Siti Rohani Binti Ramali H/P: 010-9446937

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Siti Rohani Binti Ramali H/P: 010-9446937

Post Office Beverly Hill, P.O Box 30279, 88700 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

E-Mail :

Personal Items

Date of birth : 17/09/88

No. My kad : 880917-12-5840

Gender : Female

Race: Bisaya, Beaufort.

Religion: Muslim.

Age: 27 years old.

Citizens: Malaysia.

Career Objectives.

Seeking a good opportunity in a good company that enables me to improve my skills, increase more my experience, fulfill my personal ambitions & expand more my knowledge.


Institute: S.M. Stella Maris.

Level : Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR)

Year: 2003.

Results: 1B, 4C, 3D.

Level : Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)

Year: 2005.

Results: 2(4B), 4(6C), 2(7D), 1(8E).

Sport Achievement.

Marching Sport.

  • Joining competition between team at school in 2005.




P. Bahasa Melayu

Ordinary Member

P. Puteri Islam

Ordinary Member

P. Rumah Hijau

Ordinary Member

P. Basketball

Ordinary Member


  • Good in management source of human.

  • Good in 5 file system.

  • Can communicate in interpersonal.

  • Can prepare a business document.

Skill Certificate.

Computer Skills: Microsoft Office 2008.

Domain: Ms. Words, Ms. Excel, Ms. Power point, Ms. Access, Ms. Publisher, Graphic design, Ms. Office Visio Professional 2003.


Basic course General Clerk/Administrative Assistant(Clerical/Operation).

Session: April 2014 Organize by: Akademi Utama.

Language Knowledge.





B. Melayu




B. English




Personal Strength.

I am steadfast person, diligent, hardworking, always follow the instructions of the employer, and willing to learn something new and ready focus solely in the work.

Job Experience.

Name of company: U.N.E TRADING SDN.BHD.

Objectives: Supply & wholesales for stationery dealer.

Years of employment: 12/05/08-28/02/14.

Designation: Billing Clerk.

Task & Skill :

  • Entered customer billing data into the computer system (Auto count Accounting UBS).

  • Answering phone.

  • Collect customer orders from P/O which salesman takes it from outstation.

  • Can filling business documents such as invoice, cash bill and quotations.

  • Good in Ms. Excel (entering data) and also can type in Ms. Words.

  • General Office Skills.

Name of company: VARAKTIG RIKEDOM RESOURCES.(Investment – Gold & Silver).

Objectives: Help, Planning, and Provide Advice to people in financial management which the individual wants to manage their own account or ask for advice from our company.

Years of employment: 02/08/2014-23/12/2014.

Designation: Business Executive.

Task & Skill:

  • Call-Calling to client set an appointment in financial management.

  • Doing in Research Department.

  • Follow-up client in News and their account.

  • E-mailing proposal to client.

[Siti Rohani].[010-9446937].[E-mail :]

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