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Inaugural Function
The inaugural function was held on 22nd, March 2014 at 10 AM in Senate Hall, S.V.University, Tirupati. Prof. W.Rajendra, Honourable Vice-Chancellor of S.V.University, Tiruapti, attended as chief guest and delivered inaugural address. Dr. B.Dasaradharami Reddy, retired professor and former special officer, S.V.U.PG Centre, Kavali and Prof. K.Ramakrishnaiah, Dean, Faculty of Commerce & Principal, S.V.U College of CM&CS, S.V.University, Tirupati visited as guests of honour. Prof. V.Murugaiah, Department of Management Studies, Davengere University, Davengere, has delivered a key note address. Prof. M.Rajasekhar, Head, Department of Commerce, S.V.University commenced the programme as president and Prof. P.Mohan Reddy, Department of Commerce, proposed vote of thanks.
Technical Session-I
Backdrop, Growth, Performance and Emerging Challenges of MSMEs in Developing Economies.
After lunch break, the first technical session was held at 2.15 PM under the chairmanship of Prof. M.Chandraiah, Special Officer, VS University PG Centre, Kavali, Prof.P.Mohan Reddy, Department of Commerce, S.V.University, Tirupati acted as Lead discussant and Dr.K.Lavanya Latha, Department of Management Studies, Pandicherry University, Pondicherry acted as Rapporteur. Around 41 papers were presented by faculty from different universities (Davengere University in Karnataka, Pondicherry University in Pondicherry) and different universities in AP like Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, Srikrishna Devaraya University, Ananthapur, Osmania University, Hyderabad students participation is also on higher side. Many issues relating to growth, performance and emerging challenges of MSMEs in developing economies were raised and discussed elaborately. The deliberations are more interesting and attracted the attention of the many participants.
Technical Session-II
Institutional Finance, Regulatory Policies and Reforms with Reference to MSMEs in India.
After morning tiffin, the second technical session was started at 9.00 AM on 23/03/2014. This session was chaired by Prof. P.Mohan Reddy, Department of Commerce, S.V.University, Tirupati, Prof. B.Ramachandra Reddy, Department of Commerce, Sri Venkateswara University Tirupati acted as Lead discussant and Dr.V.Masulamani, Lecturer in Commerce, Govt. Degree College, Punganur acted as Rapporteur. More than 38 papers were presented in this session. The deliberations on institutional finance, regulatory policies and reforms with reference to MSMEs in India are thought provoking. The session was completed successfully.
Technical Session-III
Problems and Prospects of MSMEs in India
The third technical session after tea break was held at 11.45 AM on 23rd March, 2014 under the chairmanship of Prof. M.Rajasekhar, Department of Commerce, S.V.University, Tirupati. Dr. K.Malyadri, Principal, Govt. Degree College, Yelamanchli, Visakhapatnam District and Dr. K.Jayachandra Reddy, Department of Commerce, S.V.University, Tirupati occupied the dais as Lead discussant and Rapporteur. This session covered 44 papers in different topics with special focus on problems and prospects of MSMEs in India. In addition to 44 papers, 16 papers were submitted by the students. Limited time is given to the students to bring out the core content of their papers. The delegates from different states including AP were attended and actively participated in this session.
Valedictory Function
The valedictory function after lunch break was held at 2.30 PM on 23rd March, 2014. Prof.K.Ramakrishnaiah, Dean and Principal, S.V.U.College of CM&CS was the president, Prof. M.A.K.Sukumar, Rector of the university was the chief guest, Prof.M.Munirami Reddy, Retired Professor, has delivered a valedictory address, and Prof. D.Himachalam, Retired Professor, Department of Commerce, Tirupati occupied the dais as guest of honour. The speeches of the elite on the dais were more interesting and attracted the attention of the delegates. Dr.Subbarayudu from Yogivemana University and Dr. Lavanya Latha from Pondicherry University responded positively at the dais. The valedictory function came to conclusion with vote of thanks proposed by Prof. M.Venkateswarlu, Seminar Director, S.V.U. College of CM&CS, S.V. University, Tirupati.

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  1. Two day National Conference on “Social Exclusion and Reservation Policy in India: New Debates” from 11th - 12th November, 2013 Organized by Centre For the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy, University of Mysore, Mysore.

Inaugural Session

The inaugural session commenced with invocation of Nada Geetha and pouring the water to pot as a symbol of inauguration by the distinguished members on the dais.

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