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Six day workshop onResearch Methods and Data Analysis in Education” from 2nd – 7th December, 2013 Organized by Department of Education, Osmania University, Hyderabad.

The Osmania University, established in 1918, is the seventh oldest in the country, third oldest in the south India and the first to be established in the princely state of Hyderabad. The Osmania University Training College came into existence and started functioning with effect from 31.8.1928. At that time B.T Degree was awarded after successful completion of the programme. In 1947, the college was shifted to the university campus and was renamed as University College of Education. Under the centrally sponsored scheme, to strengthen and reorganize teacher education, a number of teacher education institutions were upgraded to CTE, and a few into IASE centers of excellence, research and innovations. Accordingly the University College of Education, Osmania University was upgraded to the status of I A S E during the year 1996-97.
The Department of Education offers U G, P G courses as well as Ph. D. course.
A Six Day workshop on Research Methods and Data Analysis in Education was conducted in the department of Education, Osmania University for Research Scholars of Education, from 2nd to 9th December 2013.
Objectives of the Workshop

  • To develop among research scholars a good foundation in various methods of Research

  • To familiarize research scholars with sampling procedures

  • To orient research scholars about various tools of data collection

  • To equip research scholars with different strategies of Data Analysis

  • To provide research scholars with hands on experience on SPSS

A Six Day workshop on Research Methods and Data Analysis in Education was conducted in the department of Education, Osmania University for Research Scholars of Education.

The workshop began with the inaugural function held at Conference Hall, IASE, O U. Prof. C. Beena, Director, ICSSR-SRC was the Chief Guest and Prof. K. S. Sudheer Reddy presided the Inaugural function. Prof T. Mrunalini, Principal, IASE, O U introduced the chief guest. Prof. C. Beena gave the inaugural address. Prof. A. Ramakrishna, Head, Department of Education proposed vote of thanks.
Then first session commenced. Each day four sessions were conducted. In six days 24 sessions were conducted. Each session was of 90 minutes duration. Everyday first session was from 10.00 a. m. to 11.30 a. m., tea break 11.30 to 11.45, second session was from 11.45 a. m. to 1.15 p. m., lunch break – 1.15 to 2.00 p. m. Third session was from 2.00 to 3.30 p. m., tea break from 3.30 to 3.45 and fourth session was from 3.45 to 5.15 p. m. Resource persons were invited from institutions like Centre for Economics and Social Studies (CESS), National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD), Professors from Departments of Education from Kakatiya University, Warangal, Sri Padmavati Mahila University, Tirupati. Resource persons from Departments of Statistics, Commerce, Psychology, Education and Lifelong Learning of Osmania University were also invited.

The topics covered were:

  1. Idea of Research

  2. Role of Internet in Research

  3. Sample selection

  4. Experimental Design

  5. Case study & Action Research

  6. Phenomenology

  7. Data types & Hypothesis testing

  8. Modes of inquiry, Data collection techniques

  9. Tool preparation

  10. Standardization of Tools

  11. Data collection tools

  12. Sources of Educational statistics

  13. Measures of Central tendency

  14. Correlation & Regression

  15. Parametric tests

  16. Non-Parametric tests

  17. Mutivariate Analysis

  18. T-test one sample, two sample, ANOVA

  19. Panel discussions

  20. SPSS hands-on practice

  21. Report writing

Apart from the lectures, Lab sessions on SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) were organized to give students hands-on experience and exposure with regard to data analysis and interpretation techniques. Feed form was provided to the scholars, wherein they filled and handed over to the workshop Director, thus feedback was collected from the participants about the workshop.

The six day workshop concluded with Valedictory. Prof. P. Prasad, Head, Department of Lifelong Learning & Dean, Telangana University, Nizamabad was the Chief Guest. Prof. A. Ramakrishna, Head, Department of Education, Osmania University presided the Valedictory function. Prof. P. Prasad delivered the valedictory address. Participation Certificates were given to the participants by the Chief Guest. Participants were provided with workshop folder, a book Research Methodology and a CD with all the lecture notes. Mrs. Shahnaz Begum, Asst. Prof. proposed vote of thanks.

  1. Two day Workshop on “Data Analysis Using SPSS for Women Research Scholars” 13th – 14th December, 2013 Organized by Dept. of Economics, OU College for Women, Koti, Hyderabad.

The Department of Economics is as old as the College itself. Prof. M.F. Jusswalah was the guiding force behind the establishment of Economics Department in this College. During 1990-91, Post Graduate Course was introduced for imparting higher education to Women in the field of Social Sciences. The staff of the department is engaged in research and has made significant contribution to advanced studies in Economics. Now, the Department is far-ward to restructuring its course components to suit the current requirements of students and prepare them to withstand the competition and cope with the challenges of the next millennium.

Faculty members are working on Major Research Projects sponsored by UGC and ICSSR, New Delhi, related to the different core areas such as Tribal economy, Rural industrialization, Globalization and Macro economy. The faculty is also helping in Administration both at College level and University level. The department has conducted Round Table discussions on various economy related aspects, organized Two National Level Seminars on Urbanization and Women Empowerment during 2009. All the faculty members are engaged in guiding research scholars at M Phil and PhD level and also supervising for seminar presentations and project report presentation at PG Level for last several years.
Today, the Department is headed by Prof. J N Rao, who served as NSS Coordinator, Addl. Chief Warden and Addl. Controller of Examinations at University level and whose specializations are development and Public Economics and also on foreign service for about five years at Ethiopia. Department is running the Certificate course in Family Counselling.
Prof. G. Ramakrishna, who is serving as Dy. Director, Academic Staff College, Osmania University and also on foreign service for about five years at Ethiopia. His specialization is in econometrics.
Prof. A.K. Vasudeva Chary, Senior Professor in the Department who served as an Academic co-coordinator and Controller of Examinations at OUCW and his specialization areas are Macro Economics and Industrial Economics.
Dr. J.P. Maria, Associate Professor who served as Warden at College level and University level also. Her specialization is Women and child labour economics. Ms. A. Lakshmi, Assistant Professor who is serving as Addl. Controller of Examinations at College and her specialization is Tribal Economics. Dr. B. Madhuri Smitha is Assistant Professor whose Specialization is financial economics. Dr. K. Bala Ratna Kumar who joined recently in the department and area of specialization is Women studies.
A Two day Workshop on Data Analysis using SPSS for Women Research Scholars which is being organized by the Department of Economics, O.U. College for Women, Osmania University during 13th& 14th December, 2013. This workshop was sponsored by ICSSR – SRC, Osmania University, Hyderabad.
The program commenced with the registration of participants at 9.30am on 13th December, 2013 at the Dept. of Economics, OUCW. Prof. C. Beena, Honorary Director, ICSSR – SRC is the chief guest of the first day program. Keynote Address by Prof. B. Kamaiah, Professor of Economics, University of Hyderabad. Prof. A. Muralidhar Rao, Head, Dept. of Economics, OU and Prof. G. Laxmaiah, Chairman, BOS are invited as Guest of Honour and Prof. Sugitha Mathur was conducted proceedings as a President of the function. Program started with the Introductory remarks by Prof. G. Ramakrishna and Prof JN Rao briefed about Department followed by Chief Guest Address and Keynote Address. About 61 Women PhD scholars have participated the Workshop on 13th and 14th December, 2013. Four sessions conducted for the benefit of scholars on the first day of workshop. Speakers are delivered lectures on first day are, Prof. G. Ramakrishna from Osmania University, Dr. Chandrashekar from Centre for Economics Social Studies, Hyderabad, Prof. K. Pratap Reddy, from Osmania University and Dr. Vishnuvardhan from NIN. On the second day also, four technical sessions were conducted by Prof. Ravindranath K. Murthy, D. Sreedhar Babu. Valedictory function was presided by the Principal, OU College for Women, Koti. Prof. K. Pratap Reddy Garu, Registrar, Osmania University was the Chief Guest who delivered Valedictory Address. Prof. R. Nageshwar Rao, OSD was the Guest of Honour of the day.
Finally, Prof. G. Ramakrishna, Workshop Director, Prof. A. K. Vasudeva Chary, Co-Coordinator and Prof. J. N. Rao, Head, Dept. of Economics, OUCW, Koti expressed their thanks for the members, guests for their participation and for the University and college administration for their support in organizing the workshop.

  1. Six day Workshop on FDP on Research Fundamentals and Data Analytical Tools” from 20th – 25th January, 2014 Organized by Faculty of Management Studies, Dr. M.G.R. Educational & Research Institute University, Maduravoyal, Chennai.

About the University
The 21st century poses lots of challenges that could be overcome with the help of education and technology. Keeping this in mind, the University was started with a vision of providing better foothold for the students. To succeed in the world today you need more than just academics. Being aware of the youth placed today, the University has perceived to nurture and groom the young through Engineering, Medical, Dental and Humanities and Science
About the Program
Many researchers find data analysis and interpretation as a challenging and arduous passage in their research process. This FDP aims to educate current as well as future researchers in social sciences and in the application of statistical tools in extracting meaningful data.
A total of 34 participants, comprising of research scholars, faculty members and some professionals from the industry had assembled in the Computer Laboratory, wherein all the computers were equipped with the SPSS software, AMOS, E-views, STATA, etc provided by the resource personnel. A handbook comprising of more than 150 pages with the working instructions and a CD containing software were provided to all the participants.
The FDP program commenced with an inaugural session at 9.30 AM on the 20th of January 2014. The welcome address was given by our Department Head and Prof Dr S Ramalingam, who also introduced our Guest of Honor and the Resource personnel for FDP programs’ 1st session, Dr. G Rajendran, Professor and Head, Department of Management Studies, Anna University.
The first session was handled by Dr G Rajendran, Prof and Head of Management Studies, Anna University. He kindled the fire inside each participant to carry out their research methodology with rigor Introduction to Research Methodological approach was discussed in brief.

After an executive lunch provided by the University the participants sat for the 2nd Session, which was an hands on experience through SPSS to carry out various tests like, Univariate, Z-test(Single sample), Z-test (Double sample), t-test, paired t-test, Non-parametric tests: chi-square, U-test, Kruskal Willis(H-test). The session was handled by Dr. S. Saravanan, Assistant Professor, Bharathidasan Institute of Technology.

DAY -2 Dr S Riasudeen from Pondicherry University, shared his personnel experience along with how to write a Research Article both in International and National Journals, with many examples he detailed about Report Writing.
Dr. Venkatesa Kumar also from Pondicherry University gave the participants hands on experience to solve problems using SPSS by following the mentioned techniques: Correlation, Regression Statistics, Simple Regression, Step wise Regression, Multiple Regression, Factor Analysis – Basics.
DAY – 3:- Both the sessions on day-3 were handled by Dr. R.Kasilingam, who got is back to the basics and explained in detail about the use of SPSS. Sample size, Data Entry and Data Manipulation in SPSS, Basic Statistics – Mean, Median, Chi square, ANOVA, Correspondence Analysis and Binary Regression.
DAY – 4:- The entire day’s sessions were handled by Dr.G. Ramasundaram. He covered many few and complex techniques: Multivariate Analysis using AMOS, Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) and Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA), Validity tests, Structural Equation Mode (SEM), Conjoint Analysis.
DAY – 5:- There were two sessions handled by Dr. K.R. Shanmugam, Professor and Director, Madras School of Social Work. He discussed in detail the theory behind TIME SERIES and its applications. Hands on experience how to work on E Views was explained and ARIMA model exercise was carried out.
Excellent hospitality was provided for the participants.
Post lunch he discussed in ARCH model, GARCH and E Garch, Var model, Error Correction Model, LOGIT and PROBIT.
DAY – 6:- On the final day, the morning session was handled by Dr. R. Kasilingam
By interacting with us and understanding our requirements, through a PhD model he carried out all the following techniques: Reliability Test (Cronbach’s Alpha), Construct Validity, Normality Test using One Sample Kolmogorov Smirnov Test, Research Methodology Sequence, Process for Data Analysis, Data Reduction Techniques: Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis and Discriminant Analysis.
Valedictory ceremony
The program began with a Welcome address by the course Director, Dr Uma Tirupathy, followed by the introduction of our guests by our Departments Deputy HOD Dr Jaya. The valedictory speech was given by Dr Kalayaperumal, Dean, Faculty of Management Studies, Dr MGR Educational & Research Institute.

Our Guest of honor for the afternoon sessions program was Dr. C. Beena, South Regional Director, ICSSR who was felicitated by our management.
After a brief account of sharing her experience in the Research domain from Osmania University, she was requested to hand over the certificates to the participants.
The participants shared their experiences at the final session. ‘The panel of Resource personnel who handled the sessions were resourceful and shared their inputs elaborately,’ Moiz, PhD Research Scholar from Pondicherry University.
‘The hands on experience rendered through the sessions was useful for us and we will be able to carry out our analysis easily’ Sanjay, MPhil Research Scholar, Loyola College, Chennai.
The session ended with the vote of thanks rendered by Dr Neeraja and by playing the National Anthem.

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