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Programmes at Kerala Region

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Programmes at Kerala Region

  1. Two day Conference on “Environment and Tourism” from 11th – 12th November, 2013 Organized by Konkan Geographers Association, Sindhudurg, H. No. 1015, Janvali, Tal: Kankavli, D: Sindhudurg, In collaboration withDept. of Geography, SreeSankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady, Ernakulam, Kerala

A two day national level conference in Interdisciplinary held during 11 and 12 Nov. 2013 sponsored by ICSSR, SOUTHERN REGIONAL CENTRE, HYDERABAD. The theme of the conference was “Environment and Tourism”. Besides this, there were sub-themes like as Related to all Social Sciences, Environment and Agriculture.
Environment and Population

Hot Spots Regions in India

Recent Trends in Tourism

Eco-Tourism and Rural Development

South India and Tourism Development

Recent Trends in Geography

The opening ceremony of the conference was organized on 11th November, 2013 at 10.15am under the chairmanship of Dr. Prashant Kumar, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Dr. M.C. Dileep Kumar inaugurated the conference in the presence of MLA & Syndicate Member Adv. K. Shivdasan, Convener, Dr. T.S. Lancelet, H.O.D. Dept. of Geography, SSUS, Kalady Ernakulam, Dr. V. Sanalkumar Pulluvazhi Ernakulam, President of Konkan Geographers Association Dr. S. A. Thakur, Organizing Secretary, Dr. R.B. Patil, Dr. H.M. Pednekar, Principal, Chintamanrao Commerce College, Sangli (Shivaji University Kolhapur), Treasurer of Konkan Geographers Association Dr. S.N. Patil on 11 November, 2013 on 10.15 am. The Key-Note Address was given by Dr. H.M. Pednekar, Principal, Chintamanrao Commerce College, Sangli (Shivaji University Kolhapur), he stated the “Environment and Tourism”.
There were 95 Geographers, Researchers, Subject Experts and Students who attended the conference and presented near about 38 Research Papers on above subjects. The participants were from the various states on India like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Maharashtra etc.
Resource Person

  1. Hon’ble Dr. H.M. Pednekar, Principal, Chintamanrao Commerce College, Sangli (MS) Shivaji University Kolhapur, he stated the role of “Environment and Tourism”

  2. Hon’ble Dr. E. Saravanan, Senior Scientist Centre for Earth Science Studies, Akkulam, Trivandrum given lecture on “Resource Utilization and Tourism”

  3. Hon’ble Dr. K. Balasubramani, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Geography, School of Geosciences, Bharathidasan University, Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu given lecture on “Geoinformatics for Environmental Pollution Monitoring and Assessment”

  4. Hon’ble Dr. B.R. Bagade, Assistant Professor, School of Applied Sciences, Dept. of Geography, Rani Channamma University, Belagaum, Karnataka given lecture on “Environmental Issues and Challenges”

The objectives of the Workshop were as follows:-

There were total Nine sub-themes in this conference. The conference was conducted in IV Sessions. The Chairpersons of the sessions were as follows:


Session No.




Dr. E. Saravanan



Dr. B.R. Bagade



Dr. K. Balasubramani



Dr. Shantakumari

The Conclusions of the Conference are as follows:-

The closing ceremony of the Conference was organized on 12th November, 2013 at 4.00p.m under the Charimanship of Hon’ble Dr. E. Saravanan, Senior Scientist Centre for Earth Science Studies, Akkulam, Trivandrum and in the presence of Dr. R.B. Patil, Dr. T.S. Lancelet, H.O.D. Dept. of Geography, SSUS, Kalady Ernakulam and President of Konkan Geographers Association as well as Directors. The Chief Guest of the Valedictory function was Dr Shantakumari, Ex HOD, Dept. of Geography, Kamraj University Madurai, Tamil Nadu.
The Conclusions of the Conference
Present guides and teachers shown modern geographical interdisciplinary methods and approaches to the young geographers for sustaining the discipline in schools, colleges and Universities. By knowing the computerized mapping and spatial analysis have been developed simultaneously in several related fields, the present status would not have been achieved without close interaction between various fields such as Agriculture, Social Structure, Population Study, Regional Development, Tourism, Cadastral Mapping, Surveying, Rural and Urban Planning and Geography.
In this way, a two-day National Level Interdisciplinary Conference was successfully organised at Dept. of Geography, Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit, Kalady, Ernakulam District, Kerala – 683 574

  1. Two day National Seminar on “Role of Computers in Social Science Research” from 5th – 6th December, 2013 Organized by PG Dept. of Economics, Vimala College, Thrissur, Kerala

The ICSSR sponsored Two day National seminar was inaugurated by Dr.K X Joseph,Director,Dr.John Matthai Centre,Thrissur on 5th December 2013.The programme commenced with the welcome speech by the head of the department of Economics,Smt.Lucy M.A.Followed by the presidential address by Prinicpal,Rev Dr.Sr Lissy John Irimpan.The lighting of the lamp ceremony was conducted after which Dr KX Joseph addressed the amassment. He mentioned sundry information on ‘Big Data’ and how the sundry incipient innovations predicated on the computers use in gregarious science research. The vote of thanks was done by Smt Sitara V Attokaran

Dr.Ananthi SheshasayeeMCA,MPhil,PGDCA,Associate pedagogia and Head of the Department of Computer Science at Quaid-E-Milliath Regime College for Women, Chennai conducted a verbalize on the topic Research in Social science –The computational technique and application. She mentioned the possibilities of areas where we can indulge into research and its sundry application. She expounded the framework for research methodology, quandaries, mode, strategy, domain, formal technique and informal technique on research methodology. Different parameters on Sociology and its sundry intricacies were withal expounded by Dr.Ananthi Sheshasayee.CGE, Labour Market and withal Computational Gregarious science(CSS) and its distinct element which in Architecture, Application and Algorithm. She concluded the presentation by explicating CSS and its sundry cumulations and withal the overall possibilities of computers in convivial science.
Dr.S.Gandhimathi,AssociateProfessor,Department of Economics,Avinashilingam Institute of Home science and Higher Inculcation for Women, Coimbatore made a presentation on the topic ‘Challenges of Computerization in Gregarious Science Research’.Dr.S.Gandhimathi dealt with sundry challenges faced by computerization and its sundry aspects on challenges of Gregarious science. She designated on the identification of research quandaries, challenges in the accumulation of review of literature, challenges in accumulating data, challenges in methodology, challenges in analysis and missing values. Independent sample-‘t test’ was withal introduced by Dr.S.Gandhimathi on the aspects of computerization. Two independent sample and its example of chi-square test and challenges in econometric quandaries were presented by Dr.S.Gandhimathi.
Dr.B.P.Chandramohan,Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Economics, Presidency College,Chennai,expounded the role of computers in the field of research.Dr.B.P.Chandramohan explicated computation utilizing software packages.Computers makes the research method facile and calculations and works in processing innumerable data can be done with facileness and speed. Computers are additionally utilizable in economics research. Various theory and concept implements which included generalequilibrium, supply anddemand, marginalization, elasticity, internal and external economy, matrix, engenderment function, consumption function etc.Data amassment, sequence theory-hypothesis function-data and testing-Incipient theory.
The consequentiality of data amassment in the field of economic research which deals with engenderment,employment,investment etc.Computers provide a gap between formal theory and immensely colossal data base.Computerisation avails in decrementing or acts as an implement for reducing the involution in the modern technological and economic world. Computer stimulation techniques applied to infra regional quandary.Leontieff input –output model showed transaction between sectors, activities or regions centered in the form of inputs engendered by one from all sectors and output engendered by one sold for all other sectors. Also computers bridging gap between accumulated body of formal theory and growing availability of immensely colossal data base. Computers are potentially associated with development orchestrating, demography, regime administration and accounting.
Dr.B.P Chandramohan concluded by expounding that computers are not only machines that only compare, it requires programming on it can only execute programme.
Dr. V. Nagaraja Naidu, Associate Pedagogia, Department of Economics, M.G College, Trivandrum, expounded the data analysis through different software. Data analysis includes analytical and statistical software packages additionally. Dr.Naidu expounded Data Analysis through SPSS.He explicated the process of systematically applying statistical techniques. Data Mining which is immensely colossal amassment of data into erudition cleaning and integration is withal selection and transformation. Data mining is an evaluation and presentation of stages of data analysis. Data mining or statistical analysis procedure includes three consequential tasks which is descriptive statistics, inferential statistics and associative statistics. Issues to be considered in making data analysis are nominal, ordinal, internal, ratio scales and sundry quantifications of scales. Variants of data which include time series data, cross section data and pooled data. Explanation predicated on statistical implements, purport of analysis, estimation utilizing statistical software and interpretation of result was done.
Data transformation and checking posit of technique for which data was utilized was additionally considered. Access to software, manner of presenting data and extent of data analysis was withal covered. A statistical package by source which is open source software, public domain, and free ware, proprietary and integrates in was expounded.
The second part of Dr.Naidu’s presentation included statistical package for the convivial science(SPSS).SPSS include window process, data window, variable view window, output window,chart editor window ,data type quantification level and variable list icon.Basic structure of SPSS data files, management of data and file by SPSS and statistical potential of SPSS which include frequencies,descriptive,cross tabs,t-tests,correlation,regression etc was expounded.
The ICSSR Two days National Seminar concluded on 6th December 2013 with the valedictory session presided by Sri Shankaranarayanan,Retired CMO,FACT.

    1. Research Methodology Course in Social Science:-

The Southern Regional Centre of ICSSR, Hyderabad has been extending financial assistance for conducting Research Methodology Course. The Centre has identified some selective universities in the south which can be requested to conduct a two week Research Methodology Course for M.Phil and PhD scholars. The Southern Regional Centre of ICSSR extended financial assistance to the tune of Rs.1.00 lakh to conduct Research Methodology Course.

  1. Two dayFaculty Development Program on “Role of SPSS in Academic Research”from 19th - 20th July2013 Organized by Faculty of Management Studies, Dr. M.G.R. Educational & Research Institute University, Maduravoyal, Chennai

The Program commenced with an inaugural session at 9.30 AM on19July2013.Prof S Ramalingam, after welcoming all the participants, introduced the Faculty Development Program as well as the resource person, Dr R Kasilingam, Professor, Department of Management Studies, Pondicherry University.
50participants, comprising of research scholars, faculty members andsomescientists from the industry had assembled in the Computer Laboratory, wherein all the computers are equipped with the SPSS software, etc provided by the resource person. A handbook [more than 100pages] containing working instructions and a CD containing software are provided to all the participants.
On the first day, there were THREE sessions covering the following topics:

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