Sociology 101: Introduction to Sociology

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Sociology 101: Introduction to Sociology

Spring Term 2007-08 Dr. M.A. Miller

321-3338 (Office/B-229)

MWF [A] 9-9:50 am BU-222 372-2660 (Home/Fax)

[B] 11-11:50 pm BU 222

Office hours: MWF 10-10:55 am, 12-1 pm E-Mail:

T Th: 12:30-3:00 pm and by appointment


Sociology is a social science. As such, it employs a scientific approach to the study of society. Human beings are social by nature. They form societies so that they can solve common problems in a more efficient and effective manner. Society emerges out of human interaction. Social patterns and forces are created, maintained and can be changed through this interaction.

The major objectives of this course are to provide students with opportunities to develop
-a working knowledge of the principal concepts and themes in the discipline of Sociology.
-practice in social scientific thinking with particular emphasis on critical thinking
-a sociological perspective on current local, national, and global events;
- an awareness of the interrelationships and interdependence of the components of culture

and social institutions;

-the ability to recognize, understand and respect cultural diversity as it exists within and

among societies,

- the ability to apply a variety of sociological perspectives in the study of social forces, group

life and social problems.

- a conceptual framework for understanding cultural diversity and global interdependence

Required Text: Our Social World, 1st Edition. Jeanne Ballantine and Keith Roberts. 2006. Sage Publications. ISBN: 141293706X

Companion Study Site:

Students are expected to attend, be on time for, and participate responsibly in all classes.

Participation and attendance will be factors in determining the final grade. Students are expected to advise the

teacher in the event of necessary absences by email. Consistent with school-wide policy, those who miss in excess of 20% [7] of the total classes scheduled for this course will be unable to receive credit for the course. Also consistent with college-wide policy, any student who misses class, even for a legitimate cause, is responsible
for the material covered and assignments given during the class that is missed. Students are expected to take

notes which should include relevant examples of the concepts discussed. Notes may be reviewed by the teacher at various times during the course. Students who do not miss any classes are given the option of dropping the lowest of their first three test grades.

Students are expected to consult their email regularly for announcements and course information. Student should also consult the teacher’s web page as needed:

Students are required to take all scheduled examinations during the class sessions in which they are given.

Exceptions to this requirement will be made ONLY if the student makes acceptable arrangements with the teacher prior to the time of the examination. Make-up exams will be given after the final examination.
Students are encouraged to arrange meetings with the teacher as needed/desired.


In order to create and maintain a learning environment appropriate to university-level education, students are expected to abide by the following directives:
1 cell phones should be turned off during class; no text messaging; no ear phones; no ipods

2 students should not write notes to other students, carry on private discussions, or make

comments not intended for the class as a whole

3 lap tops are permissible by individual arrangement only

4 students should not eat or chew gum during class time

5 students may not use class time to sleep. If it is necessary for a student to sleep during class,

s/he will be invited to leave class and find a suitable place to rest.
The final grade will be based upon the average of four (4) test grades worth 20% each, two (2) reflective essays worth a total of 15% and class participation worth 5% of the final grade. .
Tests will be multiple choice. Students will have the option of doubling the weight of the fourth examination. Optional essay exams will be given for students who believe that they can best express what they have learned in writing rather than on multiple choice tests.
Short written assignments will be given at various times during the course for the purposes of discussion and will be considered part of the participation grade.
Examinations are the property of the teacher. All student exams will be retained for a period of 6 weeks after the conclusion of the class. Grade questions and appeals should be made within this time-frame.
GRADE EQUIVALENTS: 93-100: A; 85-92: B; 75-84: C; 67-74: D; 0-66: F
PLAGIARISM STATEMENT: Plagiarism is the taking of the ideas and/or words of another and representing them as your own. This is unacceptable in any community of learning. Evidence of plagiarism will be considered cause for course failure.
Students are expected to demonstrate the use of inclusive language in all written work.
As your teacher for this course, I am committed to assisting you in earning the highest possible grade of which you are capable. In meeting this commitment, I am depending upon you to advise me regarding your particular needs if you believe that they are not being met or if there are better ways to meet them. Also, I will continually welcome your input regarding ways in which you think the class can be improved.


I have read the syllabus for SOC 101, Spring Term, 2007-2008. I have had the opportunity to have the requirements explained to me in greater detail. I know that I am expected to attend class and be on time for class, and that if I miss more than 7 classes, I will not receive credit for the course. I know that I must advise the teacher in advance if there is an unavoidable necessity that requires that I change the date of any exam.

I assume responsibility for advising the teacher if I have needs that are not being met in the class as it is conducted. I will also consult my email on a regular basis for messages and relevant course materials.
I agree to abide by the directives related to Learning Environment that are included in the syllabus.
I understand that if I am unable, for serious reason, to complete the work in this course by the time of the final examination, I am responsible for submitting an Incomplete Grade Form available online or in the Registrar’s Office.

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