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Two Day National Conference on “New Era Marketing Challenges”

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Two Day National Conference on “New Era Marketing Challenges” from 27th – 28th August, 2013 Organized by Department of Business Management, Osmania University, Hyderabad

Two Days National Conference on “New Era Marketing Challenges” was organized by Department of Business Management, Osmania University, during 27-28, August, 2013 under the Directorship of Prof.V.Shekhar and coordinator Dr.Y.Jahangir. The conference was inaugurated by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof.S.Satyanarayana and the Key Note Speaker was Ms.Lekha Sista, Director of Ad Agency. All the faculty, scholars and participants and students attended the Inaugural session. Altogether we received 80 papers were received from all parts of Nation. The papers focused on Marketing Strategies, Green Marketing, Social Marketing, Media Developments and Customer Relationship Management.
In the first session 10 papers were presented on various aspects of marketing particularly on green marketing, social marketing. It is observed that the authors highlighted on the process of social media like word of mouth and positive relations.
In the second session 10 papers were presented on various aspects of marketing particularly on FMCG Sector. As society becomes more complex with the environmental pollution and unethical business practices, now both consumers and business organizations are concerned with the natural environment. Some of the papers touched on Rural Marketing. Going rural is the new marketing mantra of all well known national and international companies because they know that 73 percent of Indian population is living in villages. Hence, these companies are increasing their market size by producing goods and services as per requirement of rural customer in rural markets.
In the last session of the first day empirical studies were presented such as Customer Satisfaction, Customer Buying Behaviour etc. like satisfaction is also interrelated with expectations. Consumer expectation though may look realistic is very often built up on a very high platform, then the quality of the product or service may not match the expectation. It specially is more in FMCG’s which will affect consumer satisfaction, to reduce this level of dissatisfaction amongst the customers so timely market research is necessary.
Some of the important participants such as Prof.B.Muralidhar Mohd.Arshad-ur-Rahman, Dr.B.Madhavi Latha, Dr.P.Prasanna Rekha and Dr.N.Srinivas Kumar. Rahman presented paper on CRM said that it is a strategy used to learn more about customer’s needs and behaviour in order to develop stronger relationships with customers. Good customers relationships are the heart of business success.
Prof.R.Nageswar Rao, OSD to Vice Chancellor was the Chief Guest for the Valedictory on 28-08-2013 and after the valedictory address, he distributed certificates to the participants. Principal, Seminar Director, Prof.V.Shekhar also delivered the Valedictory address.
The Seminar ended with Vote of Thanks by Dr.Y.Jahangir, Seminar Coordinator.
The conference proceedings were published edited Book and titled “New Era Marketing Challenges”.
Herewith I am enclosing soft copy and hard copy of Conference Photos and proceedings.

  1. Two Day National Seminar on “The Impact of MGNREGS on Rural Development” from 6th – 7th September, 2013 Organized by Department of Economics, Government Degree College, Gajwel, Medak.

The Objectives of the Seminar:
1. To find out whether there is any decline in migration of rural labour force to

Urban and other areas since the implementation of MGNREGS.

2. To find out, is there any increase in community assets in rural areas due


3. To find out the impact on availability of agriculture labour.

4. To find out, if any, lacunas in implementing process of MGNREGS.

5. To find out the lively hood security nature of MGNREGS.

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