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Role of women’s study centers

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Role of women’s study centers
1. Networking and clustering of WSCs at local, regional, national level to prioritize the programs and carryout them. RAWS can serve as connecting institutions for networking of all WSCs and promote their cooperation.

2. To ensure the functioning and status of WSC as per UGC guidelines

3. To review the working of WSC at in all India level and progress the reported by Internal monitoring committee. (combine 2 and 3)

4. WSC’s to invite RAWS members for meetings as they invite the UGC members.

5. To promote cooperation and coordination among local WSCs.

6. Conferences/Seminars held at any higher education institution may invite RAWS member to speak on issues on women

7. Orientation program organized by academic staff colleges should include a session on gender sensitization and should invite WSC faculty members as resource person.

8. Self defense techniques to be included in the curriculum for girls. And UGC circular May be sent to all academic staff colleges.

9. Extension education in academic institutions be conducted/organized in collaboration with WSC

10. Foundation course on gender studies to be introduced at the school and college level.

11. Information and statistics on incidence of violence against women to be collected and disseminated.

12. Targets on reduction on violence against women should be set in the five year plans.

13. Gender inequality index should include incidence of violence against women.

14. Sex ratio at birth to be taken as an indicator at the national level for gender Empowerment index.

15. Gender sensitization programs to be conducted for defense personal, police, teachers, transport workers etc. by ministry of women and child development.

16. UN safe city program be extended to all cities and rural areas.

17. National Family Health Survey collects only for domestic violence. It should also Collect data on incidence of all abuse and violence.

  1. Two day National Seminar on “Enhancing Quality Education for the Secondary School Students” from 18th – 19th October, 2013 Organized by Dept. of Education, Sri Venkateswara College of Education, Peravurani, Thanjavur.

A two day national seminar on Enhancing Quality Education for the Secondary School Students (co-sponsored by ICSSR – SRC, Hyderabad) was held at Sri Venkateswara College of Education, Peravurani. Dr. M. Solayan, Principal delivered the welcome address. Mr. K. Rajavel presided over the inaugural function held on 18th October 2013 at 10am. In his presidential addressed he stressed the importance of maintaining and enhancing quality education for the secondary school students. Dr. C. Meenakshi Sundaram, Professor and Head, Department of Humanities, National Institute of Technology, Trichy delivered the inaugural address. In his speech, he stressed the importance of communication in the teaching-learning process. For speaking fluently in English, one should practice the habit of thinking in English clearly. Then only he could produce meaningful and logical statements. This would enhance quality in teaching. Moreover, the teacher should continue to read till the end. He should make use of topical news and interesting articles from magazines for his teaching. The teachers should also make use of computers and internet in developing their lessons. You Tube and Teacher Tube would help them a lot.
Dr. A.L. Malliga, Head, Department of Management Studies, Kodaikanal deliver the keynote address. She stated that the secondary school curriculum should be revised at regular intervals. The teachers should use modern teaching methodologies. The teaching learning process should be and interesting experience. The quality of the infrastructural facilities should be higher and adequate. The teaching materials prepared for the school students should bear high quality.
Dr. I. Muthusamy, Associate Professor, Department of Education, Bharathidasan University stressed the importance of teaching the lessons using play way method. The knowledge of the students should be developed by way of presenting interesting lessons. Comprehensive and continuous evaluation will also help the students. Dr. S. Sujatha Malini, Asst. Professor, Alagappa University, spoke about enhancing quality education by way of maintaining discipline in the classroom. There could be any effective learning when there is no discipline inside the classroom.
On afternoon of 18-10-2013 the technical session was conducted. The participants were divided into different groups and they were allowed to read the papers on quality education. Mr. M. Ponnusamy, Mr. R. Prakash and Mr. M. Sovi Viswanath chaired the sessions and provided apt comments and sought clarifications when the participants read out the papers.
On the second day (19-10-2013), Dr. D. Baskaran, Assistant Professor, Alagappa University college of Education stressed the importance of right reading habits. An inspiring poem, an article from a good magazine, a thoughtful newspaper editorial, a good story and a selection from the scriptures would provide good reading material. Mrs. V. Savithri Devi stressed importance of communications skills in her speech. Mrs. P. Kala spoke about improving history education at the secondary level. Mrs. S. Chitra stressed the importance of imbibing quality values among the secondary school students.
Dr. S. Subbaiah, Professor and Head of the Department of English delivered the valedictory address at 4pm on 19-10-2013. He stressed the need of improving the personality traits and providing psychological guidance to the secondary school students. Mr. M. Ponnusamy, Vice-Principal proposed a vote of thanks.

  1. One Day National Conference on “Go Green –A Mantra For Global Business Opportunities” on 25th October, 2013 Organized by Dept. of Management Studies, Karpagam College of Engineering, Othakkal Mandapam, Coimbatore.

The Department of Management Studies has organized a One Day Conference on “Go Green –A Mantra for Global Business Opportunities” on 25th October 2013 with the objective to provide a platform to deliberate on the theme of “Go Green” that would promote eco friendly products and services to the public and to conserve the resources leading to cost effectiveness of products and services that would leverage competitive advantage – “A Gate way to Global Business Opportunities”.
About 100 delegates attended the conference covering the cross segments of academia, scholars and corporate who are interested in research.34 papers were received and 20 papers were presented covering various topics , including Green Entrepreneurship presented by U. Dhanalakshmi, Research Scholar, Baharthiar University, Assistant Professor, Department Of Management Studies, Surya Engineering College, Erode-638 107, “Ecological awareness of employees and employers of Organization – A study on Mahabubnagar , Andhra Pradesh” by Sita Ramanjaneyulu, Adarsh PG College, Andhra Pradesh and the like. The conference covered the length and width of the topic and provided practical solutions to solve the same.
The conference brought awareness, analyzed various associated issues about globally significant topic and provided useful solutions which are of interest and value to the Industry, Institution and the country. The conference provided the platform for deliberations and Industry-Institution interaction and participation.

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