Self-Study Report-Part I i. Profile of the

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N.P. = News Paper

J = Journals

  1. Does the library have the following facilities?

  • Reprography

  • Computers

  • Audio and Video Cassettes

  • Internet

  • Any other-  Lamination  

  1. Furnish the following details:

  • Working days of the library  6 days a week    

  • Working hours of the library 7 ½ Hours

  • Total no of books in the library  48905    

  1. Is there a central computer facility in the college?

Yes No

If yes, give the configuration and other hardware and software details.
Presently, the Central Computer Facility exists adjacent to the Old Electronics Lab. However, it is shortly being shifted to the new Audio-Visual Production Centre of the college to make it more user-friendly. The updated facility is expected to start very shortly.

  1. Give the working hours of the computer centre and its access on holidays and off hours.

On All Working Days:
Summers: 8.30 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Winters: 9.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

(Faculty members can avail the facility during their free periods only)
Presently, this facility is not available on holidays and off-hours.

  1. How many departments have computers of their own? Give the configuration and other details.

Please refer Annexure XII

  1. What is the output of the centre in developing computer aided learning packages in various subjects during the last three years?


  1. How are computers and their accessories maintained in the computer centre and other locations of the college?

The college has one qualified technical Assistant for maintenance and up gradation of system. He

works in coordination with the staff members. The college undertakes the following steps for

Hardware maintenance and up gradation:

  1. Each system is loaded with latest Antivirus S/W for H/W protection in order to check the viruses found in Floppy Disk , HDD.

  2. The college has a qualified technical assistant for the service and maintenance of the systems.

  3. The college calls service engineers from the company for maintenance of the system from time to time.

  4. Only authorized users can assess the floppy Drives in order to protect the H/W

  5. The requirements regarding maintenance / up gradation of H/W as well as S/W is reported to the H.O.D/ technical assistant. For this purpose maintenance/requirement/suggestion register is also maintained. The requirement regarding up gradation of H/W as well as S/W is mentioned in it by the staff members. The technical Assistant regularly checks it and notes down the requirements and does the needful.

  1. Does the college make use of the services of the inter-university centers like IUCAA, IAS,


  1. What are the various health services available to the students, members of the teaching and non-teaching staff of the college?

There is an equipped Examination cum Consultation Room where a part-time doctor is available for consultation. The local civil hospital is located a distance of less than one km from the college thereby making it very convenient to transport any ailing student/staff member.

  1. What are the physical and infrastructure facilities available in the sports and physical education centre? Give details.

  1.  Standard 400 mtr. Track for the athletics.

  2. Fullfledged I Standard Football Field (115 X 75 Yards).

  3. 75 m boundry cricket ground.

  4. Turf Pitch.

  5. Hand Ball Court (Outdoor)

  6. Lacrete Basket Ball Court.

  7. All wealthet Pitch for the Cricket.

  8. Turf Pitch for Cricket.

  9. 3 Badminton Court.

  10. Table-Tenis Hall.

  11. Multipurpose Gymnasium Hall (For the training of outstanding sports man and women.)    

  1. What are the incentives given to outstanding sports persons?

 1. Full Fee Concession.

2. Freeship.

3. Freeship + Books.

4. Freeship + Books and monthly Scholarship and Sports Stipend.

5. The Department of Sports holds varrious Camps.

(i) Off-Season Camps.

(Immidiately after the Annual Examinations, the college holds various summer coaching

camps of about two months duration for the outstanding sports persons and sufficient

diet is also provided.

(ii) Diet is provided to every poor outstanding Athletes and Players.

(iii) The college has made special provision for the sports women to stay in the hostel who come for practice from far away places.     

  1. Give details of the participation of students during the last year at the university, state, regional, national and international meets.







Gulzar Mehta



Won 4 Gold Medals and Declared best swimmer of the state.

Cricket Team



2nd Position


Pretty Aggarwal



Bronze Medal

Vinod Kumar



2 Silver Medals

Harpal Singh



1 Gold Medals

Harpal Singh



1 Gold Medals

Inter University

Pretty Aggarwal


GNDU Amritsar

1 Silver Medal

Jasdeep Mann


GNDU Amritsar

1 Bronze Medal

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