Skeletal System Study Guide Vocabulary

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Skeletal System Study Guide


Axial Skeleton Appendicular Skeleton Compact Bone Spongy Bone

Epiphysis Diaphysis Epiphyseal Line Medullary Cavity

Periosteum Articular Cartilage Closed Reduction Open Reduction

Hematoma Fibrocartilage Callus Bony Callus Synarthroses

Amphiarthroses Diarthroses Fibrous Joints Cartilaginous Joints

Synovial Joints Monaxial Biaxial Multiaxial

Gomphosis Suture Symphysis Syndesmosis

Synchondrosis Synostosis
Essential Questions:

1) What is the importance of our skeletal system within the framework of the human body?

2) What are bone markings and the importance of them?
3) What is the basic anatomy to a human bone and how are those parts important?
4) What are all the bones found throughout the human body and specific bone markings found on each of them?
5) How are joints important to the human body and what are similarities and differences between the 3 major kinds?

6) What are the different types of fractures that can occur to our bones?

7) How does a bone repair itself from various types of fractures?

A) Basics of the Skeletal System (p. 112-113)

B) Parts of a Long bone (p. 114)

Be able to define and locate the different parts of a Long Bone.
Articular Cartilage Epiphyseal Line/Plate

Spongy Bone Medullary Cavity

Periosteum Compact Bone

Red Marrow Yellow Marrow

Epiphysis Diaphysis

C) 17 Bone markings (p. 115)

-Defined each and know what their purpose is.

D) Microscopic Bone Anatomy (p. 116)

Be able to define and locate all the different parts of microscopic bone

Volkmann’s Canals Haversian Canals Canaliculus Lacuna

Lamella Osteocytes Osteon Blood Vessels

E) Be able to identify the 8 kinds of fractures (p. 118 – 120)

-How they differ from each other

-Four steps to how a fracture repairs itself

F) Joints (p. 142 – 145)

-Defined Structurally

-Defined Functionally

-Four parts to a Synovial Joint

-Six kinds of Synovial Joints and the planes they move on
Extra Credit!!!

Complete the following review questions and turn it in before the test tomorrow to receive some extra credit on the test. You must have 100% of the questions done to receive the points.

Pg. 151 ---Multiple Choice Questions---1, 2, 3, 6, 7

Pg. 151-152 ---Short Answer Essay: ---1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 17, 18, 21, 23, 24, 25

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