Self-Study Report-Part I i. Profile of the

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24. What are the major physical and infrastructure facilities available in the workshop and centre for instrumentation?

25.What percentage of students have hostel accommodation? 2.4%

26. Give details of the hostel facilities available in the campus?

Please refer Annexure XIII
27. Any other highlights:
1. Sports

  • Sunita Sharma represented India in Gymnastics in Asiad-1982 at Delhi and was awarded Arjuna Award in Gymnastics.

  • Kashmir Singh represented India in Asian Cycling in Bangkok in 1978-79.

  • Miss Sandhya represented India in Moscow Olympics as youth delegate in 1980

  • Devender Singh represented India in Handball (Men) in 4th Commonwealth Handball Club Competition in 1994 in Malaysia.

  1. Electricals:

To fulfill the need of Power and for the supply of regular and uninterrupted electricity, the college has installed its own 200 KVA Power Sub-Station. It has resulted in supplying required voltage with lesser fluctuations. The college also has its own Captive Power-Plant (CPP) of capacity 112.5 KVA (82.5+30) for uninterrupted working in case of Power failure .The supply of Power to the entire college is controlled by distribution and control system for efficient working.

  1. EPABX:

For efficient internal and external communication, the college has installed its own Digital Technology based EPABX system (Non-Blocking Type) with 100 extensions.

In keeping phase with the sweeping changes on the front of Computer and Information Technology, the college has gone computerized with respect to students’ information section. The entire admission process, fee collection and students information is computerized. For this purpose the college has developed customized students information system, whish consists of mainly following five sections:

  • Personal Details

  • Fee Register

  • Marks Register

  • Students’ Attendence Register

  • Student Return

All the necessary reports are generated using this system, which works on LAN environment
5. Library:

A well-stocked and updated library is the backbone of any educational institution, which serves as

a bank of information for students and staff. For efficient Library Management, optimum utilization of resources and to make it user friendly, the college is getting a customized Library Management System developed which will work on LAN Environment. It will have the following features:

The following graphs show how the college has made optimal use of the library resources in the last five years:

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