Seven peaches: the first seven desert peach episodes


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by Akihiro Ito

The ongoing feud between Kagura Security and the Phantom Cats has been legendary, but the stakes are raised even higher when one of our heroes is kidnapped! Making matters worse, hostage and hijackers alike are trapped on a jet airplane that the army is trying to shoot out of the sky! Getting stuck between the government and the Phantom Cats isn't the best place for any self-respecting action hero to be! Written and illustrated by the mega-talented Akihiro Ito, Geobreeders is a high-octane slugfest that never runs short on action, thrills, and cute girls with machine guns!

SC, 7x10, 224pg, b&w $15.95


The hapless crew of the Nadesico is caught between the powerful Earth Federation forces and the mysterious Jupiterians. They have journeyed out to the planet Jupiter in hopes of rescuing Captain Yurika, but what they don't know is that she may not want to be rescued! How can a lone battleship survive against the amassed power of two planets? Don't miss the grand finale of Nadesico!

SC, 7x10, 208pg, b&w $15.95

by Koichi Ohata

Enter a future devastated by war; a future you'll probably live to see. With their governments driven to the brink of destruction, the planet Jerra is in disarray. Amidst the turmoil a new type of hero emerges on a quest for vengeance and violence. Geist, born in the government laboratories of Earth, hungers for battle and power, and no authority can stop him! From the cybernetic mind of Koichi Ohata, CPM Comics proudly presents one of the greatest anti-heroes of all time-M.D. Geist!


SC, 7x10, 192pg, FC $15.95



SC, 7x10, 176pg, b&w $16.95


Features strips, comics, and other mayhem by a wide range of cartoonists. Here you'll find ruminations on God by John Klossner, the search for love by Jay Scruggs, gratuitous violence by Elena Steier and John Reynolds, and a monkey in a mailbox by John Kovaleski. In addition, there are paper dolls and puzzles, all of which have been slapped together for no particular reason. But then not everything has a purpose, now does it?

SC, 124pg, b&w $19.95

by Kesel, McNiven, Simmons; Colored by Hollowell

After last month's devastating battle, there's lots of clean-up work to do on Meridian. But it's no longer the home that Sephie left...and it may not be her home for much longer.

FC, 32pg $2.95

RUSE #10

by Waid, Guice, & Perkins; Colored by DePuy

Below the streets of Partington lies a stygian realm ruled by Simon Archard's former partner, Lightbourne! In order to save the city from complete and total destruction, Simon and Emma have no choice but to confront Lightbourne in his own domain - where he holds all the power!

FC, 32pg $2.95


by Kesel, Di Vito, & Hunter; Colored by Schwager

Trenin's using Tulity's child to flush her out of hiding. Will a mother's love prove stronger than self-protection? It does for Pyrem, who heads off to rescue Ingra, unwisely going alone...

FC, 32pg $2.95


by Bedard, Fiorentino, & Ryan; Colored by Crossley

Giselle rocks the Kasbah in the land of the Djinn Guild! When she seeks the wisdom of the Djinn Master, Giselle ends up taking on an ancient spirit bent on eradicating the peaceful, desert-dwelling folk. Will she solve the great riddle of the Djinn in time to defeat her newest foe? Be there as the mystic quest continues across the magical world of Ciress!

FC, 32pg $2.95


by Dixon, Johnson, & Ryder; Colored by Garcia

No rest for Boon this issue. The Silken Ghost gives Boon until sundown to find the Phoenix Heart. The Judge sends his deadliest killers to find Boon. Tiger Mah swears vengeance against the Jade Rat. The Great Khan begins a siege campaign to bring down the walls of Zhumar. And Po Po is too hung over to care about any of it. Blazing martial arts action AND a drunken monkey!

FC, 32pg $2.95


by Bedard, Pelletier, & Meikis; Colored by Rochelle

Suffering their most crushing loss at the hands of the Lawbringer, beyond all hope of victory, Kaine and his band of fugitives must find the will to carry on their war against the Negation. Meanwhile, Charon's mysterious prisoner is revealed, and Komptin obtains his ultimate secret weapon!

FC, 32pg $2.95


by Various

The best swords are made from a variety of metals that, when forged together, create a blade stronger than the sum of its parts. So too with CrossGen's Compendia Series. Forge #5 is a unique blend of fantasy, sci-fi, action, and adventure - one that cuts through genre conventions in a powerful new way. Speaking of swords, it will take a very special blade to take down the dragon in this month's triple-sized installment of Sojourn (chapters 8-10). Or maybe it will take something other than a blade to eliminate this threat. No one can accuse the Negation crew of bringing a knife to a gunfight in chapter 6 of this rollicking space odyssey. This one features more walrus people than ever before, as our intrepid escapees set out to rescue Captain Fluxor. Meridian brings a brighter sense of adventure to the pages of Forge, tempering the carnage of sci-fi spectacle with a dash of fairy-tale fantasy. But Sephie can certainly stand up for herself in a fight, as we see in chapters 23 & 24. Add to the mix three parts Crux (chapters 11-13), the most cosmic CrossGen series of all. This installment marks a turning point for our six Atlanteans. Pulled a hundred centuries out of their own time, they begin to discover their new place in the universe. Unfortunately, their place is linked to the Negation. Finally, from the far-flung future we visit a world that recalls Japan's feudal past with a double dose of The Path (chapter 4). The way of the sword is a hard path indeed, as General Ryuichi lays siege to the monastery of his old friend Obo-san, who is now a wanted man. Variety is certainly the spice of life, but it's also the key to the sharpest edge of entertainment - Forge#5.

SC, 7x10, 256pg, FC (Note Price) $11.95


by Marz & Bedard, Peterson & Fiorentino, Dell & Ryan

The saga of Giselle Villard, reluctant hero of a magical world, continues in this volume collecting issues #15-20, and featuring the world-shaking return of Giselle's greatest enemy! Following the defeat of the evil Demon Queen, Animora, our heroine hopes her life will finally slow down enough for her to better understand the strange sigil on her palm that has made her the most powerful mystic in history. But even as Giselle enjoys adventures on the moon and in the town, Animora is busy making a comeback that will place Giselle's entire world in the Demon Queen's scaly grip! This very special collection features the eye-popping final Mystic issues by series co-creator Brandon Peterson, as well as the first issue by his amazing artistic successor, Fabrizio Fiorentino! New cover by Brandon Peterson.

SC, 7x10, 160pg, FC $15.95


by Dixon, A. Smith, Vancata; Colored by Milla

The homeworld of the human race is doomed. Gaia is hours away from planetary destruction unless Sam can save it. But he's ordered to the Saurian homeworld to face down Khyradon for the fate of the galaxy. The crew of the BitterLuck finds far more than they bargained for when they arrive at Tcharun. Interplanetary warfare on a grand scale! And a startling surprise for readers that will rock the CrossGen Universe!

FC, 32pg $2.95


by Marz, Land, Geraci; Colored by Rodriguez

Arwyn and Gareth's quest for the next Fragment has taken them to Ankhara, where the winged denizens of the glorious cliff cities plot a revolt against Mordath's rule. But while Arwyn and Gareth would be happy to obtain their prize and be on their way, the Ankharans - and Mordath's trolls - have very different plans for them.

FC, 32pg $2.95

CRUX #17

by Dixon, A. Smith, & Vancata; Colored by Lewis

Aristophanes has followed the latest Negation invasion back through their own portal. Now he's trapped in their universe with no way back. Or is it the other way around? The warrior-priest from ancient Atlantis is surrounded on all sides by murderous beings set to kill him. That means he's got them right where he wants them! But what will the fate of Galvan be? And you'll never guess who shows up for a guest appearance!

FC, 32pg $2.95


by Various

What does it take for a common thief to become the hero of a nation? A cynical person might say, "That's just the way of the world," but the Edge faithful know better. It's Way of the Rat, the new kung fu saga from Chuck Dixon and Jeff Johnson, joining the cast of Comics' Greatest Compendia in August. This first chapter has it all: a drunken monkey, a magical artifact, and martial arts mayhem the whole family will love! But cynics can take satisfaction from the 23rd chapter of Sigil, because there's absolutely nothing heartwarming about hurling an asteroid the size of Australia toward the Planetary Union Homeworld. What else should you expect from the Saurian Empire? But it's not just the lizard people keeping life nasty, brutish, and short. Even the magical world of Ciress has its dark side, as we learn in this month's double installment of Mystic (chapters 21 & 22). Tony Bedard sends new artist Fabrizio Fiorentino on a tour of Ciress' seedy underbelly, placing Giselle in a web of corruption somewhere between Chinatown and Training Day. Fortunately, there's a double-shot of Scion (chapters 23 & 24) to restore your faith in humanity. Ethan and Ashleigh have set off on a bold plan to create a sanctuary for the Lesser Races, but they have to navigate a world war to do it. In chapters 7 and 8 of Ruse, the search for Lightbourne is on! Simon and Emma head off in search of answers, but encounter a band of gypsies fighting for their lives against unseen forces. What's Simon's involvement in all this, and what could be the connection with Lightbourne? As usual, the only certainty is that nothing is as it seems. And, as usual, the same can be said of The First, where intrigues great and small are always in fashion. In chapters 17 and 18, it's a battle royale to rescue Pyrem from the renegade forces of House Sinister. And who sets him free? The leader of House Sinister. Confused? Don't be, for even the lives of the gods can have a nasty and brutish quality. That's just the way of the world.

SC, 7x10, 256pg, FC (Note Price) $11.95

ROUTE 666 #3

by Bedard, Moline, & Dell; Colored by Bell

Wanted by every law enforcement agency from coast to coast, Cassie is spotted by Sheriff Vargas, a small-town lawman in the rural Southwest. The ensuing high-speed chase will yield tragic results, and put both Cassie and her dogged pursuer at the mercy of forces from beyond the grave.

FC, 32pg $2.95


by Marz, Lee, Moder, Paris; Colored by Lambert

Ethan discovers that founding a kingdom may well be easier than maintaining one. As Ethan realizes he may not be the best choice to govern the freed Lesser Races simply because he's human, an assassin stalks him. Will the shadowy killer end not only Ethan's reign, but his life as well?

FC, 32pg $2.95


by Ron Marz & Walter Simonson; Colored by Atiyeh

Master storyteller Walter Simonson takes on a tale of The Path! As General Ryuichi's siege remains in effect, the outlander Wulf finally reveals how he came to Nayado's shores, and the circumstances of his first meeting with the warlord Todosi. Meanwhile, the Emperor of Shinacea sees his opportunity to strike and destroy both Nayado and Obo-san forever.

FC, 32pg $2.95


The gorgeous Raven princess, Ashleigh, from the hit CrossGen Comics series Scion, comes dramatically to life as a resin statue produced by Dynamic Forces! Standing defiantly outside the Underground Sanctuary, Ashleigh has been captured in resin as never before as this limited edition collectible. Standing 7" tall on a base measuring 4" wide, the beauty of Ashleigh has been captured in meticulous detail in this high-quality statue featuring an edition size of only 1,500 production units in the world! The painting, done meticulously by Dan Lane, complements the sculpting by CrossGen sculptors Vincenzo Cucca and Ciro Vignes (who also worked together on the Arwyn Statue). This beautiful second statue in the CrossGen Statue Series, is a must-have for any CrossGen fans!

Statue $89.99

by Bedard & Waid, Pelletier, & Meikis; Colored by Rochelle

Negation Space Is a Happy Place! Especially if you take advantage of this one-time Special Offer! Negation Prequel, Negation #1 & #2, all three comics pre-packaged (112 pages). Treat yourself to CrossGen's alternative to the grand space-opera, where The Dirty Dozen meets Aliens meets Escape From New York. A true comic book tour de force! At this price, can you afford to miss it? We think not!

Pack (x3), FC $7.95


by Kesel, Sears & Di Vito, Smith & Hunter; Colored by Atiyeh & Lambert

In this special pre-packaged four-issue set (128 pages), Witness! the murder of a First! Behold! the seduction of a Secundae! Revel! in the discovery of a universe-shattering secret! Set contains first printings of The First #9-12. Order now, mortal!

Pack (x4), FC $9.95


by Billy Tucci & Craig Shaw Gardner

Ana Ishikawa abandons her quest for vengeance and attempts to leave her tortured and murderous past behind. She begins a budding romance with police detective Peter DeNyse and is overjoyed by the unexpected arrival of her best friend, the vivacious and beautiful Tomoe Gozan. But, storm clouds have gathered overhead as Arashi, thirsting for revenge, brings in the most notorious off all assassins - the black-cloaked Nara Sohei. These ruthless warriors have dedicated their lives to the destruction of their centuries-old enemy, the Kyoto Sohei. And Ana has carelessly left behind several clues, all leading to her Kyoto lineage, and the Nara are sent to hunt down the Shi killer. This can only mean one thing: Ana Ishikawa, once the hunter, is now the hunted! Shi: The Illustrated Warrior combines the best aspects of New York Times best-selling author Craig Shaw Gardner's novelized verse and Shi creator Billy Tucci's dynamic and richly detailed illustrations!

b&w, 32pg (3 of 7) $2.99


These stunningly elegant, all-metal "laser" light keychains are the perfect car or club companions. Chrome-plated with the Shi kanji symbol laser-engraved with oxidization for durability, and a power switch on the reverse side, these keychains are both stylish and fun. Not to be confused with actual laser pointers, the light feature of the keychains add amusement to raves, sporting events, and of course helps find the car door lock in dark parking lots.

RED LASER-Keychain $15.99

BLUE LASER-Keychain $15.99


Blissfully elegant and to the point, this shirt features the kanji symbol for "Shi" and the word itself printed on this black, 100% cotton T-shirt. A must have for any Shi fan! Available in Adult sizes Large, X-Large, and XX-Large; also available in a black, 100% cotton Women's top in Small, Medium, and Large.

MEN'S-L-XL $16.99

MEN'S-XXL $19.99

WOMEN'S-S-L $18.99

After causing reality to fall apart, teenage sorceress Jax Epoch battles some giants and is given the choice to join a group of inter-dimensional thieves. Meanwhile, Doug and the robot A.M. must contend with laundry-hungry goblins. This issue starts a new action-packed story arc, and is a perfect jumping-on point for new readers. Back cover by Vince Giarrano (Batman)!

b&w, 24pg $2.95

This pack collects the complete story arc from issues #6-10! After destroying the boundaries between reality and fantasy, and awakening the Quicken, Jax Epoch is put on trial before an alien jury in an inter-dimensional courtroom. When stranger things happen in New York City, Jax seeks out the help of an old magician, but is captured by an evil corporation. Jax escapes with the help of the magician, Lorik, and the robot A.M., only to face the Quicken once more. Features back covers by Mark Crilley (Akiko), Andi Watson (Slow News Days), and Stuart Immonen.

SC, 7x10, b&w $9.95

by Seonmo Yang & Kyongwon Yoo

This is a school horror story involving vampire students. The chairman of the school, who is also a vampire, has created and fostered a group of 4 vampire students as the "Four Bloods." The leader of the group, Josh, is the chairman's favorite. The group's rebel, Ray, disregard's the group's rules and indiscriminately kills female students for blood. When the bodies are found, the police start to investigate the school and the cases of increasing missing students. The chairman directs Josh to strictly supervise Ray's behavior. Discontented, Ray decides to retaliate against the chairman - and kill Josh.


b&w, 32pg $2.95

by Kiho Jeon & Jeongwook Ko

A legendary knight who has the gift for handling both the sword and gun! Only Isle Grindt can save Jerusalem from its tragic war. He was born and raised in Jerusalem, the "Holy Land," which has been the battleground between the Crusaders and the Natives. One group wants to revitalize the Holy Land, while the other is fighting to stay in charge! Isle's father, Philip, and uncle, Stern, had been allies and war heroes. But a certain "incident" drove them to take opposite sides of the Crusaders and Natives. Who will Isle favor?


b&w, 32pg $2.95

by Jongil Kim

Flying Ax invades Demons' territory in search of General Black Sword, who has a reward on his head. When Black Sword's subordinate, Lea, find out that Flying Ax is the one who had killer her brother, she attacks him. Lea with Black Sword then takes down Flying Ax. When Demons oppose Lea's decision to return to her hometown, they plot to kill her. But will her decision to spend the night in a nearby hut prevent her untimely demise?


b&w, 32pg $2.95

by Jinwoo Lee & Chulhee Lee

A brutally slashed female body is found on a rainy night near the railroad. On the chest of the corpse is an inscription "XII." A rookie cop in charge of the case, Sia, realizes that this murder is a continuation of serial killings that had stopped 4 years ago. All the victims' bodies form that case also had numbers inscribed on their chests. The nature of the killings get progressively more gruesome as the killer seems to enjoy torturing and mutilating the bodies with increased frequency.


b&w, 32pg $2.95

by Yoonyul Choi A neo-city jointly controlled by the U.S. and Japan must have their "creatures" destroyed! These creatures - mutant humans that resulted from an unidentified new virus-will be met by the new countermeasure, Zero Taker. The new line of defense, Zero Taker must not only save the human race from the creatures, but also face the conspirator of yet another group!


b&w, 32pg $2.95


by Miro

In the city of the Pope, 100 boys and girls comprising the Centurion System are trained to fight against an evil tribe. But the tribe invades the training ground one day and annihilates the whole Centurion System, including its leader, Irian. But one mysterious man and his assistant resurrect Irian using sorcery.

b&w, 32pg $2.95


by Haeryong Chong & Ha Chae

Sean is a genius when it comes to inline skating. He looks like an easy-going, care-free guy, but there is a sad secret behind this facade. He's skating to find someone.

b&w, 32pg $2.95


by Yongha Hong & Dongsan Kim

Psi is murdered while trying to save his girlfriend. But he's been resurrected! And there is this sexy web magazine reporter that is following the mysterious serial murder cases involving PSI and others! This cyber horror masterpiece will keep you on the edge!


b&w, 32pg $2.95

by Seongkyu Lee

"Kill" is a criminal who lives to fight. "Barchetta" is the name of the weapon he has attached to his arm. He's going to need it when he's offered immunity from his crimes if he can defeat the evil pope who is reigning over the village. Because at the same time another band of people are marching into the village! A fast-paced western-style fantasy comic that will have you reeling!


b&w, 32pg $2.95

by Jihoon Park & Takyoung Lee

This is a story of super-powered kids fighting a group of evildoers who want to rule the Earth. Max is the leader of the evil group and is super-strong. But the kids under his training are getting stronger by the day. Who will have the last laugh?

b&w, 32pg $2.95


by Jihoon Park & Takyoung Lee

Ryan is an average kid with a below-average school performance. His grades are always at the bottom. And he constantly gets into fights with others. But he's a great race car driver. His dream is to be the best. But it seems as though something is always standing between him and his dream! What's a dreamer to do?

b&w, 32pg $2.95


by Jeongtae Lee

Lemai is a bionic cyborg that belongs to CPR, which is assigned to fight a group of resistants. These resistants are beastmen, though. So CPR has its hands full! As the fight goes on with the beastmen, Lemai is getting suspicious of the real reason behind his battles!


b&w, 32pg $2.95

by Yoojeong Lee

Earth is under the attack of aliens. And as a result, people have been relocated to live on the moon! There are three girls born on the moon on the same day, the same hour. They become members of the Pink Club. They fight against other gangs to widen their territory. One day, they will rule the moon. Or, so they think. MATURE READERS

b&w, 32pg $2.95


by Zoltan G├ęczi & Csaba Olajos

A Free Comic Book Day book! Beginning the story of Europe's deadliest and most effective hunters as they are hired to recover the lost F-type artificial intelligences called Cherubs. Pasadenas, St. Etienne, and Anathema must fight for survival in an over-organized, yet hopelessly fragmented world full of greed, fear, and hate-driven chaos.


SC, 112pg, FC $15.95

by Paul Grist

In his time, the Claw has been a thief, a liar, and a cheat. He has also put his life on the line in order to save the world. He has walked the line between hero and villain. But the time has come for him to cross the line. On which side will he stand?

b&w, 24pg $2.95


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