Soc 1b midterm #2 Take-home Exam (150 points) Due: November 25th

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Soc 1B Midterm #2 Take-home Exam (150 points)

Due: November 25th
For your take-home midterm you will write an essay answering the questions below. This exam requires that you form an argument and substantiate this argument with support from the course readings and lecture. When writing your essay make sure that you don’t just tell me something, but explain it to me. You are allowed to use all class material on this exam, but you should not use any resources outside of class.
Each essay must adhere to the following format and criteria:

  • be between 3-4 pages (typed) in length *if you have limited access to a computer and need to hand write your exam, you must get prior approval from me*

  • typed in 12 point font, double-spaced, and one inch margins

  • proofread for grammatical and spelling errors

  • In essay format (introduction, body, conclusion)

*You must study for and write this exam on your own. You are not allowed to study with other classmates or individuals. Any evidence of academic dishonesty (such as exams that prove to have a high level of similarity) will result in an F (zero points) for the exam and possible administrative intervention.

*All exams are due during the first 10 minutes of class. ABSOLUTELY no late exams will be accepted, even in emergency situations.
Essay: Global Inequality in the era of globalization has reached unprecedented levels. According to Davis in Planet of Slums , “Global inequality, as measured by the World Bank economists across the entire population, reached a GINI coefficient level of 0.67 by the end of the century – this is mathematically equivalent to the situation where the poorest two thirds of the world receive zero income, and the top third receives everything” (pg. 165).

  1. While this level of inequality is astonishing, according to Eglitis in the reading The Uses of Global Poverty, “there are limited incentives for the better-off states to support the…development of all states in the global system.” (pg. 309). Explain at least two ways that the underdevelopment of countries is beneficial to developed countries using examples from course readings and videos. According to Davis, how do structural adjustment programs (SAPs) benefit developed countries at the expense of underdeveloped countries and contribute to the development of slums?

  1. Inequality is a difficult social problem to address because it both causes social problems and results from them. This is especially true for the most vulnerable social groups in society, like women and children. Explain some of the social problems that from arise from global inequality, using the example of:

    1. The life chances of children living in slums, with examples from the book Planet of Slums and the video Born into Brothels;


    1. The sexual violence and poverty that women experience in Africa, with examples from the readings The Feminization of Poverty and the film Rape in the Congo.

  1. Conclude you essay with a discussion of how we can address issues of inequality in both developed and underdeveloped countries at the same time.

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