Sentences can be classified to what they do. The four Types of Sentences

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The Four Functions of a Sentence

Sentences can be classified to what they do.

The four Types of Sentences

  • Declarative
  • Interrogative
  • Imperative
  • Exclamatory

Declarative Sentence

  • A declarative sentence states an idea and ends with a period.


  • The trains are fast and efficient.

Interrogative Sentence

  • An interrogative sentence asks a questions and end with a question mark.


  • Which countries in Europe and Asia have high-speed trains?

Imperative Sentence

  • An imperative sentence gives an order or direction and ends with either a period or an exclamation mark.


  • Follow the direction carefully to get to the correct platform.

Exclamatory Sentence


  • She’s not telling the truth!

Today’s Assignment:

  • Think back to your essay and try to mentally label the types of sentences you used throughout your essay.

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