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Welcome & Introduction by Dr.S.Yadagiri, I/c University Librarian, O.U.
Dr.S.Yadagiri, I/c University Librarian welcomed the Dignitaries Prof.S. Satyanarayana, Vice-Chacellor, O.U., Prof.Tirupati Rao former Vice- Chancellor, O.U., Prof.C.Beena, Director, ICSSR-SRC, Prof.E.Rama Reddy, Retd. University Librarian, University of Hyderabad and Prof.S.Sudarshan Rao ICSSR Senior Fellow on to the Dais.
Programme was started with a prayer by O.U.Library staff.
Sri.T.V.Prafulla Chandra read the Citation of Prof.Sudarshan Rao.
Prof. S.Satyanarayana, Vice-Chancellor, O.U. released the Festschrift volume “Information Management today and tomorrow” which is in two volumes covering about 56 articles. In this programme Mr.Praveen Kumar from BR publishing co., Delhi handed over the Book for release.

Festschrift volume release by Prof.S.Satyanarayana, Vice-Chancellor, O.U.
Dr.P.Diwakar, Librarian, CCMB reviewed the book

Prof.T.Tirupati Rao former Vice-Chancelor, O.U. addressing the gathering

Prof.S. Satyanarayana, Vice-Chancellor, O.U., addressing the gathering
Senior Professors, Librarians and students from various departments spoke about Prof.S.Sudarshan Rao and also spoke about book releasing function.
Prof.S.Sudarshan Rao while delivering about book
Presidential remarks by Dr.E.Rama Reddy, RRRLF Research Fellow
Dr.A.S.Chakravarthy, Asst. Professor, O.U. proposing vote of thanks
The workshop ended with the vote of thanks proposed by Dr.A.S.Chakravarthy, Asst. Professor, O.U.Library

  1. Two day National Seminar on “Rethinking Human Rights In 21st Century Emerging Dimensions” from 6th – 7th July, 2013 Organized by Department of Political Science, P. G. College Secunderabad Osmania University, Hyderabad

The department of political science, P G College Secunderabad has organized a Two Day National Seminar on 6th& 7th July 2013. The theme of the seminar is “RETHINKING HUMAN RIGHTS IN 21ST CENTURY EMERGING DIMENSIONS”. The said seminar provided a dais for the conglomeration of political science, public administration, history, sociology, economics, law faculty and thinkers, analysts, practitioners, researchers from inter disciplinary fields. The seminar is organized into five technical sessions. In the inaugural program a great political thinker and able academic administrator Professor R. Thandavan, Vice-Chancellor University of Madras, Professor A. P. Padhi, Former Vice-Chancellor, Sambalpur University, and member Executive Council NAAC, Professor Sanjeev Kumar Sharma, Head, Dept. of Political Science, CCS University, Merut and General Secretary IPSA and who is also well conversant with the semantics and syntactics of political science, Professor P. Muthaiah, Chairman Board of studies and who is also known to be a native thinker of political science subject took part in the seminar. Their presence on the dais augmented the image of the seminar in its form and substance.
At the outset Professor G. Gopal Reddy, Director of the seminar, has explained about the context, text and the expected outcome out of the seminar. Professor Thandavan, in his inaugural address, congratulated the Department of Political Science P G College Secunderabad and the Seminar Director for organizing a Two-Day National Seminar on a topic which has got a unique significance. He has opined that Human Rights reflect the humane aspects of political mechanisms and institutions. Professor Sanjeev Kumar Sharma has analyzed the current scenario of human rights and made a comparative picture of current and past human rights scenario. Professor Muthaiah has highlighted the need for widening and deepening the scope of human rights with a focus on the interests of marginalized sections of the society particularly on women. In the end of the inaugural section, Professor M. Chenna Basavaiah has proposed vote of thanks.

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