Speed control of three phase induction motor using Arduino-uno

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Speed control of three phase induction motor using Arduino-UNO

Speed control of three phase induction motor using Arduino-UNO

Dr Syed Qurban Ali Shah
Group Leader
Muhammad Murad (L-F18EL-50)
Ameet Kumar (L-F18EL-43)
Habib Ur Rehman Tunio (L-F18EL-02)



  • An induction motor can run only at its rated speed when it is connected directly to the main supply. This is felt the most in applications where input power is directly proportional to the cube of motor speed.
  • So we can reduce the speed of the motor up to 20% and save the power up to 50%. As the semiconductor fabrication technology has advanced than previous both the size and price have gone than before. Due to this the usage of motor has already been reduced where as it can be replaced by Inverter AC [3-P] using Arduino for Pure Sine Wave Inverter (single or three phase).
  • The Inverter AC [3-P] using Arduino not only controls the motor speed, but can improve the motor's dynamic and steady state characteristics as well. In addition, the Inverter AC [3-P] using Arduino Inverter can reduce the system’s average energy consumption.


  • This project presents the realization of three phase voltage switching inverter in arduino uno board microcontroller using Space vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM) scheme for induction motor drive. The inverter has traditionally been designed as analog circuitry and MOSFET base scheme, now the digital inverters are preferred. The arduino board microcontroller used for generating the control signal for the pure sine wave three-phase inverter.
  • The modulation index is varied by changing the amplitude of the modulating signal. The output phase and line voltages are observed in scope along with their Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) which varies with modulation index. In SVPWM technique, the amplitude is constant but the width of the pulse varies by changing the duty cycle for each period. The width of the pulses is modulated to provide gate signals to the switches (MOSFETs) connected in the inverter.

Download 1.49 Mb.

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