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Two day National Seminar on “The Role of MGNREGS in Poverty Reduction”

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Two day National Seminar on “The Role of MGNREGS in Poverty Reduction” from 30th – 31st December, 2013Organized by Faculty of Business Management, Osmania University, Hyderabad

Two-Day National Seminar on “The Role of MGNREGS in Poverty Reduction”30th and 31st December 2013 Sponsored by ICSSR- SRC(Indian Council for Social Science Research) Hyderabad, Organized by Department of Business Management, Osmania University-Hyderabad Seminar conducted at Rural Development SERP, Hermitage Complex, Opposite Assembly ofAndhra Pradesh, Adarsh Nagar, Hyderabad. Seminar include as Sub–Themes 1.MGNREGS on the migration of labour from rural areas 2.Women Empowerment through MGNREGS 3.MGNREGS & Child Education 4.MGNREGS on Rural, Socio-economic and Political Culture 5.Role of MGNREGS in creation of community assets for rural areas 6. Impact of MGNREGS on agriculture labour availability in rural, to study the MGNREGS scheme implementation in India and Andhra Pradesh for achieve objectives of MGNREGSi.To analyse income creation potential of MGNREGS.ii. To study the extent of poverty reduction and migration from rural areas.iii.To check whether the MGNREGS is leading to CommunityAsset Development.

MGNREGS (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme) Act was passed by the Government of India in the year 2005 in order to empower the rural labourers with right to get employment of 100 days per year per family during off season. It was launched in Anantapur District on February 2d, 2006 by the Prime Minister Dr. ManMohen Singh and it came into effect from 1-4-2006 in 200 drought prone and backward districts in India. Accordingly, the Government of Andhra Pradesh formulated the scheme called MGNREGS since 1-4-2008 it has been implemented in all rural districts of India. Towards Ensuring the Right to work, the MGNREGS must satisfy several issues in its progress. Some of the focused areas to be explored for efficiency and effectiveness in ensuring poverty reduction and redistribution of income among rural people. The seminar would enlighten on: 1.Dimensions affecting the implementation of MGNREGS.2.Reasons for varying performance of the scheme across different states.3. Factors leading to the successful implementation of the scheme.4.Fixation of responsibility to personnel involved in the implementation of the scheme.5. Role of social audit towards effective implementation of MGNREGS
Inaugural Session: Some of the prominent persons consented to address the participants of the Seminar are delivered valuable message about scheme importance of the Seminar in poverty Reduction Dr. G. Chinna Reddy, AICC Secretary & Ex. Minister Rural Development Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. and Sri Shashi Bhushan Kumar, Commissioner Rural Development, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, and Registrar Osmania university Prof. K. Pratap Reddy,and OSD to Vice- Chancellor Prof.R.Nageswra Rao, and Principal University College Of Commerce &Business Management, Osmania university,Prof.V.Shekhar, and Head Department of Business Management, Prof. Selvarani Balan, and Dean Faculty of Management chairman of the Seminar prof .B. Krishna Reddy
Total 150 Research Scholar & Delegates Participated in Two day Seminar
Seminar segregates Five Technical Session Each Session Professor and Research Scholar chair to the session

Technical Session-I Prof.A.Vidyadhar Reddy & S.A.Sampath Kumar

Technical Session-II Sri R.Hanumanth Rao & Srinu .k

Technical Session-III Prof.K.Kalidas & Sammaiah Buhukya


Technical Session- IV Prof.R.Nageswar Rao & Rajashekhar

Technical Session- V Prof.A.Suryanarayanaja & Sunitha Gouri
Valedictory /Distribution of Certificates
Smt.V. Karuna Director, MGNREGS, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, Delivered Message of MGNREGS implementation In Andhra Pradesh Convenor&Head Department of Business Management, Prof. Selvarani Balan, Delivered Message, to the importance of the Seminar in Rural DevelopmentSeminar Chairman& Dean Faculty of Management, prof. B. Krishna Reddy, Delivered message of Two Days Success of Seminar, giving vote of Thanks to Participates Financial Support, ICSSR-SRC Director

  1. One Day National Seminar on “Social Entrepreneurship in India – Problems and Prospects” on 29th January, 2014 Organized by Department Of Commerce, Mahatma Gandhi University, Nalgonda

Social Entrepreneurship (SE) is gaining great momentum in the recent past. Social enterprises (SEs) / Entrepreneurship (SE) have / has the potential to take India’s spectacular growth to its poor citizens. Social Enterprises are addressing India’s vast development needs by employing innovative business models, and are maintaining sustainability through viable revenue models. Concurrently, this space is witnessing an increasing number of Social Entrepreneurs who are interested in supporting businesses with triple objectives – that is, profit (or financial sustainability at the least), social impact, and environmental impact.
This National Seminar provided a platform for the academicians, Social Entrepreneurs, Governmental Organisation, Students and other Stake holders to exchange their ideas and foster interactive research amongst the participants. The following are the Sub Themes:

  • SE: Health Care

  • SE:Rural Development

  • SE: Disaster Management

  • SE: Training Future Entrepreneurs

  • SE: Social Innovation

  • SE: Training Leaders

  • SE:Primary Education

  • SE: Women Empowerment

  • SE: Micro Finance

  • SE: Role of Govt & NGOs

  • SE: Role of Corporates

  • SE: Social Issues

  • SE: Environmental Protection

  • SE: Capacity Building

Inaugural Session:

The Inaugural Session was begun by Singing Vandemataram followed by lighting of the Lamp.

Welcome Address was given by Mrs. K. Sridevi, Seminar Director & Head, Department of Commerce, Mahatma Gandhi University, Nalgonda and she has initiated the discussion saying that Social Entrepreneurship is assimilated in the Indian Civilization, however the Society has missed the track somewhere and therefore there is a need to reinvent the track.
Chief Guest Shri Osman Kaya Oglu, Director, Indialogue Foundation, Turkey released the Seminar Souvenir.
Prof. (Mrs) Prashanta Athma, Senior Professor from Department of Commerce, Osmania University, and the Guest of Honour for the Seminar spoke about the origin and the spread of the Social Entrepreneurs in the recent times in India.
Sri D. Murali Krishna Raju, Social Activist shared his experiences in rebuilding the IDPL School and encouraged the delegates to believe that they can bring change in the society.
Retired Prof. Purushotham Reddy, an Active Social Entrepreneur, the Key note Speaker for the Seminar opined that the concept of the Social Entrepreneurship was not new to the Indian Society and was practiced by it since ages. He reiterated that the one of the best examples of the Social Entrepreneurship is the ‘Bhoodan Movement’ founded by Vinobha Bhave at the Pochampally, Nalgonda District. Therefore the District of Nalgonda shares the history of Social Entrepreneurship. He said that the present day generation, particularly Youth, is becoming more responsible and are willing to take up activities with triple bottom line approach. However the greed of the major chunk of the Society is playing havoc and is the bottle neck in carrying out the Social Entrepreneurship.
Shri Osman Kaya Oglu, Director, Indialogue Foundation, Turkey, a person deeply involved in the field of Education, the Chief Guest for the Session spoke about the problems they faced in Turkey for educating the masses and expressed joy that their organization performed better than the Turkish Government in achieving the objective. They also have their institutions in India and 9 branches were presently working in Hyderabad.
Prof. Pochanna, Registrar, Mahatma Gandhi University, Nalgonda said that the Development of the country is in the hands of Youth, more particularly with the young intellect and urged the students to play their part in the near future.
Dr. Ravi Aluvala, Principal, University College of Commerce & Business Management, Mahatma Gandhi University, Nalgonda who presided the session gave the Presidential Remarks.
Mrs. K. Sridevi, the Seminar Director presented the Vote of Thanks.
About 50 Research Papers were received and were presented in two Technical Sessions broadly divided as – Social Entrepreneurship: An overview & Role of Corporates and Social entrepreneurship: Rural Development & Women Empowerment. The Research Papers included various areas like Disaster Management, Case Studies, Conceptual overview, Role of Corporates, Marketing, Global Warming Corporate Social Responsibility, The Role of Various Sectors, Women Empowerment, Solid Waste Management, Education, NGOs, Rural Development and other related issues.
The Technical Session I was Chaired by Prof. Rudra Saibaba, Director, Lal Bahadur College, Warangal. The Technical Session II was Chaired by Shri Pulijala Ram Mohan Rao, Secretary, Red Cross Society, Nalgonda. The Research Papers presented by the delegates were very much appreciated.
In the Valedictory Session the Raporteur Reports of Technical Sessions I & II were presented. Dr. Shoukat Ali Mirza, Hon’ble Secretary & Correspondent, Andhra Mahila Sabha, Hyderabad, and a Social Activist by nature was the Guest of Honour for the Session. He advised the Delegates and the Students that the Social Entrepreneurship has something to do with the attitude and therefore first they have to change their attitude. Any person with a right attitude can make humble beginning by helping one other person atleast.
Prof. B. Krishna Reddy, Dean, Faculty of Commerce, Mahatma Gandhi University, and Dean, Department of Business Management, Osmania University, the Guest of Honour for the Session stressed upon the Research opportunities in this Area.
Prof. K. Narender Reddy, Officer on Special Duty & Controller of Examinations, Mahatma Gandhi University stressed the need of each individual positively contributing to the Society for their own wellbeing.
Prof. Pochanna, Registrar, Mahatma Gandhi University expressed satisfaction on the successful organizing of the Seminar and congratulated the Department of Commerce and the students.
The Guests were felicitated.
Dr.(Mrs) B. Saritha, Vice Principal, University College of Commerce & Business Management, Mahatma Gandhi University presided the Session and has given the Presidential Remarks.
The Seminar ended by the singing of National Anthem.

  1. Two day National Conference on “Recent Advances in Science, Technology, Management and Humanities” from 7th - 8th March 2014 Organized by Aurora’s Research & Development Cell, Aurora’s Degree & PG College, Hyderabad.

Progress of Science and Technology in the past decades has made enormous contribution to society in all walks of life by providing new technological innovations which transforms the education and industrial scenario across the globe. The significant advancement in science led to the conscientious efforts of many scientists, academicians and industries to shape the younger generation and explore them to the knowledge world. Further Commerce and Management education is undergoing a major transition from classical accounting to Internationalization, cross cultures, strategic alliances, partnership & mergers. “Developing people before developing products,” is the need of the hour which enables to climb to the top horizon of the Industrial world. And Sciences & Commerce when blended with Humanities, education takes a complete shape. Aurora’s vision of making “Global Citizens with a Human Touch” entails to liaise the knowledge contingent with the emerging multidisciplinary trends and approaches in Literature and Language. Therefore the college organized a National Conference which provided a opportunity to students and researchers to share their valuable ideas in the field of Science, Technology, Management and Humanities and discussed the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted. The programme included plenary lectures by eminent people & scientists and Oral presentations by scholars and students which gave all participants a brilliant insight into the proposed areas.

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