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The Centre has a good collection of books and reference material in the Library. The library subscribes to both national and international periodicals which include journals from ICSSR, New Delhi and journals as gift from other institutions. The emphasis in the collection of books in the library is on research methods in different disciplines of social sciences, reference books, books on women studies etc. Important books in Telugu and Urdu languages in social sciences are also acquired. Visiting research scholars from outside Hyderabad and the local scholars are utilizing the library facilities.
Research scholars of Social Sciences from various places approach the Regional Centre for guidance in their research work in terms of reading materials, bibliographies, document lists, formulation of research proposals, construction of questionnaire etc. Library provides assistance to scholars.
Now also the library database is made accessible on OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) and there is a proposal for network facility with other Regional Centres and ICSSR funded Research Institutes in India.
The Centre has received books and publications (Gratis) from ICSSR (NASSDOC), New Delhi, and other Regional Centres of ICSSR and Prof. K. MadhusudhanReddyand Prof. V. Satyanarayana the Former Honorary Director of ICSSR, SRC personal collections also acquired.
In the reference material the library has social science encyclopedias, almanacs, reference tools like gazettes, reports, abstracts and indexes, bibliographies, NASSDOC bulletins and select bibliographies. The Centre has been receiving government documents from different government departments on budget etc. The Centre has been subscribing to newspapers of the region regularly and getting them in bound form for longer use by the Scholars.
The Books, Journals, News Papers and CMIE were purchased with the approval of ICSSR – SRC Honorary Director and 11 Foreign Journals from M/s. Total Library Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd. With the approval of The Chairman, ICSSR – SRC & Vice-Chancellor, Osmania University and also ratified by the Advisory Committee Members.

  1. e - Library and Internet

Keeping in view the application of information technology for research, library initiated automation of its collection of books, bound volumes of journals and newspapers and is made available through Software NewGenLib. Recently library is being provided with 22 computers with internet facility and more than 15000 full text online journals are available for research scholars at e-Library of Southern Regional Centre.
Library Collection

S. No.





Journals (Current)

      1. Back volumes of Journals

      2. E – Journals

(Open Access resources


13 (Foreign) and 22 (Indian)
More than 20000

Theses and Dissertations and Project Reports


News Papers (Current)

  1. Bound Volumes of News Papers

  2. Bound Volumes of Journals

22 (7 English; 10 Telugu; 5 Urdu)



Govt. Publications






Additional Features of e Library

  • e – Resources are made accessible through the e-Library. The new web site of SRC – ICSSR is, where the services and activities of the SRC for Social Scientists on web page are displayed.

  • The Library collection is to be made accessible on net through OPAC (On line Public Access Catalogue) to share resources.

  • Training Programmes are organized to use e Resources and SPSS (Software) relevant for Social Science Research.

  • Access to online journals.

Rules and Regulations for the e Library:-

  1. Access is restricted only to research scholars/teachers involved with Social Science Research.

  2. Entry to the library is allowed only after producing the ID Card of the research scholar / teacher.

  3. The e Library is meant for Academic research pertaining to social sciences only and any misuse of the library (playing games, chatting, sending personal e – mails) will not be allowed.

  4. CD’s, Pen Drives, Floppies/any other external devices are strictly prohibited.

  5. Printing facility is also available for free of cost.

  6. Information that has been downloaded can be sent to their own e mail IDs.

  7. Each person is given a maximum time of 1–2 hours of usage time. She/He has to make way for the others as per the waiting list.

  8. During Research Methodology Workshops, scholars/students will not be given priority.

Database of Bound volumes of newspapers is completed. Books, journals, theses and Research projects are in progress and to take up the data entry of the Library other material.

a. Subscription to Journals
The ICSSR-SRC library is currently subscribing to 50 Social Science Journals and 21 Newspapers & Total Bound volumes of Journals are 2971.

  1. No. of Books available


English and NASSDOC








  1. No. of Journals subscribed





English (Indian)





  1. Newspapers (Dailies)










    1. The total bound volumes of English newspapers up to 30-06-2011 are 4206.

    2. Up to 30-06-2011 there are 1488 bound volumes of Telugu newspapers in the library collection and for the years 2011 to 2012.

    3. Up to 30-06-2011 there are 423 bound volumes of Urdu newspapers in the library collection and for the years 2011 to 2012.

b. Database on Indian Economy

The Southern Regional Centre, ICSSR has initiated the project of building a rich data base of Indian Economy by acquiring and storing all vital documents relating to different aspects of Indian economy. Important indexes, abstracts, and background material relating to Indian Economy are now being received by the Regional Centre. By adding some more important documents relating to facets not covered so far, the Centre intends to strengthen this database.

The main sources of this database are the documents that are brought out by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, Bombay. This data is useful not only to the scholars in Economics but also to the scholars in other social science disciplines. So far the Centre has received 853 volumes up to March 31, 2014.

  1. Government Document Cell

The Government Document Cell established few years back has been receiving reports of legislatures from Jammu & Kashmir, Punjab, Meghalaya, Sikkim and Karnataka, reports of legislative committees, corporations and other agencies, budget papers and publications of Bureau of Economics and Statistics.

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