September 27, 2010 Print Ad Essay

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Kristen Boedeker

Period 7

September 27, 2010

Print Ad Essay

The process of planning and preparing my print ad has allowed me to learn more about many different techniques that marketers use to promote their products. Some of these techniques that are used is the ways that they use color to draw your eye to certain parts of the ad, another technique used are the placements of things in the ad to make your eye follow where the marketer wants you to look at.

The print advertisement I have created is for a new product called Get Up And Go. Get Up And Go Is an energy drink that allows you to do what you want without the crash. This energy drink comes in strawberry or cherry flavor, made with real fruit and no bad dyes. The bottle is shaped like an arrow with the name on top and the logo of a lightning bolt down the handle.

In my ad there isn’t any other text besides the slogan at the bottom. I made the ad like this to keep it simple. I felt that the ad should be simple and only show the picture, the product, and the simple message of the slogan on the paper.

The target audience for Get Up And Go is pro sports players and high school sports teams. I think this is an appropriate audience because most pro sports players drink energy drinks to get them ready for big games. Also, many high school sports players drink energy drinks to help them get the momentum to win. I would pay to have my advertisement put in Sports Illustrated because many sports players read that magazine.

I have chosen to use two appeals in my advertisement. The first appeal I have chosen to use is the slice of life appeal. I have chosen this appeal because many teens play sports such as soccer, and everyone loves to score goals and win their games. The second appeal I chose is the slice of life appeal because when you drink Get Up And Go you run faster and play better than you would if you drank another energy drink.

There were many important techniques I have used in my advertisements to catch the attention of my audience. Color is a big part of my ad, the color I used is mostly red because that is the color of Get Up And Go. I also use that color because when most things is mostly one color your eye is drawn to the places that contains that color. I chose cursive as a font because in my opinion cursive stands out more than print font.

I think that making this ad went very well. Something I would do different in this ad is to make the product larger so it catches the attention of the viewers better. This assignment has helped me learn more about the media by seeing the different techniques used by marketers such as appeals and color use.

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