Special contests for teachers general guidelines

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Core Message: Great teacher does it by heart!

Pusong Rizaleño!


  1. Contests are open to all teachers in the Division of Rizal.

  2. Teachers can join one contest only and must submit one entry for his/her chosen contest category.

  3. Contestant’s Registration Form must be submitted together with Contest Entry.

  4. Contest entries must be submitted on or before September 25 through depedrizal.wtd@gmail.com except for Song Writing cum Video Making Contest.

  5. Three winners (first, second and third places) shall be selected per contest.

  6. Judges’ decision is final and irrevocable.

Essay Writing Contest


  1. The Essay must be original and must expound on this statement – ‘’Great teacher does it by heart! Pusong Rizaleño’’

  2. It must be written in English and shall consist of not less than 500 words nor more than 600 words.

  3. All essays will automatically become official property of DepEd Rizal.

  4. No distinguishing mark or name of the contestant shall appear in the entry.

  5. The following criteria should be applied:

Creativity     40%

Structure     20%

Adherence to Topic   20%

Grammar     10%

“Wow!” factor     10%

TOTAL:      100%
These criteria are discussed at length below. For every 10% of the score, there is a corresponding question to be answered—if the answer to the question is “yes,” then that 10% should be awarded. If the answer is “no”, then it should not.

After the essays have been read once by 2‐3 judges, those essays that receive an average of 80% or better should pass on to the second reading. In the second reading, the judges should read all top 20% essays aloud, and engage in a measured discussion of their content and value before voting on the first, second, and third place essays.

Description of Criteria
40% ‐ Creativity

Although this is the most difficult thing to measure, it remains the focus of the contest and the most important aspect to take into account when rating the essays. The goal is to reward teachers who display the ability to think “outside the box”— that is, those who provide something other than formulaic answers, and who can do so in a novel or unusual way. Here are the checkpoints to use for a truly creative essay in this competition:

  • (10%) Does this essay express ideas not commonly found in the other essays?      Yes / No

  • (10%) Does this essay discuss the topicin an unexpected way?      Yes / No

  • (10%) Does this essay display a lot of thought on behalf of the teacher writing it?      Yes  / No

  • (10%) Does this essay address the topic in a way that makes the reader think?      Yes  /  No

20% ‐ Structure

The way in which an essay is organized helps make it more easily understood and appreciated. Essays that are, for example, just one long paragraph with no visual breaks are both hard on the eyes and display a lack of maturity in composition.

  • (10%) Is this essay organized in a comprehensible way?      Yes  /  No

  • (10%) If the essay adheres to a traditional format, is there a clear beginning, middle, and end or introduction, body, and conclusion?       Yes  /  No

20% ‐ Adherence to Topic

Sometimes essays are cleverly written, but they actually have little to do with the given topic. While creative essays should be able to find many unusual ways to discuss the topic, they should still obviously respond to the chosen topic.

  • (10%) Does this essay, in one way or another, address the topic at hand?      Yes  /  No

  • (10%) Does this essay take the given topic as the central theme?      Yes  /  No

10% ‐ Grammar

Although good grammar is important and should not go unrewarded, the goal of this competition is to encourage creative thinking, not drive teachers to worry about their verb conjugation or spelling. That said, as long as the grammar is understandable and does not hinder a reader’s ability to comprehend the essay, this 10% should be awarded.  

  • (10%) Is the grammar of this essay correct enough that the essay is easy to understand?       Yes  /  No

10% ‐ “Wow!” factor

This portion is where points are awarded for exceptional essays—those that display an incredible use of vocabulary, clever ideas, mature style, advanced English. This 10% is to be awarded only to essays that truly impress the readers, and these essays should likely make it to the second reading session.

  • (10%) Does this essay “wow” the readers for one reason or another?      Yes  /  No



1. The three photos, in color, should be in high resolution, at most 600 DPI, in raw and jpeg files, 8×10-12 in., with or without borders and has not been published.

2. Write a story caption for each picture. It must describe and provide insight for each photo. Every caption must be at most 25 words, and the three captions when combined must tackle the statement – ‘Great teacher does it by heart! Pusong Rizaleño!’

3. Photos must be taken during the competition period, and should not have won nor have been published in any book or magazine.

4. Manually retouched and/or painted over print outputs are not allowed.

5. Creative effects done within the camera at the time of exposure (e.g. multiple exposures, flash fill, lighting, filtration, etc.) are allowed.

6. Digital retouching on density, contrast adjustments, minor cropping, burning, and dodging may be tolerated, although major manipulation of main images through adding or subtracting are not allowed.

7. The name of the contestant must not appear in the entry.

8. All entries shall become the property of DepEd Rizal. which will have the right to reproduce, exhibit, or publish images for promotional purposes, indicating or acknowledging the photographer.
Criteria for Judging

Relevance to the theme 45%

Composition and Creativity 30%

Clarity and Technical 25%

TOTAL 100%

Song Writing Cum Music Video Making Contest

  1. Contest participants must be a group collaboration of 3-5 teachers.

  2. The song lyrics and music video content should be consistent with the statement – ‘Great teacher does it by heart! Pusong Rizaleño!.

  3. The song tune and lyrics must be an original composition and have not been part of any songwriting/music video competition, published, recorded and/or released in the Philippines or abroad.

  4. Song and video must not be longer than 3 minutes.

  5. Lyrics may be in English or Filipino.

  6. The music video should be an interpretation of the song.  (music background of the video should be the song entry).

  7. The video should consist original or copyright free photos and video clips (though the use of video clips from internet source should be avoided).   The video should be in *.avi, *.mp4 or *.mpg format only.

  8. The jingle and video must not contain any product/people endorsement (commercial tie-ins), profanity, violence or nudity.

  9. All entries must be submitted in CD with attached printed lyric sheet and contestant’s registration form in a sealed short brown envelope.

  10. All entries shall be considered as property of and maybe used by DepEd Rizal for education purposes.

Criteria for Judging
Song Elements

          Lyrics and relevance to the theme 15%

          Melody and musicality 15%

          Originality 10%

          Recall 10%
Music Video Elements:

          Relevance to the song 20%

          Creative execution 20%

          Originality 10%

TOTAL 100%

ePoster Making

  1. Contestant must use any of the photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, etc.

  2. The output must illustrate, interpret and emphasize the statement - ‘Great teacher does it by heart! Pusong Rizaleno!’

  3. The contest entry must be originally designed. The contestant will be held accountable to any issues that may arise with regards to the originality and authenticity of the design.

  4. The poster should have a size of 8.5” by 11”, portrait.

  5. Each contestant should submit ONE entry only.

Criteria for Judging
Originality - 35%  It must show the ability to be inventive and

creative taking into account the freshness

of design or style.

Relevance to the theme - 35%.    The poster design should effectively communicate the statement - “Great teacher does it by heart. Pusong Rizaleno!”

Aesthetic appeal - 30%    The poster design should captivate

the judge’s appeal taking into consideration the aesthetic principles of symmetry, focal point, pattern, perspective, dimensionality and proportion.

TOTAL 100%   


  1. The contest entry must write 300-to-500-word web log (blog).

  2. The content of the blog should be consistent with the statement – ‘Great teacher does it by heart! Pusong Rizaleno!

  3. The blog must be an original composition and have not been part of any blogging competition, published, recorded and/or released in the Philippines or abroad.

  4. The blog may be in English or Filipino.

  5. The blog must not contain any product/people endorsement (commercial tie-ins), profanity, violence or nudity.

  6. The blog should only include original or copyright free photos.

  7. Through depedrizal.wtd@gmail.com, contestants must submit URL or link of the blog using web-based blogging sites such as Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, Moveable Type, etc.).

  8. Contestant must no longer make any revision on the output once submitted. Any modification or change in any part of the blog will mean disqualification from the contest.

  9. All entries shall be considered as property of and maybe used by DepEd Rizal for education purposes.

Criteria for Judging
Thoughts, Ideas, Opinions 50%

(Response to Topic)

Creativity 30%

(Page design-Font, Color, Picture)

Mechanics 20%

(Word Choice and Grammar)

Total 100%



Municipality: _______________________________________________________

District: _______________________________________________________

School: _______________________________________________________

School Address: _______________________________________________________

Name: _______________________________________________________

Contact No.: _______________________________________________________

Email Address: _______________________________________________________

Date: ______________________


This is to certify that the contest entry for ___________________________ (contest category) that I/we submitted is my/our original work, and has not been submitted to similar contest nor published prior to this contest. I/We understand that any violation of the guidelines shall result to disqualification of my/our contest entry.






(Signature over printed name)

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