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Deferring an Examination Attempt

Students may find that as it gets closer to the examination diet they realise that they are not able to undertake one, or more of the examinations that they have applied for. This may be because they have not spent sufficient time on their studies or there are personal reasons why they have not been able to complete their studies in time or outside commitments mean that they will not be able to attend. Whatever the reason, if students do not feel that they are in a position to pass the examination, they can defer their examination opportunity.
To do so, students must inform the CS DL team on or before the deadline below, using the Examination Deferral Application form.
If students do not notify the CD DL team by these dates, and subsequently do not attend the examination (i.e. are absent) then they will incur a re-sit fee penalty (unless they were absent for medical reasons or extenuating circumstances and these are approved by the Board of Examiners).
By submitting an Examination Deferral Application form by the deadline students will be deferred for that specified diet of examinations, for the course(s) indicated on their form, but will not be automatically entered for the next diet of examinations and will be required to apply for the examination. This should be done by completing a Re-Sit Examination Application form. Students do not have to re-submit a Registration and Examination form.
Following a submission of an Examination Deferral Application form students will not be required to pay the fee associated with the subsequent examination application unless they failed to submit their deferral form by the deadline.
If students are deferring a re-sit examination, and a re-sit payment was required then their payment will still be processed (i.e. their credit card/cheque will still be debited/cashed). However, when students re-apply for the examination following the deferral then they will not be required to make a further payment as the re-sit fee is stored in their account until they take up their re-sit opportunity. If students do not submit their deferral form on time, they will have to pay for the re-application.

Medical and Mitigating Circumstances


Students who feel that their studies (either during or prior to the examinations) have been affected by medical or any other extenuating circumstances, should inform the CS DL team as soon as possible; and no later than two weeks after the examination week.
Students must disclose any such information before they have received their results. The Board of Examiners’ are required to be informed of any instances which could have affected student’s performances and not after considering the results. Students should therefore inform the CS DL team immediately (and provide any supporting evidence) as well as ensuring their ALP is informed.
The CS DL team should also be informed of any medical or mitigating circumstances which have affected your studies during the semester prior to the examination. That is, factors which, for example, may have meant you being unable to attend classes.

Medical and Mitigating Circumstances Procedure

The School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences has set out the following procedures that must be adhered to by all students submitting Medical Certificates (or mitigating circumstances) prior to and after the examination diets:
As per Regulation 9 of Heriot-Watt University: “A student who is prevented through illness from taking an examination shall submit to the [CS DL team] a certificate issued by a registered medical practitioner

  • All students must submit their Medical Certificates (or mitigating circumstances) within two weeks of the end of the examination diet. It is the students’ responsibility to ensure that the CS DL team receives these by the second Friday following the examination week.

  • Photocopied or faxed versions of Medical Certificates (or mitigating circumstances) are not permitted and will not be accepted by the Board of Examiners.

  • The Registered Medical Practitioner (Doctor/Medical Specialist/Nurse) must sign and date all Medical Certificates. It must also be stamped with the medical practitioners’ seal. The authorisation signature must be legible.

  • A completed Medical Certificate form, which must be signed, dated and stamped by the registered medical practitioner, must accompany all original Medical Certificates. A Medical Certificate (or mitigating circumstances) that is not accompanied by this form will not be accepted.

  • Students must indicate the exact date and the time period for which the Medical Certificate (or mitigating circumstances) is to apply and sign the attached form that the information contained is accurate.

  • Students must indicate for which synoptically-linked or stand-alone course examination(s) their Medical Certificate (or mitigating circumstances) is to apply.

  • The Registered Medical Practitioner is required to indicate whether the student was capable, or otherwise, of undertaking an examination and verify the dates and time concerned. If this is not indicated, the Medical Certificate will not be accepted.

Medical and Mitigating Circumstances form

The Medical and Mitigating Circumstances forms can be obtained from your ALP or on VISION. The forms should be completed following the guidance above (and on the forms), and submitted to the CS DL team by the required deadline (that is, no later than two weeks after the examination week).

Temporary Suspension of Studies

If students are unable to study for a considerable period (i.e. more than one diet) they should inform the CS DL team, so that such periods of non-study can be taken into consideration when reviewing the students continued registration on the Programme.
If students continue to be unable to study for a specific known period (for example, more than one year) due to other external factors (for example, maternity), then they should seek to temporarily suspend their studies.
If you intend to apply for a suspension of studies, please contact your School/Institute Office.

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