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AP THEME : Beauty and Aesthetics

AP SUBTHEME : Literature, Music, performing arts, visual arts

How can dictatorships affect the stimulation of artistic talents?

Recommended pacing: Approximately 3 weeks Teachers need to appropriate the number of lessons to the caliber of students in the class so long as they are being given opportunities to meet the objectives of the unit.

Virginia State Foreign Language Standards of Learning for Level 5:

S1: Students will engage in conversation, provide and obtain information, express feelings and exchange opinions.

S3: Students will present information, concepts and ideas to listeners or readers on a variety of topics.

S4: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the traditions, products and perspectives of the cultures studied.

S5: Students will reinforce and expand their knowledge of other areas of study through the world language.

S6: Students will acquire and use information from a variety of sources only available in the world language, using technology, print, audiovisual, media, data and human resources.

S8: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the concept of culture through comparisons of the cultures studied and their own.

S9: Students will use the world language both within and beyond the school setting for personal enjoyment, enrichment and active participation.

-Interpersonal -Interpretive



(Facts & Skills)

  • Defend position on a given social topic.

  • Continue to initiate and maintain discussions where some responses may be unpredictable (e.g. scenarios).

  • Continue to obtain information on another’s thoughts and opinions (e.g. current social, political or environmental issues).

  • Proofread and peer-edit writing.

  • Present to class information learned from research paper using technology (e.g. video, etc.).

  • Use elements of humor, irony and satire of the target language in written and oral presentations.

  • Self-monitor and self-evaluate language use according to audience.

  • Discuss topics from other school subjects in the target language, including political and historical concepts, worldwide health issues and environmental concerns.

  • Observe and record information about societal issues in the target culture through a variety of authentic texts and media.

  • Compare and contrast cultural meaning of proverbs, sayings, jokes, riddles in target language/cultures and US. This may be carried out partly in English (e.g. “You move your fee and you lose your seat.”/”El que se va a Sevilla/melipilla, pierde su silla.”).

  • Watch and listen to TV or radio broadcasts in the language studied.

  • Students will be able to address the essential question integrating the three modes of communication (interpersonal, presentational and interpretive).


See vocabulary lists for Spanish V curriculum entitled economy.

See vocabulary lists for Spanish V curriculum entitled history and human rights.


Possessive adjectives/pronouns, demonstrative adjectives/pronouns, future tense, conditional tense


Students research media from a selected country on the internet (newspapers, news programs) and write an opinion piece on whether there is political bias reflected in the media.

Students read novel/watch movie of “El tiempo de las mariposas”. Discuss in class how politics affected the lives of the Mirabal sisters.

Teachers resources available on LCPS Spanish Teacher Exchange


NOTE: Teachers should use the appropriate PALS rubrics for speaking and writing IPAs.

Suggested Interpretive Task

Suggested Interpersonal Task

Suggested Presentational Task

Students will read the poem(s) associated with the United Fruit Company and identify and research the dictators mentioned in the poem.


Students will listen to a song and illustrate their interpretation of the song and how it has to do with dictatorships. (Examples of songs: “El Politico” by Kinito Mendez, “Me cambiaron las preguntas”by Santarosa, “Señor Matanza” by Manu Chao)

Students create a mock radio interview with partners based on the artists they have researched in the “Presentational Task”. They should include questions about the interpretation and meaning of their art.

Students choose an artist who has been influenced by a political system and research and prepare ppt/brochure/poster/presentation, etc.

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