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Writing based on the analysis of a listening and writing source

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Writing based on the analysis of a listening and writing source.

Simulated conversation about a camping trip.

Present a plan for 3 day itinerary to a National Park of student’s choosing.

AP THEME: Global Challenges

We added the environment (Ch 9) to the first quarter because we felt that it lends itself to the camping topic we will explore at the beginning of the year.

AP SUBTHEME: Environmental Issues

Recommended pacing: 4 weeks Teachers need to appropriate the number of lessons to the caliber of students in the class so long as they are being given opportunities to meet the objectives of the unit.

Virginia State Foreign Language Standards of Learning for Level:

•SIV.1 The student will exchange information orally and in writing in Spanish on a variety of topics related to contemporary and historical events and issues.

•SIV.2 The student will demonstrate skills necessary to sustain extended oral and written exchanges in Spanish.

•SIV.3 The student will comprehend spoken and written Spanish found in a variety of authentic sources.

•SIV.7 The student will demonstrate increased understanding of the connections between content studied in Spanish class and content studied in other subject areas.

•SIV.9 The student will expand understanding of the English language through study and analysis of increasingly complex elements of the Spanish language.

•SIV.10 The student will apply Spanish language skills and cultural understanding in opportunities beyond the classroom setting for recreational, educational, and occupational purposes.

-Interpersonal -Interpretive



(Facts & Skills)


• Maintain a discussion related to conservation of the environment and where the environment is headed in the future.

• Discuss and/or debate the most important environmental issue.
• Express and explain how to conserve the environment.
• Express opinions and react to the role of the individual citizen in the conservation of the environment.

• Demonstrates comprehension of content from authentic audio visual texts relating to conservation of the environment.

• Evaluates and interprets written texts and materials on conservation of the environment.


• Produce oral and written reports on conservation of the environment.

• Produce an activity showing how to reduce, reuse and recycle to conserve the environment.
• Produce an oral or written presentation

reflecting current trends and/or attitudes in

society related to the conservation of the environment.


• Explore attitudes when reacting to the conservation of the environment.


• Make connections between historical contexts and current attitudes towards conservation of the environment.


• Compare and contrast views towards conservation of the environment in the U.S. and Spanish- speaking countries.

• Explore conservation of the environment in your own community or your school and compare them to issues in Spanish- speaking communities.
• Identify local Spanish- speaking communities and cultural events related to conservation of the environment.


•Present subjunctive with verbs of influence

•environment vocabulary

Future tense


el aerosol, la contaminación, contaminado -a, el derrame de petróleo, el desperdicio, la fábrica, el pesticida, el petróleo, la pila, la batería, químico –a, el recipiente, el veneno, económico –a, la protección, el recurso natural, suficiente, afectar, agotar(se), amenazar, atrapar, castigar, colocar, conservar, crecer, dañar, depender de, derretir, deshacerse de, desperdiciar, detener, disminuir, echar, explotar, fomentar, limitar, producir, promover (ue), la caza, (en) peligro de extinción, la piel, la pluma, salvaje, el agujero, la amenaza, a menos que, con tal que, debido a, la electricidad, en cuanto, la escasez, estar a cargo de, excesivo –a, la falta de, el gobierno, grave, la limpieza, tan pronto como, tomar conciencia de, tomar medidas, la atmósfera, la capa de ozono, el clima, el efecto invernadero, el hielo, la preservación, el recalentamiento global, el rescate, la reserva natural, la selva tropical, la tierra, el ave, el águila calva, pl. las águilas calvas, la ballena, la especie, la foca


Preterit/imperfect, environmental vocabulary, present subjunctive


Internet link activity Chapter 9 (,, Teachers resources available on LCPS Spanish Teacher Exchange


NOTE: Teachers should use the appropriate PALS rubrics for speaking and writing.

Suggested Interpretive Task

Suggested Interpersonal Task

Suggested Presentational Task

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