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Course Examinations

A student can attempt any number of course examinations at any one diet (subject to pre-requisites).
However, it is important that students do not over-burden themselves and it is recommended that students study for no more than four examinations at any one diet, and should do so on a stage by stage basis (i.e. sit Stage 1 before attempting any Stage 2 or 3 examinations). This will allow students to acquire a deep learning of the subject matter and to be fully prepared for their examinations.
Students should be aware that normally students who attempt more than four examinations at any one diet do not pass all their examinations. This results in the students having to re-sit their failed examination(s) and also incurs a re-sit fee, for each examination required to be repeated.
Additionally, students must ensure that the examinations they are applying for are not timetabled at the same time and should refer to the Examination Timetables available on VISION for the specific timetable for the examination diet.
If, however, students are not intending to ever apply for the higher subject-linked synoptically-linked or stand-alone course(s) which has a pre-requisite they are not required to be re-assessed in the Grade E synoptically-linked courses (subject to the rules for the award of degree). However, they are strongly advised to take the re-assessment as this could affect their overall degree award.

Examination Progression

Students are advised to register for and complete all their Stage 1 (Certificate Level) courses before registering for higher level courses. Students are further advised to complete their chosen Stage 2 (Diploma Level) courses before attempting Stage 3 (Degree Level) courses.
Evidence from previous examination diets indicates that students who attempt Stage 3 course examinations before completing Stage 1 and Stage 2 tend to normally perform poorer than those students who progress successfully from stage to stage.
However, students are currently permitted to apply for any synoptically-linked or stand-alone course examination they wish, subject to pre-requisites.

The First Examination Opportunity

A student’s first opportunity at any given course examination is contained in the price they pay when purchasing and registering for the course(s). Therefore, there is no additional cost in taking their first examination opportunity.
Students must ensure that they have passed, or been exempt from, the required pre-requisite courses with a Grade D or above prior to applying for the assessment in the higher level courses.

Subsequent Examination Opportunities

If a student has failed an examination then they are automatically permitted one re-sit opportunity, but incur a re-sit fee per examination. The re-sit fee is currently £65 per examination.
However, it should be noted that if a student fails an examination they will not be permitted to present themselves at any subsequent examination diet for assessment in higher level synoptically-linked or stand-alone course(s) for which the failed synoptically-linked courses were a pre-requisite.

Registering with a Grade E (also referred to as a ‘Restricted Pass’)

An examination performance that has been given a Grade E indicates that the “specified learning outcomes have been fulfilled to the minimum acceptable level for the award of credit points but insufficient to continue study within that subject”.
If students have obtained a Grade E in pre-requisite courses then they must apply for re-assessment and pass with a Grade D or above if they wish (at any time) to apply for the higher subject-linked course(s).
Applications for Examination will not be accepted for a higher subject-linked synoptically-linked or stand-alone course until they have obtained at least a Grade D or above in a failed pre-requisite synoptically-linked course.

Registering with a Grade F

A Grade F demonstrates a lack of knowledge in the subject content of the particular synoptically-linked or stand-alone course(s).
Applications for Examination will not be accepted for a higher subject-linked synoptically-linked or stand-alone course until students have obtained at least a Grade D or above in a failed pre-requisite synoptically-linked course.
Students are advised to re-take the failed synoptically-linked course examinations at a subsequent diet of examinations.

Number of Examination Attempts

Students are permitted, in the first instance, two examination attempts. When students register for the synoptically-linked or stand-alone course(s) they will be entitled to their first examination attempt. If students fail the particular course examination, they will be allowed to register for the resit (second attempt).
Further opportunities (third and fourth attempts) are at the discretion of the Board of Examiners and the School. Allowing students third and fourth opportunities is not obligatory, and the University reserves the right to limit student attempts to two opportunities and to set a final examination diet deadline for particular courses.
However, unless specifically informed, students will normally be granted third and fourth opportunities.
There is no fee for the first time that a particular examination is attempted, as the cost is included in the purchase price of the study material. Any subsequent attempt for a particular course examination (either synoptically-linked or stand-alone) is subject to a re-sit examination fee.
If a student fails (i.e. is awarded a Grade F) a particular course examination on three occasions they will automatically be notified in writing that they have one final resit registration left at which to attempt re-assessment in that course examination.
In exceptional circumstances (with valid reasons presented) the University may permit a student a fifth attempt at an assessment (examination). However, this is not automatic and requires the student to appeal to the Undergraduate Studies Committee for this fifth attempt.

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