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Prof C. Beena, Workshop Director and Honorary Director, ICSSR-SRC mentioned that the research in social sciences is the priority area and needs special emphasis in the present social context. Prof. P. Adi Lakshmi, Workshop Co-Director and Head, Management Department said that the participants are very much benefitted with the inputs from various resource persons drawn from central and state universities. Dr. P Venkateswarlu, Principal, Sri P. Lakshmana Rao, Secretary, Siddhartha Academy of General & Technical Education, were present on the occasion.

    1. Orientation Programme at Coimbatore

Five day “Orientation Programme for SC/ST Ph.D. Scholars in Social Sciences”from 22nd – 26th July, 2013 held at Aegis Global Academy, Institute of Customer Experience Management, Coimbatore in collaboration with ICSSR, Southern Regional Centre, Hyderabad
The total number of the participants who registered for the program was 31. The participantswere all SC/ST candidates from various universities in Tamil Nadu and Kerala pursuing PhDprogram in Social Sciences disciplines. Out of the 31 participants 3 dropped out and 2 more localcandidates were included from the waiting list and final number of participant’s remained as 30.(List of participants is included as annexure 1)
A total of 10 resource people, with expertise in research from various social sciences disciplineswere invited to deliver the lectures. (The list of resource persons is included as annexure 2). Thetotal program was divided in to 11 sessions. Each day 2- 3 sessions of varying duration from 1hrto 4 hours were held. A tea break of 15 minutes was allowed in the morning and in the evening. Alunch break of 30 minutes was allowed each day. Thus during the 5 day program a total of 11sessions were held. A session for Inaugural and valedictory functions was devoted separately (Adetailed program brochure is enclosed in the annexure 3)
The workshop commenced on 10.30 am on 22nd July 2013 with the inaugural function chaired by Prof C Beena, Honorary Director of Indian Council of Social Sciences Research – SouthernRegional Center. As the Program Director, she welcomed the participants. She provided anoverview of the five day program. The co-Director of the program Dr Nagendra V Chowdary alsoaddressed the gathering.
Dr. C. Beena, Program director had delivered the first session on the Need for the workshop.She elaborated on the need to focus on the SC/ST Research Scholars in Social Sciences. The Ideaof Research was also touched upon by the Program Director. She gave examples of ideas onresearch generated by various groups of people including school children. She highlighted theuse of primary and secondary data information acquisition using different sources such asinternet etc. She discussed the guidelines to be observed in selecting the problems, importanceof the problem itself and variables.
The Post lunch session was handled by Dr. R Ananthasayanam, Retired Head of theDepartment, Department of Education Technology, Bharathiar University. His first session wason the nature of research in Social Sciences. He spoke on the Quantitative and Qualitativeresearch approaches in Social Sciences. The difference between Experimental and NonExperimental Research was discussed. Qualitative Research approaches such as BasicInterpretative Studies, Case studies, Document/Content Analysis, Ethnography, GroundedTheory, Historical Research, narrative inquiry, Phenomenological Studies etc were elaboratedon. He also spoke about the differences in Basic and Applied Research. His last session was onAction Research.
On July 23rd 2013 the first session was handled by Dr. Thanga Rajathi, Assistant Professor,Department of Education Technology, Bharathiar University. She spoke on the differentresearch methodologies. Survey research, questionnaire and schedules, opinionnaires andatitude scales, Observation research etc was elaborated on. She gave practical examples ondifferent methodologies. The participant had hands on session on questionnaire preparation inthe last thirty minutes.
The post lunch session was handled by Dr. R. Ravi, Principal and Director of RVS College ofEducation, Coimbatore. He discussed the use of standardized and non standardized tests,meaning of items, types of items and their response formats. He gave practical inputs regardingthe steps in construction and standardization of a test / questionnaire.
On July 24th 2013 the first session was handled by Dr. Sandhya Rani C, Manager – Academics,Aegis Institute of Customer Experience Management. She discussed the ethical and legalconsiderations in Research. Practical demonstrations on the use of various Plagiarism DetectingSoftwares were done in the classroom. Issues such as use of deception in observation research,consent forms, maintaining privacy of participants/ organizations, copy right etc were also elaborated upon.13120
Dr. S. V. Satyanarayana, Dean of Faculty of Commerce, Osmania University at Hyderabadconducted the session on Typical stages in Research. His session started with the formulation ofthe research problem. He also went into the detailed discussion of hypothesis such as types ofhypothesis, Type I and Type II errors, Level of significance and Directional and non DirectionalHypothesis. Several practical examples on different types of hypothesis were discussed.Extensive discussions on steps involved in Hypothesis testing were held. He also spoke onQuantitative Research Plan.
Post Lunch session was handled by Dr. Sudarshan Rao, Dept of Library Sciences, OsmaniaUniversity at Hyderabad. His session was on the Review of Literature. He gave practicalexamples of web sources of social sciences literatures. He also discussed in detail the citationstandards. He also elaborated on Plagiarism and how to avoid it while writing the thesis. Anonline demonstration of searching and locating the literature using internet was also heldduring the session.
The session on 25th July 2013 was held by Dr. J. Sekkizhar, Assistant Professor from PSGinstitute of Management, Coimbatore. His first session was on sampling procedures. Hediscussed about the rationale of sampling, steps in sampling, different types of sampling andsample error. He did a practical demonstration of how to select a sample in the workshop usingthe attendees as a population. He did a G power software demonstration the Computer lab toteach sample size calculations.
His post lunch session was on Data analysis in which he discussed descriptive and inferentialstatistics. SPSS as a software was introduced in this session. He also gave a introduction to theconcept of Normal Curve.
The sessions on 26th July 203 was started at 7 am due to the request of the Workshop attendees to spend more time learning SPSS software. The session was handled by Dr. Ravindranath K Murthy, Dept of Psychology, Osmania University, Hyderabad. He taught parametic and non parametic statistics manually and using SPSS. Organizating of data in IBM SPSS and MS excel was also done. He taught basic data entry concepts such as data cleansing and data validation.
His sessions were hands on and was conducted in the Computer Lab. He also taught measures of central tendaies, maeasures of variaon, measures of correlations (product moment correlation, Rank Correlation, Kendall's Tau), T Test, Analysis of variance, Multiple Linear Regression and Factor Analysis. Among the Non Parametric tests he demonstrated Chi Square test, Mann Whitney U Test, Krukal Wallis Test, Friedman's Test, Wilcoxon Test and McNemar's test. He also discussed the interpretation of results from varios tests. His session was concluded at 1.30 pm.
Post lunch session on the last day of the workshop was handled by Dr Bhavana A R, AssistantProfessor, Dept of Education Technology, Bharathiar University. Her session was on theguidelines for writing the final research report. She spoke on how to organize and write aResearch report based on a particular style manual such as APA, MLA handbook, Turabian andThe Chicago Manual of Style. She showed some practical examples of different styles of reportwriti􀀑ng.
The Five Day workshop was concluded with a valedictory session that was held at 4pm and waschaired by Prof C Beena, Honorary Director of ICSSR – SRC, Hyderabad. The participants spokeabout their learning and feedback on various sessions and on the workshop itself. In thefeedback the participants expressed their appreciation for ICSSR and Aegis Global Academy forhaving given them a life time opportunity to learn about Research. (Feedback Forms are given in Annexure V)The participation certificates and resource materials were distributed and the valedictory session was concluded at 5pm.17

    1. SC/ST Training Programmes:-

  1. Six day Workshop on Research Methodology Course in Social Sciences from 26th Augustto 2nd September, 2013 at Mini Conference Hall, ICSSR – SRC Guest House, Hyderabad

The Centre under the Directorship of Prof. C. Beena, Workshop Director has organized a SIX DAY WORKSHOP ON “RESEARCH METHODOLOGY COURSE IN SOCIAL SCIENCES FOR SC/ST RESEARCH SCHOLARS from 26th August 2013 to 02nd September 2013 at Mini Conference Hall, ICSSR-SRC Guest House, located at Osmania University Guest House, Hyderabad.
The inaugural function was chaired by the Principal, University College of Arts and Social Sciences, Osmania University, Hyderabad. 31 Ph.D. Research Scholars from Social Science Departments have participated in the Workshop.
14 Resource Persons were invited to deliver the Lectures. Total 24 Sessions were organized during the Six day Workshop on various topics.
The workshop was divided into 24 sessions, four sessions on each day two sessions in the morning and two in the evening – each with 1½ hour duration. A tea break of 15 minutes was allowed between two sessions in the forenoon and afternoon. A lunch break of One hour was provided. A session each for inaugural and valedictory functions was devoted.
A brief summary of the lectures given at the workshop is as follows:

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