Speed control of three phase induction motor using Arduino-uno

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Speed control of three phase induction motor using Arduino-UNO


B = k2 V/f

  • Where V is the applied voltage, f is the supply frequency and k2 is a constant depending on the shape and configuration of the stator poles.
  • Problem & Statement

    • Increasing the frequency without increasing the voltage will cause a reduction of the flux in the magnetic circuit thus reducing the motor's output torque. The reduced motor torque will tend to increase the slip with respect to the new supply frequency. This in turn causes a greater current to flow in the stator, increasing the IR volt drop across the windings as well as the I2R copper losses in the windings.
    • Slip=flux speed – rotor speed


      B = k2 V/f

    • If frequency increases, reduction of the flux in the magnetic circuit.
    • Reduction of the flux in the magnetic circuit will cause reduction in output torque.
    • If Output torque decreases then slip will be increases which causes high flow of current in a circuit.

    Aim & Objectives

    • Space Vector PWM (SVPWM) is a more sophisticated technique for generating a fundamental sine wave that provides a higher voltage to the motor and lower total harmonic distortion (THD).
    • It is also compatible for use in vector control (Field orientation) of AC motors.
    • This project describes the theory of SVPWM and the project shall be made using a programmed microcontroller of Arduino family duly interfaced to 3 phase inverter with 6 nos MOSFET from DC derived from a single phase or 3 phase, 50 Hz supply.
    • The load shall be a star connected three phase 50 Hz, 440volt, 0.5 to 1 HP motor. Alternatively a star lamp load can be used to view the waveform only.
    • Aim of this project is to control 3-Phase Induction Motor by using Arduino UNO microcontroller, which generates PWM signals.
    • PWM signals are used to generate the control signal for the pure sine wave of three-phase inverter.

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