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Thank you Chief Minister and Mr Brzostowski and Mr Barnett for your kind and overly generous words of welcome. They are much appreciated, although it is always something of a surprise to hear the particular aspects of one's life and career that others see as worthy of mention- including, of course, those that one thought best forgotten.

I am exceedingly aware of the honour that the ACT Executive and the Attorney, have done to me in this appointment. With it, of course, comes important responsibilities and I certainly hope and intend to discharge them to the best of my ability. It is also a great privilege and enormously satisfying to be sworn in on the same occasion when this Court at last achieves gender diversity and fairness and I warmly, if I may, add my words of welcome, Justice Penfold who will bring great distinction to this Court. I look forward to working with such a distinguished jurist.

I am grateful, too, that two of us are being sworn in today so that direct lineage to our predecessors cannot be attributed. I have the utmost respect and admiration for the Han Dr Ken Crispin QC and the late Justice Terry Connolly. Dr Crispin established the office of the DPP and laid firm foundations that I found a solid base from which I could develop it. I worked closely with Justice Connolly in the Canberra Chapter of the International Commission of Jurists and on the Harmonised Court Rules Project. They both have provided models of judicial conduct to which I can only aspire. I am very grateful for the Dr Crispin's presence here today. It is very moving for me that this important ceremony is combined with a tribute to the late Justice Terry Connolly.

I am also honoured by the presence of those Judges from the High Court, Federal Court and Family Court and Magistrates from the Federal Magistrates Court and the ACT Magistrates Court who have been gracious enough to attend today as well as members of the ACT Assembly and the Commonwealth Parliament, the Solicitor­ General Dr David Bennett QC and the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions Mr Chris Craigie SC, and so many members of the legal profession, the ACT Public


Service, the Universities and the community. I am very grateful for your attendance which has made this occasion very special and your generous support which is very welcome and heartening.

I perhaps need to be

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