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Session I: Statistical concepts and its applications–Basic concepts, organizing data, sampling techniques, determining the sample size, various stages in data analysis, procedure for testing of Hypotheses, concept of value and parametric and non-parametric tests and its interpretation.
Session II: Steps in analysing data with SPSS, preparing descriptive statistics and preparing graph, etc from the data.
Session III: Statistical techniques in univariate and bivariate analysis using secondary data, etc. Bivariate analysis using secondary data, hypotheses testing fora single population.
On the second day, there were THREE sessions covering the following topics:
Session I: Multivariate analysis– dependence method, multiple regression analysis and discriminant analysis.
Session II: Multivariate analysis using AMOS, confirmatory factor analysis [CFA] and structural equation model [SEM].
Session III: Multivariate analysis– independence method, cluster analysis and factory analysis.
Dr R Kasilingam, Resource Person is interacting with the participants
All participants were actively involved in the process of learning the theoretical background covering the statistical tools and had opportunity to apply these concepts in the software and really enjoyed the hands-on experience. All the queries, both theoretical as well as practical, raised by the participants were clarified by the resource person to the satisfaction of the participants.
During the practical sessions, participants were provided with the sample data and are required to do some exercises using the SPSS software. These exercises gave ample opportunity for the participants to learn the utilities of the software.
In the evening of the second day, Prof Dr A Thirunavukkarasu, Dean-Research, Dr MGR Educational and Research Institute share his experience with the participants and gave some practical tips to them. Some of the participants expressed their opinion about the content and quality of the program. At the end, Dean-Research distributed the certificates to the participants.
Dr B Neeraja, Assistant Professor, FoMS has proposed the vote of thanks.

  1. Six day Workshop on “Research Methodology and Quantitative Techniques with Computer Applications in Social Sciences” from 3rd – 7th October, 2013 Organized by Dept. of Psychology, St. Francis College of Women Uma Nagar, Begumpet, Hyderabad

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