure.

D. I am afraid you can’t.

28. Lary : Hary gets the first rank in his school.

Meti : ____________. I always admire his smartness.

A. Great

B. Poor Hary

C. He is so a pity

D. He is so awful

29. Nena : Look at Aisyah. She always helps her parents. She does all the house works by herself.

Sweeping the floors, boiling some water and cooking rice.

Melly : …………….

A. What is Aisyah a diligent girl !

B. What is a diligent girl Aisyah!

C. What a diligent girl is Aisyah!

D. What a diligent girl Aisyah is !
30. Mita : May I sit at this chair , please?

Dina : ……………. I can’t hear you

Mita : I said May I sit at this chair

Dina : Of course. Please. Sit down.

The following are the possible answers, except…

A. Repeat please

B. I apologize you

C. excuse me?

D. pardon me?

31. Mrs. Saleha : Danang, ………the TV please. It’s time to pray maghrib to the mosque.

Danan : All right mom.

A. Turn on

B. Turn in

C. switch on

D. Switch off
32. Michael : What does your sister do every evening?

Wendy : Oh, she always ……..her dirty clothes.

A. to wash

B. wash

C. washs

D. washes

33. Bambi : Where is your sister?

Bombo : Look at the girls over there. My sister is the girl which wears …...

A. a wonderful new small black leather cap

B. a wonderful small new black leather cap

C. a wonderful leather new small black cap

D. a cap small new black wonderful leather.

34. Cole : I don’t like this shoes. It is not comfortable. Moreover, it is ….. than the one in the corner.

Melly : Let’s find it on the other shop

A. cheap

B. more cheaper

C. expensive

D. more expensive

35. Conny : I think Mr. Agus Wuryanto does his duty ……. It is right that he gets the honour.

Kelly : Yes, I think so.

A. with careful

B. with carefully

C. carefully

D. careful

36. Mr. Bo : It’s very hot here. Open the window, _____ ?

Mrs. Bo : Wait a minute. I am cooking darling.

A. Aren’t you?

B. Don’t you?

C. will you

D. won’t you?

37. Malik : I am very sad

Anik : Why ?

Malik : We will leave our school and be separated. We rarely meet then, ______?

Anik : Don’t worry. We can send e-mail each other.

A. Don’t we

B. do we

C. aren’t we

D. are we

38. Giraffe ……….run at 45 mill per hour.

A. can

B. could

C. should

D. must
39. Mr. Kromo : The paddy plants are dying _____ there is no water.

Mr. Samijo : Why don’t we pump the water from the river ?

Mr. Kromo : We don’t have enough money to buy the fuel.

A. since

B. therefore

C. when

D. but
40. Because of overheated, the cake ………burning. The fumes is everywhere.

A. tastes

B. looks

C. smells

D. feels

  1. Essay

41. Fill the blank with suitable expression.

Ida : Why don’t you ask John to repair your car? I ______________ he can fix it.

Yudi : That’s a good idea. I know he is an experienced mechanic.
42. Dian : How do you like your steak, Miss.

Lisa : ……………Can you repeat once again?

Dian : How do you like your steak, Miss.

Lisa : Oh I like my steak well-done

Fill the blank with suitable conjucntion

43. Dora : When do you read newspaper or magazines?

Dona : I usually read it …….I come from school. I have no schedule at that time

Fill the blank with suitable question tag.

44. A : Traveling by plane costs a lot, ……. ?

B : Yes, you are right.

45. You want to cook some rice. Write a procedure on “How to cook rice” based on the pictures.

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