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Read an article about healthy eating, watch a video about childhood obesity, and write a wellness plan for someone your age

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Read an article about healthy eating, watch a video about childhood obesity, and write a wellness plan for someone your age.

Write a dialogue between a student and a personal trainer.
Write a dialogue between two students in which one makes suggestions for improving the other student’s lifestyle.

Make a promotional video advertising a new exercise/diet plan (student must explain meals for a given day and lead exercises).

AP THEME: Families and Communities

AP SUBTHEME: Family Structures, Friendship and Love

Recommended pacing: 4 weeks Teachers need to appropriate the number of lessons to the caliber of students in the class so long as they are being given opportunities to meet the objectives of the unit.

Virginia State Foreign Language Standards of Learning for Level:

•SIV.1 The student will exchange information orally and in writing in Spanish on a variety of topics related to contemporary and historical events and issues.

•SIV.2 The student will demonstrate skills necessary to sustain extended oral and written exchanges in Spanish.

•SIV.3 The student will comprehend spoken and written Spanish found in a variety of authentic sources.

•SIV.5 The student will present in Spanish student-created and culturally authentic essays, poetry, plays, and/or stories.

•SIV.8 The student will discuss in level-appropriate Spanish the effects of cultural similarities and differences on social, economic, and political relationships in the global community.

•SIV.9 The student will expand understanding of the English language through study and analysis of increasingly complex elements of the Spanish language.

-Interpersonal -Interpretive



(Facts & Skills)


• Maintain a discussion related to some type of conflict.

• Discuss and/or debate the benefits/challenges of types of family structures.
• Express and explain how to deal with a conflict.
• Express opinions and react to how people have dealt with conflict.

• Demonstrates comprehension of content from authentic audio visual texts relating to conflicts.

• Evaluates and interprets written texts and materials on conflicts.


• Produce oral and written reports on suggestions for conflict resolution.

• Produce an activity showing conflict resolution.
• Produce an oral or written presentation

reflecting current trends and/or attitudes in

society related to conflict resolution/relationships.


• Explore attitudes when reacting to conflicts/relationships.


• Make connections between conflicts and relationships.


• Compare and contrast conflicts between friends and conflicts between family members.


• Explore conflicts and relationships.

  • Subjunctive

  • Nosotros Commands

  • Por/para

  • Relationship/Conflict vocabulary

  • Present Perfect


Production: apoyar(se), pensar en sí mismo, comprensivo/a, caerse bien/mal, romper con, infantil,

confiar, resolver, (in)maduro, contar con, tener la culpa, (ir)responsable, discutir, la amistad,

juntos/as, engañar, la cualidad, justo/a, esperar que, agradable, ojalá, extrañar, amable,¡Qué va!,

guardar (un secreto), amistoso/a, ¡Yo no fui!, hacer caso, antipático/a, ¡Déjame en paz!, mejorar,

cariñoso/a, ¡Basta ya!, molestar, celoso/a; tener celos, pedir perdón, chismoso/a; chismear

Recognition: aceptar tal como (ser), mentir, casado/a, acusar, pelearse; la pelea, consentido/a,

alegrarse, ponerse de acuerdo, egoísta, arrepentirse, reconciliarse, mal educado/a, atreverse,

reconocer, perezoso/a, burlarse de, temer que, puntual, desconfiar, tener paciencia, soltero/a, estar

equivocado/a, el comportamiento, travieso/a, llevarse bien/mal con, el malentendido, vanidoso/a,

llorar, ambicioso/a


Subjunctive, Nosotros Commands, Por/Para, Present Perfect


Movies: "Viva Cuba", “La Misma Luna”, telenovelas, Songs: "Pobre Juan" by Maná, "Mojado" &

"Si el Norte fuera el Sur" by Ricardo Arjona.

Teachers resources available on LCPS Spanish Teacher Exchange


NOTE: Teachers should use the appropriate PALS rubrics for speaking and writings.

Suggested Interpretive Task

Suggested Interpersonal Task

Suggested Presentational Task

Read/Listen to a conflict and then write about the two sides of the conflict or pick a side and defend it.

Give students a topic (a break-up, misunderstanding with a best friend or parent, etc.) and have them present a dialogue in groups of two.
Write an e-mail describing a problem/conflict to “Dear Abby” / La Doctora Corazón or respond to a pre-written e-mail as “Dear Abby”.

Write/Speak about a conflict they have had in their life and how they resolved it.

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