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My neighborhood

In this world every person lives in a state and state become neighborhood when many people stay together in a city. New York State has so many zones. For example, Jackson Heights, Wood Side, and Astoria are small cities where many people stay together, and each one comes out to be a different neighborhood. Every neighborhood is superior for every person. For example I live in Jackson Heights; and I feel proud to stay in my neighborhood. Three years ago I came to the United States to fulfill my dreams. Since then I have been living in Jackson Heights. I saw so many neighborhoods, but I find my neighbor hood is better than others.

First of all, my neighborhood is cleaner than other neighborhood. For example, I went to the Bronx, and I saw their neighborhood is a lot dirtier than my neighborhood. I saw in Bronx near the Tracy tower (big housing complex) garbage’s are spread all over the road. People couldn’t walk because of bad smell, but the neighborhood people don’t care about that. However, my neighborhood picture is different than that. In my neighborhood, every Monday and Thursday city trucks come to take the garbage’s out, and also our neighborhood people are very concerned about where they live. We always try to clean our neighborhood. We think neighborhood is like a mother, because whenever I come back to my neighborhood I feel safe. Every child feels safe with their mother, that’s why neighborhood is like my mother. If our neighborhood will stay clean then other neighborhood people can be inspired by us, and try to make their neighborhood cleaner. As a result, our whole city will be clean and we will get a spotless, hygienic city.

Secondly, my neighborhood is mixed with so many cultures. We have Spanish, Indian, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Korean, and Pakistani people in our neighborhood. Kenneth T. Jackson writes his essay, “In 1997, more than 11of every 20 New Yorkers are immigrants or the children of immigrants. The metropolitan region has more Brazilians than any similar area outside South America, more Greeks than any city outside Greece, more Chinese than any city outside Asia, and more Jews, Puerto Ricans and Dominicans than any city anywhere.” Those Different cultures give us different point of views. We can know about other people, and it is very helpful for our next generation. For example, different countries cultures teach us some good things and also bad things about them. We can tell our next generation the good and bad we learned from them. They can learn different languages. Different languages will help them in future when they step forward to a work place. From experience, I have one younger brother. When he first came to this country he tried to know about Spanish language and their culture. After three years passed by, he can speak Spanish fluently. This skill will help him to get a better job in future. Also in our small neighborhood every person is very helpful. For instance, last year one day I got sick, and I was alone in the house I cried for help to my nearby house. My neighbor took me to the hospital. I was grateful to them for helping me in such a bad condition. So it is very important to live in a good, friendly neighborhood.

Thirdly, my neighborhood is a combination of commercial, and residential areas. We have so many shopping malls. Kenneth T. Jackson writes in his essay, “Despite the loss of Gimbels, b.Altman and Bonwit teller, the sidewalks of the midtown Manhattan remain crowded and grand emporiums like Macys, Lord and Taylor, Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Brooks Brothers, Bergdorf Good man and dozen others continue to enchant window shoppers as no mall ever could.” Those shopping malls give us recreation. For example, we go for shopping to reduce our after work tiredness. We can pass some leisure time in malls. Our children can play in food court, because almost every mall has some place for children where they can play and parents can buy their goods. This also gives us and our children a relief. So my neighborhood is good bonding. Also in our neighborhood we have one police station. People can come home from the job at late night without fear, because security is very tight in our neighborhood. So we can say my neighborhood gives me pleasure of recreation with friends, time and place for family bonding and sense of tight security.

In my point of view my neighborhood is pretty developed, although we need more improvement. For example, our apartment buildings are almost one hundred years old. We need renovation for those old apartments. Also we need more new apartments and housing complexes in our neighborhood, because we have too many homeless people in our neighborhood. They spend their night in the subways. If we make more apartments and housing complexes for those people then our neighborhood will be more developed than others. The hospital is very close to our neighborhood, but we need one more hospital. One hospital is not sufficient for our neighborhood. Sometimes we have to stand for long time in line because of too many patients. But Over all, I think my neighborhood is developed enough comparing to the other neighborhoods.

In conclusion, everyone’s neighborhood is beautiful and precious to them. Similarly, I also think my neighborhood is beautiful and I love it. For now, I don’t plan to leave or move my neighborhood. If in the future I have to leave my neighborhood for any reason that day will be very sad for me, and finally I want to say I want prosperity in my neighborhood. However, I think our neighborhood will become more beautiful than others in the future.

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