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Examinations, Transferring to On-Campus and Withdrawing from the Programme

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Examinations, Transferring to On-Campus and Withdrawing from the Programme

Examination Process

A team of Heriot-Watt University approved tutors (Course Subject Examiners) prepares each course examination paper. The draft paper is then passed to a Course Academic Reviewer who is responsible for checking the balance of the paper. Following this procedure, the paper is then proof read (by an Approved Proof-Reader). The final stage is for the paper to be sent to an External Examiner (i.e. a senior academic in another university) for comments on the content and level of the questions. Subject to the comments received from the External Examiners, the examination papers are then printed in their final booklets.
When all the examinations have been sat, the examination scripts are returned to Heriot-Watt University. The scripts are then marked by the course examination team and are internally moderated by approved examiners (who are specialists in that discipline). Samples of the scripts (including all borderline scripts) are sent to the External Examiner for review and comments. A Board of Examiners’ meeting consisting of all the examiners involved in the marking, the External Examiners, the Head of School and the Dean of the University, is then convened and the results reviewed and approved.
Following the Board of Examiners’ meeting, students are informed of the grade that they have obtained in a particular synoptically-linked, or stand-alone, course examination. No further detail about individual examination performance is given to students with their results; but students are entitled to receive feedback on their performance. Students wanting to do so must write to the CS DL team to seek this feedback.
Note, however, that students’ scripts will not be remarked and the feedback provided does not constitute a remarking of the script.
Subject to subsequent appeals, the Board’s decision is final and there is no automatic right to a further remark of any script. However, students can lodge an official appeal.

Format of Examinations

Samples of previous examination papers are available on VISION.
When a student starts studying a course they are required to complete a Course Registration and Examination form. The completed form should be submitted to the CS DL team. If a student wishes to sit any course examination(s) they have to have registered for the course(s).
A student’s Approved Learning Partner (ALP) will normally assist students with both the course registration and examination application process, but the responsibility is on the student to ensure they are registered for the correct synoptically-linked or stand-alone courses.
When a student feels ready to present themselves for a synoptically-linked/stand-alone course examination they should complete the Course Registration and Examination form. It is important that students read the guidelines attached to the form very carefully and ensure that they apply by the deadlines stated.
Students must complete a Course Registration and Examination form at every examination diet they wish to undertake a course examination. However, if they are taking a re-sit in a course examination they should use the Re-sit Examination Application form.

Subsequent Examination Opportunities

If a student has failed an examination then they are automatically permitted one re-sit opportunity, but incur a re-sit fee per examination. The re-sit fee is currently £65 per examination.
However, it should be noted that if a student fails an examination they will not be permitted to present themselves at any subsequent examination diet for assessment in higher level synoptically-linked or stand-alone course(s) for which the failed synoptically-linked courses were a pre-requisite.
If students have obtained a Grade E in pre-requisite synoptically-linked courses then they must apply for re-assessment and pass with a Grade D or above if they wish (at any time) to apply for the higher subject-linked synoptically-linked or stand-alone course(s).
Applications for Examination will not be accepted for a higher subject-linked synoptically-linked or stand-alone course until they have obtained at least a Grade D or above in a failed pre-requisite course.
The examinations are timetabled for June and December in each calendar year. The days on which the synoptically-linked and stand-alone courses are examined are normally identical from diet to diet, but it is a student’s responsibility to check with their Approved Learning Partner or on the Examination Timetable in VISION, in advance of submitting their completed Course Registration and Examination form.
Applications for course examination assessment must be received on or before the deadline for that examination diet, as detailed below:
If their application is not received by these dates students may not be permitted to take the examination at that particular diet of examinations and a late fee may be enforced.
When completing the Course Registration and Examination form, students must indicate their “preferred location” (i.e. where they wish to sit the examination). On most occasions this will be the examination centre closest to their ALP. However, students can request to sit their examinations at alternative venues. If a student has any doubt about the nearest examination centre then they should contact their ALP or the CS DL team directly. It may not always be possible for students to sit their examination at a different venue (i.e. at the students “preferred location”), but every attempt will made to limit the amount of travelling required to reach the examination centre.
The cost of the first examination attempt is contained in the price of obtaining the study material for the synoptically-linked or stand-alone course(s). If a subsequent examination is required then a re-sit fee is payable.

Late Examination Application Fee

If a student submits their completed Course Registration and Examination form after the specified deadline then they will be required to complete a Late Examination Submission form and will be subject to a Late Examination Fee of £30 per examination.
The deadline for submission of a late examination registration is:
One week AFTER 1st March for the June diet

One week AFTER 1st September for the December diet.

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