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The Process of Seminar:
The process of Seminar was started with the distribution of Seminar Broucher where in all the details of said seminar were given and it was posted to various institutions by post and it was also put in the websites of Government Degree College,Gajwel,Osmania University,Hyderabad and Commissionorate of Collegiate Education,A.P. Due to this wide publicity as many as 133 abstracts of study papers have been received from various places of India.All the abstracts were published as ‘The Book of Abstracts (Souvenir)’.

Inaugural Session:
The inaugural session of the seminar was held as per Shedule i.e.,on 6th September,2013 at 11.30 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.The Chief Guest of the session was Prof.S.Galab,Director,Centre for Economic and Social Studies (CESS) . Prof.( Rtd) M.Narasimhulu,Department of Economics O.U.,Hyderabad,Prof.Indrakant,Chair Professor,RBI at Council for Social Development, SRCHyderabad along with local(Gajwel) M.L.A T.Narsareddy present as Special Guests.The session was chaired by Dr.V.Ashok kumar,Principal,Government Degree College Gajwel and Director of Seminar.Dr.M.A.Malik, Dr.S.Ramesh,Convenor and Co-Convenors of the seminar respectively also present on the Dias.As many as 200 delegates were present in the Inaugural session. Dr.M.A.Malik has explained the context, objectives and schedule of the seminar.Prof.S.Galab,the Chief Guest has emphasized the necessity of research studies on MGNREGS and he appreciated the seminar efforts at rural area.Prof.M.Narasimhulu has delivered a Key Note address wherein he stressed the importance of employment programmes in eradication process of poverty and he asked for right assessment of these programmes through field studies. Prof.I.Indrakant has submitted a paper in the session where he revealed how the MGNREGS is contributing to Inclusive Growth and he expressed his happiness to having collaborated to conduct this seminar.Dr.V.Ashokumar has congratulated the Department of Economics for this initiation and Dr.S.Ramesh has presented vote of thanks.
Technical Session I

Chairperson: Prof.Indrakant

15 participants have presented their study papers.The study papers have covered the community assets created in rural areas through MGNREGS.

Technical Session II
Chairperson:Prof.B.Sundar Rao

Rapporteur: Dr.M.Ramulu

25 participants have submitted their study papers. The study papers have covered the increase in wage rates in rural areas due to MGNREGS, Social audit of MGNREGS and socio- political impact of MGNREGS.
Technical Session III


20 participants have presented their study papers.The study papers covered the various aspects of MGNREGS like the impact on the migration of rural labour,impact on agricultural labour availability and commercial,cultural impact of MGNREGS in rural areas.
Valedictory session:
Prof. N. LingaMurthy,Former, Vice-Chancellor, Kakatiya University present as Chief Guest and distributed the Certificates.In his address he has chronalized the employment programmes in India and said how MGNREGS is different from other programmes.He has appreciated the efforts of Government Degree College, Gajwel for this noble initiation.

Dr.M.A.Malik,Convenor of the seminar has presented vote of thanks.
Findings / Outcome of the Seminar
As many as 65 Study papers were presented in the seminar which have analyzed the impact of MGNREGS on Rural Development. The Papers highlighted the various aspects of MGNREGS and it was unraveled that the MGNREGS has been contributing to Rural Development.
Important Personalities Present at Seminar:

  1. Prof. S. Galab, Director, CESS

Present as Chief Guest to inaugural Session

  1. Prof. (Rtd.). M. Narasimhlu

Present as Special Guest to inaugural Session

  1. Prof. I. Indrakanth

RBI Chair Professor

Council for Social Development (CSD)

Present as CSD Representative at inaugural Session.

and also acted as chair person to Technical Session – I

  1. Prof. N. LingaMurthy

Former Vice-Chancellor, Kakatiya University acted as Chief Guest

to Valedictory session.

  1. Prof. B. Sunder Rao

Former Registrar and Head, Department Economics, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University acted as Chairperson to Technical Session - II

  1. Dr. M. Ramulu

Asst. Prof. Dept. of Economics. Osmania University,

acted as Rapporteur to Technical Session I and II

  1. One day National Seminar on “Changing Contours and Contemporary Issues in Accounting, Banking, Insurance and Finance” on 13th September, 2013 Organized by Department of Commerce, Bhavan’s Vivekananda College of Science, Humanities and Commerce, Sainikpuri, Secunderabad

Objective of the National Seminar

The objective of the seminar is to provide a platform for interaction on issues relating to emerging trends in Accounting, Banking & Insurance and Finance, besides providing valuable inputs for research. It will incorporate panel discussions by eminent persons in the respective fields, which will provide a good platform for interaction among academicians, research scholars, industry stalwarts and professionals from various universities.


  • Track I – Accounting

  • Track – II – Banking & Insurance

  • Track III- Finance

  • Business process Re-engineering in related areas.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India(ICAI)
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) is a statutory body established under theChartered Accountants Act, 1949 (Act No. XXXVIII of 1949)for the regulation of the profession of chartered accountancy in India. During its more than fifty years of existence, the Institute has achieved recognition as a premier accounting body in the country for its contribution in the fields of education, professional development, maintenance of high accounting, auditing and ethical standards.
Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education(APSCHE)
The Andhra Pradesh State Council of Higher Education (APSCHE), the first of its kind in the Country, set up as per the recommendations of the National Education Policy 1986, is primarily a coordinating and liaising body between the University Grants Commission, the State Government and the Universities. 
We are privileged to be associated with this prominent body for sponsoring the National Seminar.
Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) 
The Council was meant to co-ordinate research activities and encourages programmes for interdisciplinary research and gives financial support to Institutions and Associations engaged in publication of journals and books.
We are privileged to be associated with this prominent body for sponsoring the National Seminar.
The National seminar started with an inaugral function by welcoming the Chief Guest, Dignatories, delegates and invitees, followed by lighting up lamp and Bhavan’s prayer. The convenor Dr. K. Sreelatha Reddy, Head Department of Commerce gave an overview of the National Seminar.
The welcome address was given by presiding officer Justice Dr. Y. Bhaskar Rao Chairman, Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan. He extolled Kautilya’s Arthasastra on the science of wealth and stated that ancient India has had sound system of finance.

Prof. Y. Ashok, Principal, BVC stated that the pace of change in the world of accounting, banking, insurance and finance had gained momentum.
Col. M. Vijay Rao (retd) honorary Director of BVC stated that the challenges in the field of accounting and finance.
Prof. H. Venkateswarulu, Director, PGRRCDE, O.U., emphasized the importance of extending the finance to the rural areas.
Prof. S.V. Satyanarayana, Dean, faculty of Commerce, stressed to improve the ethical aspects of finance and set standard moral values.
Prof. K. Shankariah, Head, Department of Commerce, OU addressed about the need for simplifying information to help people to make informed choices.
Prof. K. Eresi, Bangalore University, stated hat accounting was all about objective facts and subjective judgements.
Mr. Y. Thirupathiah, Chairman ICAI, Hyderabad chapter, wished the seminar all success and extended his support.
This was followed by the release of sovenir by the Justice Dr. Y. Bhaskar Rao, Chairman BVB.
The key note address was given by Mr. Saumen Chakraborthy, President, CFO and Global Head of HR, IT & Business process Excellence, Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories, spoke about the changing approach of the investor by prudently managing the risk factor.
Vote of Thanks for inagural was proposed by MRS. N. Padmalatha.
We had a break for technical sessions.
The technical sessions were conducted in two sessions – post and pre-lunch.
TRACK I – ACCOUNTING – chaired by Dr. N.V. Kavitha, Head , Department of Commerce, St. Ann’s College, Mehdipatnam &Prof. M. Usha, Co-ordinator, Business Management, Nizam College.
21 papers were presented on emerging issues like IFRS, CSR, Green Accounting, Carbon credit Accounting, Environmental Accounting, Forensic Accounting.
TRACK II – Banking and Insurance – Chaired by Mr. M. Kishore, Corporate Financial Advisor and Prof. Uday Shanker, Director, NIMSME, Yousufguda.
20 papers were presented on bank assurance, BPRE, Risk management in bank insurance, issues and challenges in Banking Sector.
TRACK III- Finance – Chaired by Dr. Prashanta atma, Department of Commerce, OU College for women.
20 papers were presented on FDI, Microfinance, and Financial Inclusions.
The valedictory address was given by Chief Guest Prof. A. Sudhakar, Registrar, Dr.B.R.Ambedkar, Open University, A.P. and Guest of Honour Prof. Laxman Gaddam, Chairman, BOS Commerce, OU, appreciated the college for taking the initiative in organising the National Seminar.
The National Seminar was concluded with vote of thanks proposed by MRS. Seema Gosh.

  1. UNITED NATIONS DAY CELEBRATIONS – 2013on 24th October, 2013 Organized by Osmania University Main Library in collaboration with ICSSR – SRC

University Library Osmania University is a depository centre for UN and its agencies publications. Every year United Nations day is celebrated by the Library. This year 68th United Nations day is celebrated by O.U. Library in association with ICSSR-SRC on 24-10-2013 at the ICSSR-SRC Hall O.U. Library Building. This year has been declared as the International year of Water Co-operation keeping in view of the theme of the year, Sri R. Vidya Sagar Rao Garu Retd. Commission er(Water management) Ministry of Water resources, Govt of India has been invited for the key note address, Prof. S. Satyanarayan, Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor was the Chief Guest, and the Prof. V. Sudarshan Principal University-College of Science was the President of the function.

Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor Prof. S. Satyanarayana inaugurated the Book Exhibition. He was very happy to see the well decorated Exhibition exhibiting the books relevant to the Theme of International Year. The function started with welcome address by Prof C. Beena, Director, ICSSR-SRC and bouquets were given to dignitaries Mrs. Sangita, Supdt. of this Library Presented bouquet to Prof. Sudharshan . Mr. Surekha – Presented bouquet to R. Vidya Sagar Rao Garu, Mr. Chandrasekar Presented bouquet to Dr. S. Yadagiri, Librarian, Mrs. Adi Lakshmy, Asst. Registrar Presented boquet to C. Beena, Director, ICSSR-SRC.
Prof V. Sudarshan presided the meeting and Conducted the proceedings.
First by Dr. S. Yadagiri Librarian University Library had his introductory address highlighting the theme of the year. He also mentioned about the University Library System, its collection and the different sections of the University Library. a large collection of Govt, Reports etc. these are very important and very much useful to research scholars.
The Guest of Honor Sri R. Vidyasagar Rao Garu has delivered the key note address.
He mentioned that water is useful for all living organism 1400 cubic km water is available 97.5% of water lies in ocean. Only 2.5% also only 0.3% is available for utilization. The population of the world is increasing where as the availability of the water remains the same. He mentioned that population was 10 crores in 1804. 20 crores in1927. Presently 10 crores of population is increasing by 13 to 14 years. Action is needed to improve water research planning and needs. At each level there are a variety of issues that require water Co-operation. Dealing with increasing water scarcity water abstraction and decision on water allocation dam construction often require water Co-operation. The problem can be solved by persuasion. Agriculture is predominant in water use and consequently management strategies to improve water use efficiency especially irrigated lands will require specific attention. Upstream users who control sources can significantly impact the quantity and theme of water to downstream users (Eg. The Nile Sudan and Egypt).
In India the annual per capita availability of water was 5177m3, in the year 1951 reduced to 1342m3 by the year 2025 India is going the "Water Stressed" and water scared by the year 2050.
Krishna River which runs 404 km in Maharashtra 480 km through Karnataka and 1300 km in A.P. has been a major source of controversy our constitution makers anticipating such situation have provided ample power to the Union to enable it to deal with them. Article 262 of constitution of India has provided such power.
The new Telangana State comprising the areas of Telangana in erstwhile Hyderabad would be founded as a separate state. This new state will have 10 districts. Since seemandhra politicizing who oppose Telangana state expressed concerns that river water disputes will arise with the formation of Telangana State.
According to bacchawat award the total allocation of water to united A.P is a 201 Tmc ft from the rivers of Krishna and Godavari with 75% of dependable yield. Krishna contribution 811 Tmc while 1,480 tuctt comes from Godavari.
Experts are of the opinion that water sharing with new state Telangana would not be as big a problem as being projected since the water had been already allocated for the projects falling in both Telangana and seemandhra.
The function concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by Mr. R.K. Pavan Kumar Asst. Prof., University Library

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