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Prof. C. Beena,Workshop Director, Prof. T.L.N. Swamy, Principal, Nizam College, Osmania University and Prof. S.V. Satyanarayana, Dean, Faculty of Commerce, Osmania University had taken two sessions on presentation of Abstracts, Synopsis, Proposal Presentation and report Presentation on 2nd September, 2013.
Valedictory function:-

The valedictory function was held on Sixth day evening i.e. 2nd September, 2013. Prof. V. Ravindra Sastry, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, Osmania University, Hyderabad, was the Chief Guest and delivered the Valedictory Address on the theme and it was well received by the participants of the Workshop in the Valedictory Function. The Workshop ended with the vote of thanks by Prof. C. Beena, Workshop Director.

  1. Six day Workshop on Research Methodology Course in Social Sciences from 3rd – 8th December, 2013 held at Dept. of Human Resource Management, Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur in collaboration with ICSSR, Southern Regional Centre, Hyderabad

Research Methodology course in social sciences was organized by Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) – SRC, Hyderabad in collaboration with centre for HRD, Acharya Nagarjuna University. ICSSR has organized six day workshop i.e from 3rd to 8th December, 2013 on research methodology course for SC & ST Research Scholars from various departments.
The Centre for HRD, Acharya Nagarjuna University had received 108 applications from the research scholars of various departments. But as per the prior indication of the director (ICSSR –SRC, Hyderabad), it was shortlisted to 40 Scholars only. The scholars from three districts i.e. Guntur, Prakasam& Krishna Districts had attended the workshop. Among 40 scholars 11 were women & remaining were men.
The Inaugural Session of the workshop was presided over by Prof. M. Madhusudhana Rao, Principal, ANU College of Arts, Commerce & Law, ANU. Prof. C. Beena, Honorary Director of ICSSR – SRC, Hyderabad has been invited as a chief guest for the inaugural session of the workshop accompanied by Guest of Honour Prof. A. V. Dattatreya Rao, Principal, ANU College of Sciences, ANU and Prof. B. Sambasiva Rao, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, ANU.
ICSSR – SRC, Hyderabad in collaboration with centre for HRD, ANU had invited the Resource Persons from various universities. Mostly the Resource Persons are from Osmania University, University of Hyderabad, Moulana Azad National Urdu University, Shiva Shivani Institute of Management, Sri Krishna Devaraya University, Sri Venkateswara University, Periyar University and Berhampur University. There was an active participation and interaction of the scholars with the resource persons. Each & every session of the workshop was enthusiastic & made the scholars to pay attention towards the classes of the workshop.
The entire Workshop has been organized as per the Programme Sheet given to the Research Scholars on the first day. The Programme Sheet of the workshop has covered the following concepts of Research Methodology.

  1. Nature of Scientific methods and its application To Social Phenomenon.

  2. Nature, Importance & Scope of Research

  3. Types of Research

  4. Steps in Research Process

  5. Research Design & Types of Research Design

  6. Concepts in Research: Variables, Attributes, Hypothesis

  7. Concept & Types of Hypothesis

  8. Field Study & Tools of Data Collection

  9. Ethnographical Perspective, Phenomenological Perspective & Ethno Methodological Perspective

  10. Case Study Method & Content Analysis

  11. Statistical Inference, Descriptive Statistics, Rating Scales & Sampling Techniques

  12. SPSS

  13. References writing in APA Format

  14. Proposal Writing of a Research Paper

  15. Writing Abstracts, Synopsis & Presentation of Research Papers

The valedictory session of the work was presided over by Prof. P. Narasimha Rao, Co-ordinator, Research Cell, ANU. Prof. K. Viyyanna Rao, Vice-Chancellor, ANU was the Chief Guest to the valedictory session of the workshop accompanied by guest of HonourProf. Y. P. Ramasubbaiah, Rector, ANU, Prof. R.R.L.Kantam, Registrar, ANU &Prof. C. Beena, Honarary Director of ICSSR-SRC, Hyderabad. Research Methodology materials in the form of DVD’s are distributed by Prof. K. Viyyanna Rao, Vice- Chancellor, ANU. The Certificates to the Research Scholars were distributed by the Prof. C. Beena, Honorary director of ICSSR-SRC, Hyderabad. Finally the feedback from the scholars was collected to analyze the progress & purpose of the workshop.

Recommendations from the feedback of Scholars

  1. Research Scholars requested for more number of such workshops on Research Methodology as it is the core part of every Research.

  2. They requested for more classes especially on SPSS, which makes the data analysis part simpler.

  3. They also felt that they need more practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge which makes the research more perfect.

  4. Scholars requested for the extension of the duration of the workshop up to 15 days.

  5. Finally, they requested for the classes on Research Methodology classes using modern statistical techniques prevailing in recent studies.

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