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Two day National Conference on “ICT – A Catalyst of Change for Transforming Teaching Learning and Research in Commerce, Computer Science and Management Education”

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Two day National Conference on “ICT – A Catalyst of Change for Transforming Teaching Learning and Research in Commerce, Computer Science and Management Education” from 9th – 10th January, 2014 Organized by Dept. of Commerce, Lady Doak College, Madurai.

“ICT – A catalyst of change for transforming teaching, learning and research in commerce, computer science and management education” conference was inaugurated with the prayer by Dr. Suka Joshua, Chaplain, Lady Doak College, followed welcome address proposed by Dr. RM. Nagammai, HOD, Dept. of Commerce, Lady Doak College. In her introductory remarks she pointed out how ICT can be a catalyst in transforming teaching, learning and research activities. She also added that ‘no technology can substitute human wisdom’.
Dr. Rosy Godwin, the conference co-ordinator, narrated the purpose of the conference. In this context, she explained the underlying ideology behind inter-disciplinary co-ordination in this conference. She also highlighted the ICT enabled connectivity among mankind and the need for a shift from the traditional methods to the recent technology tuned life style that exist throughout the Globe.
Dr. Mercy Pushpalatha, Principal, Lady Doak College, in her presidential address, pointed out that, concrete learning experience is possible only with competency and performance based curriculum. The teachers are only facilitators, and are expected to change the ‘text centered delivery mode’ to ‘activity based experiential learning’ in which ICT can be used as a catalyst. She also mentioned that this kind of trans-disciplinary conference can bring to light the real- time issues faced by humanity which need to be resolved through interdisciplinary research.
Dr. Mohan, Director, NITTTR, Chennai in his inaugural address, spoke about the different ICT enabled Teaching tools like Wikipedia, twitter, Broad casting, mobile learning knowledge diaspro and so on. He highlighted the need for an awakening among teachers about the different digital techniques. Further, the learners’ attention to content delivery can effectively last for 20 minutes and hence teachers should learn to take dividend from digital techniques to cause attentive learning experiences.
Dr. Srinivasa Raghavan, Senior Technical Director Scientist NIC in his key note address mentioned that the internet connectivity is the base for all ICTactivity. He has made a mention of variety of ICT devices in use by, people of all groups in this modern era. The ICT climate prevailing in our country is supportive to knowledge explosion.
Dr. Latha, Associate Professor, Dept. of Commerce proposed the vote of thanks for the Inaugural Session.
Technical session I was on e-Governance initiatives. Mr. Srinivasa Raghavan and Mr. Maria Michale Raj, NIC were the resource persons. They made a detailed presentation about the digital usage in Government sector for various purposes like disbursement of scholarships, examination process, virtual class room, welfare scheme implementation, conduct of election and public procurement as well as its monitoring mechanism.
Technical Session II was on Enhancing and Enriching Teaching and Learning Mr. L. Somasundaram, Director Research, Akara Research Technology (P) Ltd, Chennai in his presentation brought out the need for building a system with good governance. He highlighted the challenges in education. He linked ICT provisions as answer to those challenges. A parallel session on commerce and management was chaired by Dr. A.G.V. Narayanan, Dean, Faculty of Management, Erode Builders Educational Trust Group of Institutions, Tirupur. His deliberations were very useful to participants from commerce and management fields to enrich teaching-learning process.
Technical Session III started with a prayer by Dr. Anitha, Associate Professor, School of Business, Leadership& Management, Karunya University. The resource persons Mr. Om Prakash Manivannan, CEO Valzen Solutions (P) Ltd, Chennai and Ms. Abinaya, Graduate Assistant, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, US made presentations on ‘the Big data’. They explained about social networking, mobile usage, analytics, cloud storage, business value all these digital applications etc. another presentation on data-mining gave insights into the classification of data say ‘descriptive’ and ‘prescriptive’, models of data and data interpretation. Application of data from data warehouse and need based customizing was also elaborated very meaningfully.
This was followed by a Panel discussion with the panellist being Mr. Rajesh Nambiar, Mr. V.S. Batra & Mr. Sunny Pradeep. The panellist explored the challenges and opportunities of ICT and moving beyond ICT. In their discussion they touched upon the challenges and opportunities of pedagogy, challenges in marketing and creating brand awareness and the great deal of ethical principle to be observed while using ICT tools.
They concluded ICT is only a tool and motivation should be given for prudent use of it in order to have greater gains.

This was followed by paper presentation. Around 43 participants were presented their papers on various topics and were reviewed by

Dr. Alagappan

Dr. David Amirtharajan

Dr. Mohan Suyamburaj

Dr. C. Swarnalatha

Dr. Chandrasekar

Dr. Jeyamala

The valedictory session was presided by Mr. R. Sivaraja, Joint Managing Director, Winways Management Services, Madurai. He made a mention about the sensory influence in bringing emotional attachment towards focused learning experience. He has also brought out the significance of balanced use of ICT devices in teaching in order to achieve effective transformation of knowledge from immaturity to matured gentle and complete humankind.
The conference report was presented by Mrs. Saral Rajamani which concluded with a saying ‘success of teaching and learning lies only in deciding the audience friendly means leading to desired ends’. Vote of thanks of the valedictory session was given by Ms. Jeya Chandra, Head Incharge, Department of Computer Science, Lady Doak College.

  1. Two day National Workshop on “Open Source Software for Academic, Special & Public Libraries” from 23rd – 24th January, 2014 Organized by Department of Library and Information Science, Alagappa University, Karaikudi

This report provides a brief summary of the workshop organized by Department of Library and Information Science. The Department organized ICSSR sponsored two day National workshop on “Open Source Software for Academic, Special and Public libraries” from January 23rd to 24th 2014 from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm in the Seminar Hall of Alagappa University. The workshop brought together over 105 participants from different colleges and universities. The workshop was handled by a team of eminent resource persons from the library and Information Science field. Most of the participants who attended the workshop were Library and Information Science Professionals, Research Scholars and students. The workshop provided an interactive atmosphere between the resource persons and the participants.

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