Spring 2016 Prof L overman's English 355

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Spring 2016 Prof L Overman's English 355

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Class Day

What We Will Do in Class Today

Homework:Readings done prior to Class

Writing Projects

Wk 1: 1/28

Introductions, Syllabus, Semester Plan, Annotating texts, Freewrites

Signups for Presentations!


Literary elements of analysis

What are they? What layers do they add to the story? How to annotate a text?

Signups for Presentations!

Reading done in Class:

"Pilón" (128), "Love and other Castastrophes: A Mix Tape" (127) "Encounters with Unexpected Animals" (132)

"Using Highlighting Symbols" (17-18)

Prior to class, review & bring Handout from Projects link above:

  1. Annotating a Text

  2. Presentation Prompt

Due outside of class:

Unless otherwise instructed, Forums/Shortwrites/Essays due Tues 11:55 p.m. prior to the subsequent week's Thursday class.

  1. Quiz- complete in Moodle by 2/2 Tues 11:55 p.m. prior to subsequent class.

  2. Please upload a photograph/symbol of yourself when updating profile in Moodle!

Due in class:

  • Freewrite with pen and paper (not electronically):


Wk 2: 2/4

  1. Bring Literature: Reading Writing 9th ed. Textbook!

  2. Sign Up for Presentations!


Print out Schedule & Syllabus bring to class

  • Analyzing Short Stories

  • Formalism

  • Structuralism

  • How to Write an Essay about Short Stories

Homework:Readings done prior to Class

  1. "Reading Fiction" (179) & "Previewing" & "Writing About Fiction"(185)

  2. "Interpreting & Evaluating Literature"(8)

  3. "Reading & Writing About Literature"(16)

  4. "Responding to a Short Story" (37)

  5. "The Secret Lion" (180) highlight/annotate as discussed
    in text Rios

  6. "Plot" (197) Checklist (200)

  7. "A Rose for Emily"(224) Faulkner

  8. "Character"(236) & Checklist (237)

  9. "A & P" (238) Updike

  10. Formalism (1661) AND download & bring this handout in Moodle!

  11. Structuralism (1671) And download/review this handout in moodle and bring to class.

Prior to class review & bring Handouts from Projects link above:

  1. Presentation Prompt & Presentation Response Guidelines

  2. Short Story Worksheet #2

  3. How to Write a Short Story Analysis #3

  4. How to Read Literature #1

  5. Plot #15

Due outside of class by 2/9 1155pm Tues:

  • Shortwrite 1--Post in Moodle above: format-"Responding to a Short Story" (37-38) review this as a model for shortwrites. Note checklist on pg 36-37. Make sure before uploading your shortwrite that you have considered the 5 bullet points listed in the Checklist: Writing a Response Paper on pg 36 in the crafting of your shortwrite.

Upload as a Word file in MLA format

1-2 pages typed (500 words)

Always bring printed copies of ALL posted responses to class

With the exception of "The Secret Lion" pick from ONE of the other (5) short stories listed in the schedule so far and respond to the following in narrative form:

Discuss SOME of the following elements as relevant to the story you have chosen:

What is the central theme of the story? How is it expressed in this work? What elements of the story develop the central theme? How do character plot setting point of view and symbols reinforce the central theme? How does the title of the story contribute to your understanding of the central theme

Download 450.63 Kb.

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