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  • To create an atmosphere for exchange of ideas on the emerging trends in Science, Technology, Management and Humanities.

  • To bring awareness among students about the importance of Analytical tools in Research

  • To provide an opportunity for students to present papers related to recent innovative developments

  • To provide a platform for students to interact with Scientists, and Industrialists and Academicians to know the career opportunities in various branches of science, technology , management and humanities


  • Biodiversity and Conservation of Flora and Fauna

  • Isolation, Characterization and Bioassay of Natural Products

  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

  • Molecular and Immuno Diagnostics

  • Meta genomics

  • Cancer Biology and Stem Cell Research

  • Enzymology

  • Computational Biology

  • Heterocyclic drugs

  • Modern trends in organic synthesis

  • Astrophysics

  • Biophysics

  • Mathematical Physics

  • Number theory

  • Applications of Algebra

  • Parametric and Non-Parametric sampling techniques

  • Operations Research

  • Vital Statistics

  • Applied Statistics

  • Nanosciences


  • Optical Imaging

  • Signal Processing

  • RFID Technology

  • Embedded System

  • VLSI Design

  • Cloud Computing

  • Data Mining and Dataware Housing

  • Computer Networks

  • Image Processing

  • Cryptography and Ethical Hacking


  • Women Entrepreneurs / Women Leadership / Women Managers

  • Emerging Trends in Management – Marketing, finance and HR


  • Science in literature

  • Leadership in Literature

Organizing Secretary
Dr. S. Ravi Kiran

Associate Professor & Head

Department of Biochemistry & Biotechnology

Aurora’s Degree & PG College

Joint-Organizing Secretary
Mr. A. Naga Rajesh

Sr. Assistant professor

Department of Electronics

Aurora’s Degree & PG College

Organizing Committee

  • Dr. D. Kameswara Rao, Head, Department of Languages, Aurora’s Degree & PG College

  • Ms. Suseela kanduri, Head, Department of Commerce, Aurora’s Degree & PG College

  • Mr. Satyanarayana K, Head, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, Aurora’s Degree & PG College

  • Mr. Suraj Prakash Yadav, Head, Department of Computer Science, Aurora’s Degree & PG College

  • Mr. Nambiar, Head, Department of Genetics, Aurora’s Degree & PG College

  • Ms. Maithry Shinde, Head, Department of English, Aurora’s Degree & PG College

Organizing Secretary, Dr. Ravi Kiran, Head, Department of Biochemistry, Aurora's Degree & PG College, Hyderabad has given the welcome address and Sri Viswanadham Bulusu has given the inaugural address.

The guests for Inaugural session were
Sri Viswanadham Bulusu


Auroras Degree & PG College


Sri Raja Babu Nimmatoori


Auroras Group of Educational Institutions


Prof. K. Janardhan Reddy

Former Principal

UCS, Osmania University


After the lighting of the lamp and prayer song, the souvenir of the conference was released by Prof. K. Janardhan Reddy, the key note speaker and guest for the day.
Summary of the Keynote address
Prof. K. Janardhan Reddy initiated his address by giving importance of Science & Technology for the development of country. The development of Science & Technology in India was highlighted. He also focused on contribution of various Noble Laureates of the country and across the globe. India is still in the list of developing country and he stated that it is in the hands of young generation students and scholars who can move the country in to the list of developed by their noble contribution in all aspects of education. In this connection he quoted examples of various scientists like Dr. C.V. Raman, Dr. Siddiqui, Dr. Dhawan etc. He made the session very interactive by thought provoking questions posed to the students and faculty. Then he spoke on the role of management (financial & marketing) in scientific research. This part has attracted the eye of audience because without managerial skills one cannot get the fruits of research done in the laboratory.
The next part of his talk was on women empowerment and women entrepreneurs. The discussion went on this topic especially on Ms. Kiran Majumdar, Ms. Chanda Kochar, Dr. Renuka Datla etc. He also stressed on various opportunities available to women in biotech, pharma, small scale and IT sectors. The lecture then switched over to importance of humanities and he highlighted the sculptures of Belur, Halibedu and Hampi. He emphasized that science especially test tube babies was there at the time of mahabharatha by giving example of kunti devi where she incubated the embryos of Kouravas in pots.
Finally he concluded that interdisciplinary research is the need of the hour and suggested all faculty and students to make use of all facilities available in the institution reach to great heights in research and make India a Developed Country. Overall the key note address was excellent, thought provoking and informative and received overwhelming and positive response from all the audience.
After the tea break, parallel sessions were conducted for Science & Technology, Management and Humanities in different lecture halls. Around 150 delegates have attended the conference. A total of 85 abstracts have received and around 76 abstracts have been presented. Out of 75 presented papers, 30 are from Science & Technology, 25 from Management and 21 from humanities. Science & Technology presentations were organized in Lecture Hall No.8 wherein, Dr. Raghunadh Acharya and Dr. Shailima Chaired the sessions respectively for Technology and Science. Commerce & management technical sessions were held in Hall No. 9 chaired by Dr. Kankipati Srinivasa Rao whereas, Humanities sessions in Hall No. 10 were chaired by Dr. Sunitha K S and Dr. S. Kamalakara Sharma for English and Languages respectively.
The valedictory programme was started at 5.00 PM where the valedictory address was given by Organizing Secretary, Dr. Ravi Kiran. Vote of thanks was proposed by Ms. Rachel, Faculty, Department of English. The Programme finally ended with a National Anthem.

  1. One day Seminar on “Women’s Reservation in Legislatures” on 12th March, 2014 Organized by Centre for Women Studies, Dept. of Political Science, Osmania University, Hyderabad.

On the Occasion of International Women’s Day Celebrations the Centre for Women’s studies O U organized a Seminar on Women’s Reservations in Legislatures’ on 12th March 2014 at ICSSR- SRC Mini Conference Hall, O U Guest House. The Seminar was started at 10.30 A.M. Prof. V Yoga Jyotsna; Chairman B.O.S. Dept of Political Science welcomed and introduced the Guests. Prof K Laxmi Director, Centre for Women’s Studies O.U. introduced the theme that “Women’s Reservations Bill enabling 33% Reservation of seats in States Legislatures and in the Parliament which has been pending for the last 18 years.
It is regrettable that before each election the so called responsible leaders making promises towards Women’s Reservations is necessary and as they are committed for it. Further they have also mentioned that women are lacking the opportunities to participate n the Policy Making Bodies. This is remaining at this stage and not moving ahead even an inch after the elections.
Throughout the country very vigorous discussions were followed by vehement representations on this cause. Even demands were put across by different women’s groups of several categories, but nothing has happened, except expression of empty concern by the power that be. Some of the political leaders are raising premature and needless objections time to time but they never tried to address seriously towards resolving the issue constructively.
It is a matter of great disappointment that in the 15th Lok Sabha having the ruling UPA Chairperson, the main opposition leader with a very vocal, articulate distinguished lady and the Hon’ble speaker also a highly qualified and extremely capable lady with excellent family background and the Constitutional Head of the State was another Lady besides a handful of women members in the Parliament , ‘Women’s Reservations Bill has not taken its due place for discussion and passing it. Above all the young upcoming youth leader did mention that he is keen to have the women’s Bill passed immediately. But in spite of all these advantages still testing the patience of the women folk of the nation by the political parties.
Although the Women’s Reservations Bill was passed in the Rajya Sabha, not introducing in the Lok Sabha and passing it by convincing the few who are against it, has been a main pending grievance of women in the country. Even now the President being the constitutional Head of the State, he can address the long pending issue of the women by passing an Ordinance.
At Panchayat Raj and Nagara palika levels 50% Reservations for Women were approved by law. This is the high time to introduce the same at States Legislatures and to the Parliament. If this happens then women can play a positive development role in the Policy Making Bodies also, so as the so called Gender Justice might have taken place in our democratic setup.
In this context, it is pertinent to mention that the purpose of this seminar is to create awareness and demand political parties to allocate 50% seats to women in the forth coming elections. And also demand the Government of India to issue an Ordinance so as to enable the Representation of women in both the National and States Legislatures.
Prof.S.Sathynarayana, Vice Chancellor, O.U participated as Chief Guest and inaugurated the seminar. He stressed that women must be given proper positions without showing any discrimination in all fields. Prof. Y. Saraswathi Rao, former Vice Chancellor, Sri Krishna devaraya University, Ananthapur presided over. She stressed that 50% of the national energies are neglected and must be utilized properly by providing required Reservations as already promised by the political parties. Prof. Rama S. Melkote (retd) Dept of Political Science O.U presently Secretary, Anveshi Research Centre for Women’s Studies delivered the key note address. She said that only through agitations we can achieve the deserved Reservations we are expecting. She further said that even today the political arena is ruled by male only. Prof. G. Hara Gopal, ICSSR senior fellow TISS, has participated as Guest of Honour expressed his views on the topic and suggested the measures to be taken in order to achieve the goal of Reservations for women in legislatures. Prof. M Kodandaram, Chairman TJAC, has also participated as Guest of Honour and expressed his views on the Reservations for women as it will be achieved only through Agitations by taking the inspiration from the successful Telangana agitation. Prof Ravinder Kaur, Dept. of Public Administration proposed vote of thanks.
Prof. T. Tirupathi Rao, former Vice Chancellor, Osmania University presided over post lunch session. Smt. V. Sandya president P.O.W (Progressive Organization of Women), Dr. M.V. Laxmi Devi, principal RBVRR Women’s Collage presented papers. Prof. M. Andamma (retd) Dept of Telugu O.U., Dr. G.L.K Durga principal AMS collage, Dr. Kavitha Dept of English, Prof Vijaya Sree Head Dept of Sanskrit, Smt. Mary Madiga, M.s. Ratna Mala Social activist, K. Vimala and other members: Muktha-A Telangana women’s collective (NGO) Hyderabad, Directors, Principals, Research scholars, students, actively participated in discussion session.
The Seminar resolved unanimously that women must have 50% Reservations on all the Representative and Policy Making Bodies. Further all political Parties must allocate tickets to women candidates in the forth coming elections at all levels. All the political parties and other intellectual groups should support the women candidates psychologically, financially as well as morally.

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