Share #1 [“Bobby”] R: Read “Bobby”; work on #2 F: (4) Read nonfiction essays: Black, Ford, Sedaris, Martin

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Creative Writing: Winter – Spring 2015 – Pds. 4, 8 [Bold = Level-One: Pd. 2]
January 26 – 30 (Week One)

M: (Day 8) Review syllabus; introductions; begin School Memory assignment #1

T: Draft #1 in-class; create google.doc

W: (2) Share #1 [“Bobby”]

R: Read “Bobby”; work on #2

F: (4) Read nonfiction essays: Black, Ford, Sedaris, Martin

February 2 – 6 (Week Two)
M: #2 due; share, revise [In-class critique, excluding favorite]

T: Bring childhood photo; work on #3

W: #3 due; share, revise; work on #4 (read student essays)

R: (8) #4 cont.

F: Read Sweeney essay; #5 rant in class [Due Monday: critique #1 on favorite essay by Martin, Black, Ford, OR Sedaris]
February 9 – 13 (Week Three)
M: (2) Discuss #4; brainstorm for personal essay; read selected essays (Saunders, David Foster Wallace; see satires, by David Sedaris, Steve Martin…); watch DFW “This Is Water”; “thesis” and begin draft [discuss critique #1, due]

T: #5 due. Cont. discussion above. Begin work on draft

W: (4) work on draft

R: complete rough draft; polished, printed, due Monday) [Due Monday: critique #2, “Here Come the Orphans” by Dave Eggers; or “Difficult Girl” by Lena Dunham]

F: In-service day: no school for students
February 16 – 20 (Week Four)
M: Holiday: no school

T: Draft due; share, revise… [Polished, printed essay due; critique #2 due]

W: (8) Final essay due; read aloud in class…

R: Fiction Exercise #1: Read POV excerpts and write four scenes…

F: Work on Fiction #1
February 23 – 27 (Week Five)

M: #1 POV assignment due—four scenes; share…

T: #2 Work on “Airport Scene”

W: Share and discuss #2 “Airport Scene”; revise and polish.

R: Read “The Flowers” by Alice Walker; discuss how it works as a complete story, despite its brevity; see other short-short stories…

F: Read short story. [Due Monday: critique #3, “White Angel” by Cunningham]

March 2 – 6 (Week Six)
M: Write short-short story, in third or first-person (#3) [critique #3 due]

T: Write a scene, in contrast to a story (#4)

W: Revise and polish story and scene assignments

R: Read “Shot” by Joyce Carol Oates, and answer questions

F: Read short story. [“Separating”: read for Monday; quiz and in-class critique]

March 9 – 13 (Week Seven)
M: Discuss “Shot”; search for news article for #5 [John Updike “Separating” quiz and in-class critique as class]

T: Work on #5 Scene: Creating sympathy for the character; writing a compelling opening scene to a story (inspired by a real-life news story)

W: Write group stories, continuing from #5…

R: Present stories; reveal original inspirations…

F: Read short story. (Due Monday: critique #4 on “The Love of My Life” by T.C. Boyle)

March 16 – 20 (Week Eight)
M: (Critique #4 due, on “The Love of My Life” by T.C. Boyle)

—“Story Machine” #6 scene-writing assignment: writing a last scene in a story. Exercise plus brainstorm…

T: Write #6 in class

W: #6 due; peer review. Present and discuss scenes.

R: Anne Tyler’s “Holding Things Together”; read, do #7 (arcs of 8 scenes in the story)

F: work on #8 (outline of own story)

March 23 – 27 (Week Nine)
M: Story assignment intro

T: rough outline discussion; explain overall arc of story

W: polished outline and 1 page due (consider POV; third v. first, etc.)

R: Work on story…

F: 2 pages due; read “25 Stories”; critique draft due Tuesday (plus 4 pages)

SPRING BREAK – unofficial end of third marking period / start of fourth m.p.

April 6 – 10 (Week One)
M: Teacher Flex Day; no school for students

T: “25 Stories” critique draft due; 4 pages due

W: Work on story…

R: [AWP Teacher Conference] Work on story. Read “The Smile on Happy Chang’s Face” by Tom Perrotta.

F: [AWP Teacher Conference] Work on story. Read “Happy Chang.”
April 13 – 17 (Week Two)
M: Quiz on “Happy Chang”; discuss. 6 pages due.

T: Work on story; consider exercises on dialogue…

W: Work on story: (“What if…?” questions; “Show, Don’t Tell”)

R: Work on story

F: Draft due; consider fiction exercises [Read one story by: Dark, Black, Percy, or Packer.]
April 20 – 24 (Week Three)
M: Work on story; review “Story Qualities”; review troublesome mechanics; review dialogue and scene break technique. [Level-One in-class critique assignment—on story by Dark, Black, Percy, or Packer.]

T: Work on story—polished draft due.

W: Final edit, submit ASAP

R: Read stories; two-paragraph critique of classmate’s story.

F: Story submission absolute deadline
April 27 – May 1 (Week Four)
M: Introduce food scene assignment. Watch food scenes from Little Miss Sunshine, Ordinary People, American Beauty, Raging Bull, and Juno; consider how the physical world reflects the emotional world of the characters; consider the arc of the scene, and how one character drives the scene; how conscious and unconscious desires are met with obstacles (interpersonal; intra-personal; environmental)

T: Work on food scene assignment [see “adaptation” option]

W: Write sample food scene together as class; revise food scene assignment; introduce adaptation assignment; see sample screenplay; discuss format [Read and discuss “How to Watch a Movie”; introduce movie assignment; groups brainstorm for movie concept, outline…]

R: Watch Ordinary People

F: Watch Ordinary People
Saturday: PROM
May 4 – 8 (Week Five)

M: Wrap Ordinary People.

T: Write adaptation scene
W: Polish screenplay scenes: due. AND/OR: STORIES BACK; REVISE…

R: Read and discuss “How to Watch a Movie”; introduce movie assignment; groups brainstorm for movie concept, outline

F: Work on outline (And/or watch “Good Will Hunting”; study screenplay)
May 11 – 15 (Week Six)

M-T: cont. story revision and screenplay scene assignments; [work on script; read Benjamin Percy’s essay on revision for HW].

W: Story revision due. Watch Ordinary People for overall structure, highlighting key scenes that show, through imagery and crucial dialogue, the trajectory of the main plot and subplot.

R: work on screenplay scenes; [work on screenplay draft]

F: scenes due (or first-thing after break); screenplay draft due. Return short stories, with substantial feedback; discuss and begin revision process
[weekend #1 to work on short film]
May 18 – 22 (Week Seven)
M: Watch Good Will Hunting with an eye for overall structure, especially long Act One, which develops character, creates sympathy, clarifies stakes for Act Two. Story revisions due.

T: GWH cont. Acts II and III compressed.

W: Work on script.

R: Return short stories; introduce Good Will Hunting screenplay…

F: Teacher flex day: no school for students
[weekend #2 to work on short film]
May 25 – 29 (Week Eight)

M: Holiday: no school

T: Screenplays due / Stories back…

W: Screenplay readings…in class…



M: “Movie-Book” due to be read… (Plus: Develop and polish outline… Stories back… Revise…)

T: 40-minute timed writing on book

W: Book chat work

R: 40-minute timed writing on movie

F: Movie-book paper due; polished movie outline due…]

[weekend #3 to work on short film]
June 1 – 5 (Week Nine)
M: Movies due

T: Movie Night



F: Senior Awards – Garden Party
June 8 – 11
M: Final exam

T: Graduation Rehearsal

W: Senior final make-ups

R: Graduation

F: Last day 4th m.p.

June 15 – 17
M: Finals…


W: Last day for students

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