Short essay topics, winter term 2008/09

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  1. The “near abroad” concept in Russian foreign policy: meaning and political implications.

  2. The Kosovo War of 1999 and its impact on relations between Russia and the West.

  3. The use of geopolitical concepts in post-Soviet Russian foreign policy.

  4. Russian-Iranian cooperation since the fall of the USSR.

  5. The main institutions of Russian foreign policy-making, their functions and interactions.

  6. Settlement of the border issues between Russia and China.

  7. How did Russia become the sole owner of the Soviet nuclear arsenal?

  8. Russia’s policy on the Nagorno-Karabagh conflict.

  9. Russia’s policy on the Transdniestria conflict.

  10. Russian interpretations of the notion of spheres of influence.

  11. Russia’s trade relations with Eastern Europe after the fall of communism.

  12. Motives of Russia’s critique of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

  13. The Conventional Forces in Europe Treaty: is it still in force?

  14. The Russia-Georgia war of 2008.

  15. BRIC: how valid a concept?

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