Self-Study Report-Part I i. Profile of the

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  1. Does the college have the freedom and the resources to appoint and pay temporary / ad hoc teaching staff?

Yes No

If yes, give details.
1. As there is a ban on the permanent posts, the govt. has given freedom to the management to

appoint temporary/ adhoc teachers.

2. The Payment to the temporary/ adhoc staff is to made from AF/Management.    

If no, how are additional projects/expansion managed? NA

  1. Number of teaching staff who have attended seminars / conferences / workshops as participants / resource persons in the last two years:



Resource person















For details: Please refer Annexure IV

  1. Does the college follow the self-appraisal method to evaluate the performance of the faculty in teaching, research and extension?

Yes No

If yes, how are teachers encouraged to use the feedback?
Individual feedback is provided by the college Principal to those teachers who need remedial measures.

  1. Does the college follow any other teacher performance appraisal method?

Yes No

If yes, give details of the same and state how the results of the appraisal are used

  1. Does the college collect student evaluation on campus experience?

Yes No

If yes, what are the significant feedback from students and how have they been used?
Through various surveys conducted by CSA. Feedback is conveyed to all concerned to improve.

  1. Does the college conduct refresher courses/seminars/conferences/symposia/ workshops/programmes for faculty development?

Yes No

If yes, give details.

  1. Refresher/Orientation Courses are organised as per the directives of KUK/DHE.

  2. Extension Lectures by eminent academics are organised from time to time.

  3. Summer Courses in computers are conducted for teachers.

  1. Give details on a few faculty development programmes and the number of teachers who benefited out of them, during the last two years:

Faculty Development Programme

No. of Beneficiaries





For details: Please refer Annexure – V

  1. How many members of faculty have received teaching awards?

Please refer Annexure VI

  1. Give details of the contribution of the faculty in different committees.

Please refer Annexure VII

  1. Furnish information about significant teaching innovations of the college.

The college is also arranging workshops for teachers to acquaint them with interactive teaching methodologies and use of audio-visual aids. Although a number of staff members are already exposed to and using audio-visual aids to supplement /compliment class-room teaching, from the current academic session, the college has established centralized A-V Aids Production Centre to facilitate all teachers to use modern A-V aids in the class room.

  1. What are the national and international linkages established for teaching and/or research?

1. UGC/CSIR sponsored research projects are undertaken by the teachers.    

  1. Any other highlights?

Excursion and Educational tours are organised by the college to enhance field knowledge of the students.

Criterion III: Research, Consultancy and Extension

1. Is research a significant activity of the college? No

2. How does the college promote research?

  • PG Students doing project work  No    

  • Teachers are given study leave  Yes    

  • Teachers provided with seed money  No    

  • Research Committee for submitting project proposals  No    

  • Adjustment in teaching schedule  Yes    

3. Is the college a recognised centre for Ph.D? No

4. What percentage of teachers is engaged in active research in the college? (Guiding research

Scholars, operating projects, publishing regularly etc.)

5. How many are full time research scholars and how many have registered as part time

Scholars?(Research scholar means M.Phil. or Ph.D. Student)





For Details: Please refer Annexure VIII

  1. How many Ph.D.s have been awarded during the last five years?

  1. Does the college provide financial support to research students?

Yes No

  1. Provide details of the ongoing projects:  N/A    

  1. Give details of ongoing projects funded by external agencies?


  1. Does the college publicise the expertise available for consultancy services?

Yes No

If yes, give details.
A number of manufacturers of Scientific Instruments in Ambala are in regular consultation with our science faculty for the improvement and value-addition of their products.

  1. Does the college have a designated person for extension activities?

Yes No

If yes, indicate the nature of the post.
Full-time Part-time Additional charge

  1. Indicate broad areas of the various extension activities of the college:

i. Community development ii. Social work

iii. Health and hygiene awareness iv. Medical camp

v. Adult education and literacy vi. Blood donation camp

vii. AIDS awareness viii. Environment awareness
Any others:

ix. Women Development Cell    

  1. Are there any outreach programmes carried out by the college other than NSS and NCC, for example Population Education Club, Adult Education, National Literacy Mission or any other?

Yes No

These activities are part of NSS only.

  1. How are students and teachers encouraged to participate in extension activities?

  1. Through participation in Camps

  2. Extension Lectures

  3. Exhibitions

  4. Discussion Sessions

  5. By displaying Charts and Banners in the college.

  1. Does the college work and plan the extension activities along with NGOs and GOs ?


 1. District Red Cross Society

2. Rotary Club/Lions Club

3. Bharat Vikas Prishad

4. Hospitals

5. Ambala Junior Chamber     
Any other highlights: Please refer Annexure IX and X

Criterion IV: Infrastructure and Learning Resources

  1. Enclose the master plan of the college campus indicating the existing buildings and the projected expansion in the future.

Please refer Annexure XI-A,B,C

  1. How does the college plan to meet the need for augmenting the infrastructure to keep pace with academic growth?

The college has a vast campus, which can be suitably utilized keeping in mind the changing educational scenario. The college management has always been magnanimous with grants for augmentation of new schemes.

  1. How does the college maintain its infrastructure?

The college has a dedicated staff employed on contractual/daily wages for the maintenance of physical infrastructure. In addition to this, various sub-committees comprising members of the teaching/non-teaching staff monitor the performance of the staff responsible for maintenance of infrastructure.

  1. How does the college ensure optimum utilisation of its infrastructure facilities?

All infrastructure facilities are created after careful thought and planning. Hence there is no wastage and optimum use of all facilities is done.

  1. Does the college encourage use of the academic facilities by external agencies?

Yes No

If yes, give details.
 1. The faculty delivers lecturers for the distance learning students of the University both in

theory and practicals.

2. Faculty give extension lectures in various Educational institutions and other agencies. They

act as resource persons also.

  1. What efforts are made to keep the campus beautiful and pollution free?

The college has a Campus Beautification Committee which monitors the performance of the various staff engaged in cleaning and gardening. Regular plantation of trees and flowers keeps the college campus aesthetically beautiful and pollution free.

  1. Is there an advisory committee for the library?

Yes No

  1. Is the library interconnected with other libraries for inter-library borrowing ?

Yes No

  1. Is there a book bank facility in the central library?

Yes No

College Book bank consisting of Text Books was established in 1986. At the time of admission, a concession committee consisting of two senior teachers of the college sanctions book concession to poor and merit students. Text Books are issued to these students from Book Bank for one year. Remaining books from the Book Bank are issued to other students as per normal library rules. Books of approximately Rs.50000 are added to Book Bank every year and outdated Text Books are weeded out by the library sub-committees. In the session 2001-2002, 137 students were given books for full session.

At present, 6194 books are available in the college Book Bank.

  1. Are the following activities of the central library computerised?


Lending of books



Purchase of books


Lending of audio-visual material


Book bank


Stock verification


Any others


Stock Registers of Books    



  1. Provide the number of books/ journals/ periodicals that have been added to the central library during the last two years and their cost.

The Year before last 2000-2001

The Year before



Total cost (Rs. )


Total cost (Rs. )

i. Text books





ii. Other books





iii. Journals/ periodicals

83 J +

18 N.P


87 J +

18 N.P


Any others





iv. Computers





v. Almirah





vi. Water Cooler





vii. Vacuum






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