Sir geoffrey ellis's essay prize 2014/15

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This Prize, of the value of £100, is open for competition to Junior Members of the College who have not previously won the Prize and who, on 1st June 2015, are of not more than four years' standing from the end of the term of matriculation.

Candidates shall submit the proposals for subjects on which they wish to write to the Senior Tutor for approval, not later than the division of Lent Term 2015 (13th February 2015). There is no restriction on subject except that each entry must not have been or be about to be submitted for scrutiny by any other examiners or supervisors in this University or elsewhere either in the form of the entry for the Prize or in any similar, precursory or derived form. Candidates should state that this is so in submitting their topics for approval. It is expected that each candidate will not submit more than one title for approval.
When a title has been approved an essay of between 2,000 and 6,000 words may be submitted. Titles once approved may not be changed without further reference to the Senior Tutor.
Essays on topics which have received prior approval should be sent to the Senior Tutor not later than a date to be announced.

Dr S. Hampton

Senior Tutor

The Prize will be advertised in January 2015.

Download 24 Kb.

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