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AP THEME: Contemporary Life

AP SUBTHEME: Professions/Education

Recommended pacing: 4 weeks Teachers need to appropriate the number of lessons to the caliber of students in the class so long as they are being given opportunities to meet the objectives of the unit.

Virginia State Foreign Language Standards of Learning for Level:

•SIV.1 The student will exchange information orally and in writing in Spanish on a variety of topics related to contemporary and historical events and issues.

•SIV.2 The student will demonstrate skills necessary to sustain extended oral and written exchanges in Spanish.

•SIV.3 The student will comprehend spoken and written Spanish found in a variety of authentic sources.

•SIV.4 The student will relate information in Spanish, combining learned and original language in oral and written presentations of extended length and complexity.

•SIV.5 The student will present in Spanish student-created and culturally authentic essays, poetry, plays, and/or stories.

•SIV.6 The student will analyze in Spanish how various perspectives reflect the practices and products of Spanish-speaking cultures.

•SIV.7 The student will demonstrate increased understanding of the connections between content studied in Spanish class and content studied in other subject areas.

•SIV.8 The student will discuss in level-appropriate Spanish the effects of cultural similarities and differences on social, economic, and political relationships in the global community.

•SIV.9 The student will expand understanding of the English language through study and analysis of increasingly complex elements of the Spanish language.

•SIV.10 The student will apply Spanish language skills and cultural understanding in opportunities beyond the classroom setting for recreational, educational, and occupational purposes.

-Interpersonal -Interpretive



(Facts & Skills)


• Maintain a discussion related to some type of job you would like in the future.

• Discuss and/or debate the benefits/challenges of different types of jobs.
• Express and explain how to deal applying for a job.
• Express opinions and react to what it would be like to work different jobs.

• Demonstrates comprehension of content from authentic audio visual texts relating to employment/job choice

• Evaluates and interprets written texts and materials related to employment.


• Produce oral and written reports on careers.

• Produce an activity showing understanding of skills/abilities need for different types of jobs.
• Produce an oral or written presentation

reflecting current trends and/or attitudes in

society related the economy and employment..


• Explore attitudes when reacting to types of available jobs.


• Make connections between your skill set and the type of job you want in the future.


• Compare and contrast available jobs or volunteer opportunities in your community and why you would/would not like to do them.


• Explore jobs and volunteer opportunities.

  • Subjunctive

  • Future

  • Conditional

  • Perfect tenses

  • Demonstrative pronouns


el anuncio clasificado, los beneficios, el/la cliente(a), la compañía, el/la dueño(a), la fecha de nacimiento, el/la gerente, el puesto, el salario/el sueldo, la solicitud de empleo, la computación, el/la consejero(a), el/la mensajero(a), el/la niñero(a), el/la repartidor(a), el/la recepcionista, el/la salvavidas, agradable, dedicado, -a, flexible, injusto, -a, justo, -a, puntual, la responsabilidad, responsable, los conocimientos, la entrevista, la habilidad, la referencia, el requisito, a tiempo completo, a tiempo parcial, atender, construir (i➞y), cumplir con, donar, encargarse(de)(g➞gu), juntar fondos, presentarse, reparar, repartir, seguir (+ gerund), sembrar (ie), soler (ue), solicitar, la campaña, el centro de la comunidad, el centro de rehabilitación, el centro recreativo, la ciudadanía, el/la ciudadano(a), el comedor de beneficencia, los derechos, la gente sin hogar, el hogar de ancianos, la ley, la manifestación, la marcha, el medio ambiente, el servicio social, la sociedad, beneficiar, educar, garantizar, organizar, proteger, a favor de, en contra (de), me es imposible, me encantaría, me interesaría, el/la abogado(a), el/la arquitecto(a), el/la banquero(a), el/la científico(a), el/la cocinero(a), el/la contador(a), el/la diseñador(a), la empresa, las finanzas, el hombre de negocios, la mujer de negocios, el/la ingeniero(a), el/la jefe(a), el/la juez(a), el/la peluquero(a), el/la programador(a), el/la redactor(a), el/la traductor(a), ambicioso, -a,

capaz, cuidadoso, -a, eficiente, emprendedor, -a, maduro, -a


Subjunctive, Future, Conditional, Perfect Tenses, Demonstrative Pronouns


Classified ads in Spanish, Job applications written in Spanish that can be found online or in the community.

Teachers resources available on LCPS Spanish Teacher Exchange


NOTE: Teachers should use the appropriate PALS rubrics for speaking and writing.

Suggested Interpretive Task

Suggested Interpersonal Task

Suggested Presentational Task

Read a classified ad and apply for a job citing the skills that they have that would make them a good candidate for the job.

Write a dialogue in groups of two in which one student is the employer and one is the person applying for the job.
Create a pretend job fair in the classroom.

Present information to the class about the education/experience needed for different careers.

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